The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity!

I just got back from Virginia where my husband, Chris, and I were visiting family and turning up to surprise Chris's best friend Ben for his 30th birthday. We had a lovely time and always wish we could stay longer. I have so much fun when I go to VA, I just love it and feel at home. It's nice to be around family and getting to spend time with them when we don't see them very often!

This visit I was extra excited as we had tickets to go and see our friend Jimmy/James Long/Paredyse, in the play 'The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity' This was Jimmy's fourth time playing the role of 'The Bad Guy' but with it taking place in various States I hadn't been able to see it before now! As luck would have it, Chris was able to get a day off work that would co inside with both Ben's birthday and the play and I was thrilled that we were going to be able to watch it! :)

If you haven't heard of this show before, it was written by Kristoffer Diaz and is about the passion, love, showmanship, history, physicality, idealist views and perceptions and beauty of professional wrestling, one man's dream since being a young boy and all he puts himself through for the love of what he grew up watching and what he believes Professional wrestling should be all about.

I had heard about the play before and how it deals with race, politics, the American dream and the ups and downs of the wrestling business itself, but to be honest I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was looking forward to watching it mostly, I admit, because Jimmy was in it. And for those of you who don't know who Jimmy/James Long/Paredyse is please check out his twitter @paredysexoxo and head over to to see him in action. He is without a doubt one of the most creative, imaginative and talented people I know and seriously that is not me being biased...go and look him up! From drawings, designs, video packages, graphics and paintings, to pretty much anything, he can do it all and it will be 100% unique, something only he could visualize and produce!! :)

Back to the play! :) The play begins with the main character "Mace" setting the scene and introducing the story. He talks about his childhood and growing up with his brothers watching wrestling and playing with action figures. His brothers had WWE figures and he had the AWA figures, he liked the AWA ones better because, though they were small, you could actually move their arms and play with them. The WWE figures were just big and bulky and muscular. He adored wrestling and instead of joining in when his brothers started wrestling each other, he would sit glued to the screen taking in every bit of it, the stories, the psychology, the way the wrestlers worked together, he thought it was beautiful, he explained. Needless to say, within the first few lines of this monologue, I looked at Chris and smiled from ear to ear. I was most definitely going to like this play.

To me the play was perfect. The story was simple but covered so much ground. I liked how it didn't come across as whiny or as a complaint to wrestling today, it simply pointed out how the business works. I loved "Mace" I adored his passion for wrestling, his passion for telling a story, his passion for working together with your opponent, his passion for doing what was asked of him, giving it his all and allowing himself to be beat night after night even when deep down he knew it was wrong.

It's hard to go into too much detail as I really just feel it's a must see. For me it was like so many things I wanted to say but someone was able to put it on paper and say it much better than I ever could, while also entertaining people with it! :p

It's for the underdog, the guys that make the others look good for the love of what they do, the guys that play along even when no one sees it their way and the guys that want to go out there and create art!! Go see it!!! :) It is currently showing in the Fire house theatre in Richmond VA, you can find all information here:

Oh and obviously Jimmy was awesome!! :) He had the whole theatre laughing and joining in and was a delight to watch. Every second he was on the stage he had the audience captivated and it seemed like the part was made for him! :)

"The Bad Guy" James Long!
The whole cast did a wonderful job and I can't say enough good things about it!
Make sure you go and watch it, you won't be disappointed!
Hope you've all had a lovely Monday!
Love Lucy xx

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