"I'm a stay and home wife".....

This week I started a new job at Kohls and I read an article in Cosmopolitan entitled "I'm a stay at home wife" The job is fun and the article really made me smile. The lady in the article talks about being a stay at home wife. (As you may have guessed :p ) She discusses what people think she does, for instance: pamper herself, get her nails done daily, sit around watching Desperate Housewives and drinking wine from 9am and basically anything that involves relaxing and living a life of luxury. Of course this is not the case and she goes on to tell the reader what her days do consist of: laundry, emails, finances, cleaning, walking the dog and grocery shopping etc.

I grew up with a stay at home Mum and even from a young age when someone at school would ask what my Mum does and then proceed to give me a funny look, I would get mad and think, my Mum never sits down and I mean never, she runs around doing a million jobs and looking after not only her 4 kids but the entire house, she has food on the table every breakfast, lunch and dinner and all our clothes are clean. It was near impossible to get Mum to sit down and watch a movie with us as the washer would beep or the phone would ring and she would be up again. As my brother, sisters and I got older we would help and try and be somewhat more useful, but when someone would ask the same question we grew to answering confidently and proud. Today my Mum is still the same, with the addition of looking after her Mum and Dad, taking them to doctors appointments, getting their groceries, spending time with them, helping my Nanna with the dishes when she can, drying clothes so Nanna doesn't have to put them on the line outside (my Nanna is wonder women and still does pretty much everything...I can see where my Mum get's it from.) and just making sure they have everything they need and are healthy and well. She also has lots of elderly friends that she does this for too. The thing with my Mum is she doesn't wish for praise or think she is doing anything special, she doesn't want rewards or recognition, (she will be mad at me for writing this) it is simply who she is. My Mum is a stay at home Mum and she kicks more ass and works harder than anyone!

Last November I stopped wrestling and for the following 4 months I got to be a stay at home wife. It made me appreciate my Mum times a million as I realized all the work that goes into making and looking after an apartment, let alone a house and I don't have 4 kids!!!! In addition I realized that I loved being a stay at home wife. I loved making sure the apartment was tidy, clean and fresh. I liked keeping up to date with the laundry basket, I enjoy grocery shopping and adored cooking and having food on the table for when my husband walked through the door, after a tiring day at work. All these things made me happy and I got used to the routine. Granted it wasn't always the same as my husband likes to cook too and often whips up dinner, but still, our routine worked! So, after day 1 at Kohls, I was tired, a tad frazzled and I started thinking about all the things I had to do at home, the laundry, make dinner, hoover, clean, seriously I made a list of everything that I hadn't done during my hours away from the house, in addition, I was sad as, as much as it was fun to be out making money and to have a job, I felt like I missed my old one. My job of homemaker. The article I referred to above, made me smile because I was thrilled to hear someone else's thoughts on the matter. I was excited to hear about someone who also enjoys this 'job' and I thought it was great that it was being put out there for people to read about. I don't think women or men should have to feel guilty about being a stay at home husband or wife/Mum or Dad. I know it's not possible for everyone that likes the idea of this to do so and I have so much respect for everyone that goes out to work too, of course, but if it is something that works for you and your partner then I think it's wonderful. I think it should be respected and valued and not looked at as an easy alternative or as being lazy.

I'm not implying that there is lots of negativity surrounding this issue, I'm merely saying that I often read a lot of articles and see shows or movies that are all about empowering women. They include lots of talk on being independent, single, fierce, getting that manager job, being at the top of the food chain and having that highly praised career. They cover topics like 'who needs a man?' and how you can stand on your own and be confident, sexy and they rave about girl power. And while I think that is amazing and awesome in it's own right, I also believe that women who man the household and women who stay at home and look after their kids should be empowered and looked to for inspiration too. I believe that women who actually want to stay at home, women who want to be Mum's and women that like being in the kitchen should not be made to feel small or that they lack drive and goals. I for one think that women who wake up with a 'To do list' that consists of scrubbing the bathroom until it gleams and sparkles, doing yoga while the laundry is drying and aiming to bake cookies, learn to make bread, write and scrapbook, get the dinner on the table and actually remember everything on the grocery list (there's always one thing... :p ) are pretty awesome in my book too! :) Never underestimate a stay at home wife/Mum/Husband/Dad either, as they are always doing something and creating things that can lead to so many wonderful and amazing opportunities! It might just surprise you! :)

Meanwhile I will keep you posted on Kohl's! :p This is going to take some multi-tasking but it's a new chapter for me and a new adventure. I'm thinking positive and looking forward to mixing my new job and old job and setting new goals.  So let's do this! :)

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Love Lulu!

If you want to read the article in Cosmopolitan, check out their latest issue with Kaley Cuoco Sweeting on the front! :)

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