I'm so excited...and i just can't hide it...

This week I think I am going to have a tiny bit of trouble concentrating and focusing on one thing, so bare with me during this blog! :p I am currently beyond giddy that on Saturday I will be flying back to the UK! Home, I am coming! :) I can not wait to see my family and to squeeze my Nanna and Grandad tight and I am thrilled that after 6 years of my family and friends hearing all about Chris, my best friend during those years and now my husband, that they will finally get to meet him. (Some of my family met him at our wedding, but not everyone.) Today I have succeeded in tidying my apartment, after an action packed and fun filled weekend, and getting a few things ticked off my "To Do" list, which I have given myself a pat on the back for, as in all honesty I would like to curl up in bed, close my eyes and wait for Saturday to get here! Hehe! :p Alas, life is to be lived, so while I am looking forward to getting on that plane Saturday morning I have to make the most of the days I have in front of me! This morning I began by dancing around my apartment with the Tangled soundtrack in my head...I just LOVE that movie. With a home visit on the horizon, I feel like one incredibly lucky girl and just extremely blessed and happy right now so I wanted to share some other things that have had me jumping for joy this past week! :)

My Goddaughter Flannery turned 3 last month and my Goddaughter Evie's birthday is coming up on the 9th. My best friend Erin through a small Madagascar themed birthday bash for them on Saturday and it was adorable. I just have to think of these girls and I smile. They are the most beautiful things on the planet and on Saturday I got tons of cuddles, hugs and kisses and my heart filled with so much love! They are my babies, and Erin's too, hehe, :p and simply another reason I wake up and feel smiley! :)
On Saturday I got to go and see John Prine at the Brown Theatre here in Louisville, and he was phenomenal. I don't really have the words to express just how incredible he was. I was in awe as he played the guitar and captivated when he sang. My husband introduced me to his music a little while ago, along with some of my other now favourite artists, and I am so glad we went to see him. I kept thinking about how awesome it would have been to have been able to see Johnny Cash live, as the songs and stories reminded me a lot of him. But wow, if you ever get the chance to see John Prine live, I would most definitely recommend you do! At the moment we have his album Bruised Orange on repeat in the car, simply brilliant! :)

The picture says it all! :) This is my sisters and I the first time we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. It was one of those days where there was no room for anything but happiness, laughter and love. We went with our Mum and Dad which was so lovely. We introduced Mum to how our usual Daddy and Daughter's road trips go and had our traditional road trip songs blasting from Jen's Ipod, The Overtones and Disney soundtracks mostly, of course and we spent the day running around like children, squealing with glee as we saw props and décor, walked through Diagon Alley and contemplated buying as many chocolate frogs we could get our hands on! We ate hot dogs and drank Butterbeer in our Harry Potter tankards and by the time the tour was over we were beat, tired and rather smelly from sweating so much with excitement! Shhh and Eww, I know but it makes me laugh and is still a joke the three of us share! :p I feel blessed to have had days like this and often smile just thinking about them! In two weeks time, I will be doing it all over again! :)

My husband has introduced me to so many wonderful artists, from Johnny Cash, The Doors, Fyfe Dangerfield to the aforementioned John Prine, but my absolute favourite artist he used to send me songs of while I was back in the UK, was Ray Lamontagne. Again words fail me as I ADORE him. We had one of his songs play as my husband and his groomsmen walked down the isle as well as plenty more throughout our wedding reception. He is amazing. His voice is like no other and I feel warmth and contentment listening to him. His new song Supernova is beautiful and I am eagerly awaiting his new album which I think comes out May 6th. He is at the top of my list of artists I want to see live, so I have my fingers crossed that he will tour soon! Again if you haven't listened to him before, please go look him up! :) Music can lift your spirits and satisfy the soul and it does not get much better than Ray! :)
We had two of my husbands best friends stay with us this weekend and it was a blast. I love hearing stories from my husbands childhood and school days and think it's awesome when people get together and share fun memories that they will never forget! Thank you Ben and Alana for a great weekend. I love seeing my husband happy and enjoying himself and he certainly relaxed and enjoyed himself this weekend! :) 
Just a few things today that I have been thinking a lot about! There is so much beauty in the world and the world really has so much to offer! :) Make the most of every day and seek happiness in all that you surround yourself with, whether it be people, music, a pretty flower or animal! Embrace love and smile! :)
Please feel free to share your smiles in the comments below!
Love Lulu



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