Some type of Chalet!!

This past weekend my husband, Chris, surprised me with a mini vacation to the Smokey Mountains for my Birthday. We were to stay in a Chalet and my sister, Kelly, her husband Chris and our friends Michael and Kacie were to join us. I was very excited upon hearing that we would possibly get to see a bear as they are my favourite animal and I loved the idea of hiking in the woods and spending our evenings by a cozy fire!

Here is a sneak peek at my weekend in pictures! :)

1) Our Chalet! We were all relieved when we pulled up to "Goldilocks Haven" to find that it was not dangling over the cliff and that it seemed to be built on solid ground. Passing some of the other Chalets we all began to get a little nervous at the thought of being placed at the edge of a cliff. It still took my husband a bunch of three point turns to get up there, as the roads were scarily narrow and had incredibly steep and sharp turns, but he did and we made it up to this pretty Chalet safe and sound!

2) The smell of toasted marshmallows is probably one of the best and most scrumptious smells ever and marshmallows taste better when they are golden or burnt! I had so much fun making smore's on an open log fire! We all devoured our fair few and they were delicious! :) A big pat on the back is in order for the boys as they got the fire started and kept it going! :)

3) Hot tubs are pretty awesome! I think this had to be my husband's favourite part of the trip as he couldn't wait to get in it and got up at 7 on a Saturday morning to do so... 7 am! It was beautiful to sit and relax while looking out at the mountains. And at night it was nice gazing at the stars and seeing all the lights from the other Chalets dotted around the mountains, while we occasionally looked towards the steps incase a bear came to say hello! (That made us all a tiny bit nervous.)

4) I'd heard of Dick's Last Resort restaurant a while back so I knew of the place when Michael suggested we try it for lunch. The premise is that the waiter's are sarcastic and rude and just don't treat you very kindly. I wasn't sure if I would be into that but we had a blast! You can't not have a blast when taking my brother in law Chris to a place like this, he provided us with many laughs and happily joined in with the waitress throwing napkins and straws at us. Although he took it a step further and proceeded to throw fries around the table and into beer glasses! This was definitely his kind of restaurant! All in all the food was really good and we had a great time! :)

 5) You can never have enough chocolately provisions! :p We stocked up at the Village market to make sure we had essentials! :) One of my brother in laws favourite drinks is Woodchuck, I tried it and now very much enjoy too! :)

 6) I love morning coffee with my husband and feel blessed that I got to spend the past two days in such a beautiful and tranquil environment while we sipped our coffees and began our day! :)
It was a lovely weekend and Kelly and I laughed calling it a couples retreat, we really felt like grown ups going on vacation with our friends! :) Thank you to Michael and Kacie and Kelly and Chris for making it such a fun weekend! I loved every minute of hanging out and talking about Harry Potter! Next stop England and Watford Studios Kacie!!! :)
What are your favourite types of vacations? Do you have a traditional family holiday spot? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below! :)
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too! :)
Love Lulu. xx


  1. I visited Smokeys in April 2013 & had a great time. Going to Washington DC in March 2014. Great photos from "Cupcakes & Co."

  2. Aww glad you had a great time too, it's a very fun place! :) That's sounds awesome! Have a great time! x