New layout! :)

Little update as I got a surprise today when I received my new banner! Yay! :) I was going to wait to put it up but loved it so much that I couldn't resist! :)

I hope you all like the new look!

The banner was made by James Long, I mean really who else would I have asked to do it!!! :) I encourage you to go and check out his work here:

I can't quite express enough how awesome he is, but the work speaks for itself! Spread the word and tell everyone you know. If you want something unique and creative and like nothing else out there, then get in touch with Jimmy @paredysexoxo :)

In the spirit of feeling blessed today and thinking of happy memories, I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends. Jimmy is just one of those people that I treasure and love so much and am truly thankful he came into my life! :)

Now go and look at all his awesome artwork and designs!!!! :)

Love Lulu xx

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