Home Sweet Home! :)

I've had so many thoughts swimming around in my head the past few days and I have been eagerly awaiting sitting down at my computer and telling you all about them. ( My laptop is poorly and currently with the Geek Squad, so I had to borrow my sisters for today.) From my trip back home and how my husband faired in jolly old England, to dancing all night with The Overtones and how simply awesome Harry Potter is, to why I suddenly had the urge to make bread and how I sure do, with every bit of me, love my family, there's been lots going on. So where shall I begin... :)

Let's head back to three weeks ago when my husband Chris, after 5 years of the whole of Stockport hearing all about him, finally stepped foot on English soil. :) As you may know from my previous blogs I was very excited about getting back home to the UK, after having not been back for 13 months. I missed my family like crazy and was starting to really miss all things British. This time, I wondered, if my being gone so long, if it would be really strange being back, but honestly when we got off the plane and were greeted by my Dad and younger sister, when we hopped on the motorway and drove past Parrswood and when I walked through my Nanna and Grandads front door and proceeded to smother them with giant cuddles and kisses, it felt, well, it felt like home sweet home, like I hadn't been gone a minute. There were a few small differences here and there and moments where my younger sister would laugh at me when I forgot where something was kept, but all in all, it was home.

I had a blast showing Chris round and introducing him to family members. The week flew by very quickly but we tried to fit in as much as possible while mainly spending lots of time with family. I know next time Chris would like to see more and visit London too, but I'm grateful for the week we had as I really just wanted him to experience being in my small little town and being a part of all our family traditions and day to day. :)

So this time round, some of the top priority things we had to do were:

Lunch with Nanna and Grandad. Chris has heard non stop about their food for the past 5 years, so this was a must and an absolute treasured memory having him sitting round their dinning room table with us! :) He happened to polish off 3 plates of pasta too...told you...it truly is that good! :) In addition, one of my favourite things to do when at Nanna and Grandad's house is to wait for Eddy, the ice cream man, and get a 99. I have wonderful memories of Mum surprising us after school, when we were younger, with treats from Eddy, he still remembers my sisters and brother and I. This time it was a pleasure to introduce Chris to him and chat. He is lovely and has the best ice cream you can buy! :)

Another place I had wanted to take Chris was The Trafford Centre. I think it's a really cool place to see and experience, especially when you are in the mood to shop, and my husband is good at shopping. (He's my very own personal shopper. :p) In addition, there are not an awful lot of shopping center's quite like it. His favourite shop was Next, where he got a new British suit! :p It was fun to show him the food court too and I along with my sisters and Dad introduced him to Nando's... which got a thumbs up...Yum! :)
I had desperately wanted to take Chris to a football game but Manchester United weren't playing while he was home. However, we did make a quick visit to Old Trafford and had a wander around the shop. He seemed to enjoy it...
In between family time and popping round to Nanna and Grandads for Oranges and Sambuca, it was rather lovely to just walk around my neighbourhood, show him my Auntie's Jewelry shop, the post office, little Tesco, my brother's gym, Elite Performance, and all the schools that I went to and worked at. :)
As we couldn't get to London this time, I most definitely wanted to take Chris into Manchester, as there's always a little more going on in Piccadilly gardens than Heaton Moor, and I thought he would really like it! I'm happy to say that he did and we had a great day walking round the Arndale Center, trying Indian foods at the little market and showing him the bus route to our old wrestling gym. He even became an official member of my family when he decided he wanted to buy a Londsdale jacket from Sports Direct! My Mum always buys them so in our house someone is always wearing one. It's even more awesome when we all end up wearing one and leave the house together!!! :p Example...
One of the coolest things Chris got to be home for was Miranda Hart. My sister Kelly had booked tickets to see her and we could not wait! I have shown Chris clips of her before and he thought she was funny, so we thought we would take him a long so he could see the "MEN Arena" (new name?) as that's where all the wrestling we went to see when we were younger took place and also where at the beginning of the year we had been center stage! It was a little trip down memory lane and also Miranda is awesome so I didn't want him to miss it! :p I will say that we had a fantastic night and although I know Chris didn't find everything as funny as we did, he galloped out of that arena and all the way to the car!! Definitely a keeper! :)
And just like that, we were up bright and early Saturday morning to take Chris to the airport! It was going to be the longest we had been a part since we got together so I was not happy to be saying bye but it made me smile to have been able to show him the place I grew up and I felt beyond blessed that he got to meet my Nanna and Grandad and more of my amazing family! Moreover, even though I was sad to be saying bye for 10 days, I knew that those next 10 days were to be filled with a Saturday Night at the Movies, Flying cars and plenty more family time... :) 
If you know of any cool places to visit in the UK, please comment below and I will add it to my list for next time! :)
Hope you have a lovely evening!
Love Lucy xx



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