Goofy and random...why not? :)

This may be a little bit of a random blog as I can barely focus today! One more sleep and I am on a plane heading back to the UK. I can hardly contain my excitement. Sunday morning I will get to walk into my Grandparents house and squeeze them tight and it honestly brings a tear to my eye. In the past year I know I have heard their voices and seen them on Skype but when I think that they will actually be in front of me and I can hug them, my heart skips a beat.

I sometimes think about how quickly we adapt to change and how we can very easily get used to things. I've been away a year and although I have missed them every single day, I have made the most of life in the USA. I have been enjoying every minute and really, I shouldn't complain as it was my choice to leave one year ago. Granted I had wanted to go home sooner but my American dream was all on me, my decision. In reality I didn't choose to be away from them, I would never choose that, but following my heart and my dreams lead me to making these moves. I very much wish that my whole family could be in the USA with me and maybe one day that will happen, or I will go back home, but one thing I have learnt, is that, although sometimes it can all overwhelm me and I wish that they were just a 5 minute walk round the corner, if I'm going to live 4000 miles away from them I most definitely need to make the absolute most of it and have stories to tell them when I get back. I am 100% going to try my best every day to make them proud and happy that each day spent away from them was not wasted! I for one think that bringing my husband Chris home to meet them this time is going to be enough for Grandad to forgive me! ;)

With all that being said, you can bet this morning I woke up as giddy as can be! I was thinking about life and smiling. Thinking about spreading joy and happiness and about just making some ones day that much brighter. The world isn't without sadness or evil and my heart goes out to all those who have suffered in any way, for those who have experienced missing some one too and to everyone that may just be having a bad day. I hope that I can be a small ray of sunshine to you by being goofy, talking about beautiful things and as far as today is concerned, just being rather random! :p

First act of randomness! Are there any Superman fans out there? Now, if you had asked me growing up who my favourite Superhero was, I would have said Superman. In fact that would have been my answer up until maybe the past 2 years or so. I grew up running around the house, with my brother and sister, in little red Superman capes and I can remember, like it was yesterday, my brother crying and getting so upset when Superman once got buried under a pile of rubble. He was probably around 5 at the time and he thought Superman was dead...Superman re-emerged within 5 minutes...bless him! :p But just yesterday I watched Man of Steel and I have to say, as much as I enjoyed it, it doesn't appeal to me theses days as much as Thor or Iron Man. I guess I was a tad confused, the Superman movies seem to change and the plots differ each time, I keep expecting it to be the same villains and stories as the one I remember but just reworked and cooler. Superman Returns did that to an extent but I can't say I was that keen on that movie. I know I should just read the comics to help me make sense of it all, but when you have a friend like James Long (Paredyse) it's so much easier when he simply explains why it is the way it is! :p For me I think Marvel are kicking butt with the movies but maybe that's because I don't know any better and don't have much stock in Thor's story as much as I did in Supermans! And maybe there's just no beating Christopher Reeve's Superman! :) With that being said, and it's about to get girlie, my best friend Erin received this this morning... the picture...not actually him...hmmm! :p

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel.
My little sister is always sending pictures to me that make me laugh out loud. No matter what, if you see or read a funny picture it can lift your spirits and sometimes even make your day! Why not send pictures to your friends to make them laugh?! This made me giggle for those days when things don't seem to be going right! :p
Looking at pretty pictures makes me feel happy. Whether its pretty flowers, pretty makeup, pretty dresses, cute animals, cute kids, gorgeous landscapes, it's nice to stop and appreciate the beauty in life. I love Lauren Conrad's fashion sense but more so, I simply adore how her pictures are always seemingly fresh and bright. :)
This week I was a lucky girl and received a wedding parcel from the lovely Tina Bass. Tina did our wedding pictures and I was eagerly anticipating getting them all back and seeing all the shots she took. I felt like I was experiencing the day all over again, she did such an amazing job! :) But not only that, I received a surprise parcel from my dear friend Shelley and her wonderful kids. One of which I taught at Nursery. We have kept in touch over the past 6-7 years, writing letters and sending treats. Still, I am always touched when I receive their letters and gifts, it warms my heart that they are thinking of me and truly means the world to me! :) Why not spread the love and surprise a friend or family member with a little owl post? It doesn't have to be expensive, just fill it with some thoughtful things, be it a note or candy, and let them know how much they mean to you! :) This really is one of my favourite things to do! :)
Thank you Shelley and B and N! :)
Last but not least from my thoughts today, my favourite quote that I try to live by everyday!! :)
Have an amazing day everyone! Be happy and well! :)
Love Lulu. xx





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  1. I'm a Superman fan, as well as big Superheroes geek. I did enjoy Man of Steel, but not much into Superman Return but it good. i always watch Superhero movies. Marvel such do kick ass when it comes to movies, but Batman Begin is my favorite movie, which is DC Comics movie, looking forward to Batman Vs Superman which will be in 2016, to long. I do read comics alot.

    Have a nice times back to England and with family.