What's it like being a Twin?...

I was smiling today thinking about my sister Kelly and what a lovely birthday we just had together on Tuesday and I thought I would do a little repost for all those who may not have read this on my previous blog site! :) Though it was a few months back I still feel exactly the same way! I love my twin sister more than anything! :)

Here goes:
So I often get asked the question "What's it like to be a twin?" and my response is usually the same, "Well, I don't know what it's like to not be a twin!"

Over the past few months this answer has made me laugh on numerous occasions and more often than not when I am talking with my husband. You see he has taught me a lot, as far as growing up and being independent, but he still stumbles upon those difficult moments where he just can't quite get me to see why, for some, having your twin sister in the room when your getting a flu shot or running it by your twin sister whenever you need to make any kind of choice or decision, no matter how small or really tiny or simply miniscule of a choice or decision that might be, can seem a little crazy. I would then go through the process of  trying to explain to him that it's completely, 100% normal that up until a few months ago I'd never driven a car without my sister in the passenger seat, I'd never been to the grocery store without my sister by my side, I'd rarely venture out the house without my sister coming with me and don't get me started on going shopping, getting the bus, getting a job and really anything you think of that usually only takes one, confident, independent 25 year old!

Now I may be exaggerating slightly as we have faced those moments where we have had to be split up and besides the worry while we are away from each other, we always manage to cope...funny that! :p We have heard all the 'You can't be together all the time.' 'You will have to learn to live without each other eventually.' etc and as with anything, we have got used to change. We are both now married and live in separate apartments, 15 mins from each other and the separation has been good for us. We like having that little bit of me time!

When we were younger, we were the twins that couldn't grasp how other twins weren't as close to one another and it would genuinely make us sad when we came across twins that didn't hang out together and actually didn't like being twins. Without thinking too much about 'being a twin' we just loved being together and proceeded to do everything together. It was and still is a comfort to have her by my side. We grew up loving the same things, although we both have very different personalities, our interests were pretty much exactly the same. We both love working with children and went to the same college, did the same course and got jobs...in different schools! That was actually a lot of fun and was more or less our first taste of going 8 hours without seeing each other. And yes, we would miss each other and look forward to getting home so we could chat about our days. At around 16 we began following our dream together and have done so for the past 9 years. It led us to America and to our husbands, it bought a long with it our own separate, unique stories and our first experience with wanting different things.

This is how close my twin sister and I are, even though for the past 8 months she has wanted to begin a new chapter she has stuck by me and stayed with me all because I couldn't bare to be without her. This goes back to what I was saying about the whole what seems crazy to others is not crazy to us. At 25 years old and with a husband you shouldn't have to do something you don't want to do just because your twin sister wants you too, but she did. It's a normal thing for us, we always have to make sure somehow, no matter what, we feel the same. That means talking for hours and going round in circles till we agree on the same thing. So ultimately one of us is sacrificing a bit of how they feel to make the other one happy and in this case it was my Keg (Kelly) doing all she could to keep going to make sure I would be ok.

Well it's funny how the world works and how in sync twins can actually be, as just a few weeks ago after I got married, I naturally felt how Kelly felt and understood what she had been going through the past 8 months and we are back on the same page. We are moving forward and excited about where we are going! During this time we have dealt with those 'Just because it's right for her doesn't mean it's right for you' moments and the 'it's ok to not be doing the same things as each other' speeches. But you know what?... yesterday I saw my Kelly happy, relaxed and excited for an opportunity, she looked like herself and acted like herself more than she had in a long time and In turn I have never felt more happy and content. Knowing that Kelly is happy makes me truly happy. I breathed and felt calm and it made me think, although to some our relationship is baffling and silly, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love her more than anything in this world and there is no one quite like her. I'm never going to hide being a twin or try and look different to my twin or not call myself a twin because that is what I am, it's who I am and is what makes me special!! As Grandad says "She's my other half."

Thank you Kelly for all that you do for me, for looking after me, being there for me and for understanding me like no one else. I will now and forever happily look like a complete fool having to have you by my side when I need to make a phone call or referring to myself as 'we' when talking to people!! :)

I feel extremely blessed to have a twin sister and I wouldn't change it for the world!

So in closing I guess I have a new answer "What's it like to be a twin?" "It's a blessing and it's AWESOME!!!!!!"

Have a wonderful day!

Love Lucy. xxxx

p.s I also happen to have a little sister too who is beyond amazing, as we've got older she's more like our triplet and we love her dearly, more than you can imagine!!! Love you Jen-fer!!! <3

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