You know what time it is...

Happy Saturday everyone! :)

Just a little post today as I just wanted to share my husbands latest Podcast and encourage you all to go and have a listen! :)

I may be slightly biased but he is doing an awesome job and working very hard and as I've said before, he inspires me everyday and makes me feel like anything and everything is possible!

This past week my sister Kelly and I got to be a part of his show and we had a blast! He always brings out the best in us and we have so much fun when we are all together! :)

We talked about everything from our wrestling career's, TNA and OVW to Valentine's day, romantic gift ideas and what a girl wants, to bullying, dreaming big and always standing up for who you are! :) Plus you get to hear about our very first meeting with Chris Silvio and how he made such an Impact that he made it into my diary entry! :p

If you check out past podcasts you are sure to have a laugh with the likes of Jamin Olivencia and 'Paredyse' James Long, learn a bunch about wrestling from Buddy Wayne and hear some crazy, funny stories from 'Manbeast' Ted McNaler and there's also the awesome and former WWE superstar Mike Mondo! So there's plenty for everyone! :)

Be sure to 'Like' #TheChrisSilvioShow facebook here

and check out the podcast here or iTunes.

Thank you and remember to always dream big! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Lulu xx

Having a blast with Chris Silvio! ;p
This is one of my favourite wrestling pictures of him! :)

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