Whatcha gonna do...brother...

I remember it like it was yesterday, curling up on the couch each time I was poorly, wrapped up in a blanket, all cozy and warm, with 'McCinsey's Island' playing on the TV. This happened consistently when I was younger, both in primary school and just as I began high school. My sister, Kelly and I hadn't got into wrestling yet, but somehow we new the blonde haired, larger than life man that comforted us when we were ill. I can't remember how many times I have seen that movie but I do know that I didn't like school and was "sick" an awful lot, so I can estimate at maybe 10 plus times from the age of 11-13 during each school term. :p

If I was to show you my high school planner from the first 2 years I was there, you will see that it is covered in scribbles that range from S Club 7 and Pok√©mon to random Manchester United Players, to Vanilla Ice and the previously mentioned blonde haired, larger than life man that was Hulk Hogan. What can I say? I had very bizarre and wonderful taste! :p This was just a little before The Hardy Boyz symbol would take center stage and my Dad would tell me on a regular basis to draw something, anything, else. 'But Daddy if I drew something else it would take away valuable practice time and I wouldn't now be able to draw The Hardy Boyz symbol with my eyes closed.' You can't hinder talent! ;) Ok I digress. I can't tell you how I knew of Hulk Hogan as it's not like my parents used to watch wrestling or talked about him. I imagine that his movies just happened to be on the TV every now and again and Kelly and I must have watched and simply become captivated by this man without even knowing he was a wrestler. I can recall 'Mr Nanny' and '3 Ninja's, High Noon at Mega Mountain' too, but 'McCinsey's' Island was my all time favourite and so kept me entertained on numerous occasions.

One of my first wrestling memories was Kelly and I trying to find the right channel on the TV at our Nanna and Grandad's house, as we had heard that Hulk Hogan was going to be on WCW, don't ask me how we heard this or from whom, as I have absolutely no idea. It's funny that we never picked up on actually watching wrestling at that time, it wouldn't be another year or so before we finally started watching it. Once we got into wrestling, he was a staple when watching old tapes, learning and doing research. WrestleMania 3 anyone? :) I always enjoyed the colour, the music and his persona. I loved what he represented back in the day too, "Train, Say your Prayers and Take your Vitamins" It was so cool to look back and see this amazing role model and to watch how happy and in awe the little kids were when he spoke and wrestled. I've had many a goose bump moment when his music hits and he steps into the squared circle, it's hard not to shake your head and think "wow, just wow."

Fast forward a couple of years and Kelly and I got to be a part of TNA's first reality TV show, British Bootcamp, starring alongside Rockstar Spud and Marty Scurll. We would all be competing to win a TNA contract. And guess who happened to be the person in charge? The person at the forefront of this project? The person that would be deciding our fate? Non other than Hulk Hogan himself. This therefore meant that we would get to meet him and spend some time with him during the fliming process. To say that this was all a dream come true is short of a lie really, as never in a million years would I ever have imagined meeting this man, let alone have him speak my name, while sitting on a couch with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, on ITV's This Morning, on National TV. That's my show, my morning show back in the UK, in little old England, that I watch all the time and here's Hulk Hogan chatting to them...about me. Needless to say it felt rather surreal. The thing is though, I was quite taken a back when I first met him, I was nervous and not quite sure what to say. I don't mean that I was scared of screaming or jumping up and down in front of him or anything like that, as that's not really me (I tend to go quiet if i'm a little starstruck, see 'I heart New York' for my encounter with Zachary Levi) and I had to be professional, I was anxious in that I thought he was going to be intimidating and scary and really, who was I? He didn't need to waste his time paying attention to me. Well, it goes without saying that he was the most wonderful guy! When he walked into the room it was calm and relaxed and he put everyone at ease. He was incredibly sweet and became my favourite person all over again! :)

All throughout TNA British Bootcamp he was encouraging and kind and always there to give advice. He was funny and had time for us and would give us so much confidence in what we were doing. I can't quite explain the feeling of being in the middle of an interview and having Hulk Hogan walk past you, stop and jump in front of the camera and say "The Blossom's are awesome" He is truly one of a kind. :)

Today I woke up feeling grateful for all the memories and experiences I have had on my journey so far. In the midst of being an adult, acting professional and having to watch what you say and worry about what others think, I feel that we can often lose sight on what made us love something in the first place. Since taking a break from wrestling, watching back old tapes, listening to the wrestlers stories on The Chris Silvio show, hearing Rip Rogers voice and bringing up childhood memories like this when talking with Kelly, I realize how much I love wrestling and how it is a huge part of me. To go from sitting at home with a blankie watching 'McCinsey's Island' to having Hulk Hogan sit and watch one of my matches, is just another reminder to always DREAM and never give up. Anything is possible if you work hard and believe! :)

Thank you Hulk Hogan! :)

Have an awesome day! :)

Love Lulu. xx

From this to this!! :)


  1. Lucy, Your stories are always so cozy! I love the way you value family and sweet memories so much! What a treat to spend a few minutes in a spot of your life!

  2. Aww thank you so much Deanne, that made me smile! Thank you for reading it, it means a lot to me! :) I hope you are doing well and you had a great birthday! Lots of love! xxx