I solemnly swear i'm up to no good...

Where were we up to? Oh yes, flying cars and Saturday Nights spent at the movies! :)

Let's jump right in! :) Nowadays when my Sister Kelly and I make a trip back home, we like to make the most of it and get as much done as possible, while at the same time, just relaxing and spending lots of time with family. It's a healthy balance and I'd say we have got the hang of it about now. I was very much looking forward to day's cooking in the kitchen with my Nanna and Grandad, dancing around the house with our younger sister and curling up on the couch to watch Graham Norton. In addition, we had a few things lined up that would keep us busy and shaking our tail feathers!  You know where this is going... :p

First up, after my Hubby headed home, was a Saturday Night at The Movies...ok so not exactly! :p This was the title of The Overtones Tour and most recent album and I was super excited to be going to see them live. Kelly and our younger sister Jenny are huge fans and I had actually won tickets a year ago for them to go and see them, they couldn't stop talking about how awesome they were and since then The Overtones have been played religiously in our house and caused many a dance offs. When they announced this tour we booked tickets without even knowing if we were going to be in the UK at that time, needless to say we made it happen. In the words of Kelly, one simply does not miss a chance to see The Overtones! :p One of the most awesome things about this night too was that we got our Mum to come with us. She's not usually one for concerts but we had an inkling that she would dig this one...and boy did she! We danced for an hour and a half, sang our hearts out and smiled smiles that the Cheshire cat would have been proud of. All our Mum could say after was "What a wonderful way to make a living." The Bridgewater Hall was filled with so much happiness that night that I smile just thinking about it! Those boys were incredible and are just amazingly talented in every way. We were fortunate enough to meet them after, with them being so kind and coming out to sign autographs for everyone, and they were just beautiful and absolute sweethearts. It was a night I won't forget in a hurry and one I am so happy I got to share with my Mum and Sisters! If you haven't seen The Overtones or heard their stuff...get to it NOW!! :) You will be doing the mash potato and twisting it like you never have before! :)

Be sure to follow the boys on Twitter @the_overtones and check out @XUKTonersX for all things The Overtones too! :)

Also booked when we got home was our second tour around Warner Brothers Studios in Watford to see The Making of Harry Potter. I had bought Kelly and Jenny tickets and wands for Christmas in hopes that they could go and see Hogwarts in the snow, when Kelly was there back in December, but unfortunately it was all booked up. On the bright side though, it meant that I would get to go with them again. :) We are all huge Harry Potter fanatics and were looking forward to casually and calmly walking round and taking everything in, as last time, you could say, we acted like 5 year olds and whipped around the place hyperventilating at the awesomeness of it all! :p Another great thing about this trip was that our Dad jumped in the car with us. We love road trips with Dad and enjoy sharing the magic of something we adore with him. He came along the first time and was blown away by the sheer magnitude of all that went into making these movies! He isn't a huge Harry Potter fan but had a blast even the second time round! :) It is honestly one of my favourite places to go! I think the bit I like the most would have to be...all of it, from the Great Hall to seeing all the costumes, to riding a broomstick and standing on the Knight bus, to walking through Diagon Alley, it is pure magic! :) For more information check out their Twitter +WBStudioTour 
Enjoying a scrumptious tankard of ButterBeer and looking into the mirror of Erised! Looks like we have everything we desire...family! :) <3

Another thing on our To Do List that my sisters and I were super excited to be a part of was Sport Relief. Sport Relief happens every two years in the UK and is a part of Comic Relief and Children in Need. They raise money for a bunch of incredible causes, such as providing people in Africa with vaccines for the likes of Malaria and supporting families across the UK too who need a helping hand and so so much more. My family have always watched the show and donated but this year as it coincided with our trip home, we wanted to do something. So my sisters and I set out to do the Sport Relief 3 mile run at Woodbank park in Stockport. We were overwhelmed with the support we received and were grateful for everyone's donations on our sponsor page. After watching the program on the Friday night, we were even more motivated and happy that we took part to make a difference! Again thank you to all those who joined in with us and donated! :) We had a great time at the event meeting others who wanted to make a difference too and it was a lot of fun running, galloping, skipping and brisk walking round the track! :) If you haven't heard of Comic Relief/Sport Relief please learn about it here: http://www.comicrelief.com/

These days were absolute treasures and I feel beyond blessed and grateful for the memories. Being at home is always so amazingly special and I think being away for so long and in actuality living 4000 miles away from home at this current time in my life, has made me appreciate my family and where I came from a million times more. Not that I didn't before, but this trip I feel I cherished every cuddle with my Nanna and Grandad, Mum and Dad that little bit more and I valued every laugh, giggle, conversation, minute spent with my sister and brother 1000 fold. Maybe it's to do with growing up and getting older but these days I believe it's so important to never take anything for granted and really, whole heartedly, try to live by that! :)
Have a beautiful day and to all you Mummy's out there, have a fantastic Mother's day! :)
Love Lucy xx

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