Love is Louder!

I've never been a big fan of watching the news, I'm a very emotional and sensitive person and it seems that these days every little thing upsets me. I, like many of you I'm sure, wishes that all the "bad stuff", for lack of a better term, would just go away. Some days I simply go to bed at night and pray and pray and pray, hoping that when I wake up there would be no guns, no wars, no missing people, no bullying, none of it. But the reality is that it's just not that simple and since the history of the world, there's always been good and evil, people have always fought to overcome obstacles and wars have always been present. Still, I am the kind of person that just can not except this at times. I don't like to use the word 'Hate' as it is such a strong and nasty word, but in this case I absolutely 'hate' that things like this exist. It truly breaks my heart.

My husband is often subjected to many of my heartfelt, passionate rants and I am beyond grateful that he will sit and listen. It helps to get things off your chest and not keep them bottled up and sometimes it can lead to ideas, solutions and setting down a plan of action!

While I am aware that I can't stop every bad thing from happening and that it's not good to put the weight of the world on your shoulders, I do feel that we can each do our bit to help, even in the smallest of capacities. If we start with ourselves and go from there, we can then be the change we want to see in the world. :)

My simple ways to make a difference!

* Smile at EVERYONE!!! :)

* Be kind to your parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, family members.

* Be considerate to every person you meet on a day to day basis. Shop assistants, cashiers, waiters, drivers, colleagues and so on. This can lift someone's spirits when they are doing their best to help you. Choose to be patient and kind rather than aggressive and rude.

* Think before you speak! If you haven't got anything nice to say, DO NOT SAY IT!!!!

* Be the first to lend a helping hand, whether it be for your Mum doing the washing or holding the door open for an elderly man.

* Strike up a conversation with every person you meet, even if it's a simple "hello, how are you?" You'd be surprised how this simple gesture can make someone's day while also making you feel happy too! Try it!

* Always remember your pleases and thank you's!!

* Keep in mind that two wrongs don't make a right!

* Be encouraging! Support a friend or someone you have just met. Are they starting a new job? Doing awesome in their current one? Congratulate them. Is that girl at school dressed nice today? Does her hair look pretty? Tell her!

* Be happy for other people in their successes! Learn from them, be inspired by them!

* Take the time to listen to someone, a child, a friend, a neighbor.

* Use social media to spread positivity and love. Share the shows, music, movies and people you love instead of spending precious time talking about things you hate! NO TO HATE!!!

* And last but not least and the one thing that I feel connects all of the above together as well as being something that my Mum always says... "Treat people how you would want to be treated."

Too often we can forget these little steps, we fall into being critical, giving our opinions in a way that can hurt people or we get into fights with family members and have too much pride to say sorry and forgive. Every now and again take a step back and breathe, think about the important things in life.
One of the best things about working in a school is that kids have the ability to make you smile no matter what mood you are in or how you are feeling. When they walk up to you at 3 years old with a huge grin on their face and say "Hi Miss Knott." all troubles fall away, you're looking at someone who needs your undivided attention, encouragement and enthusiasm and who just wants to play with you and see you smile.

Be that kid, choose each day to be that kid to someone, lift their spirits and be their source of positivity! :)

My last little note before I close. When I was getting married my beautiful sister in law made me a book and in this book each person in our family, a long with friends that came to my bridal shower, wrote a note, a few words of marriage wisdom for me and my husband. The most popular note read "Never go to bed angry." It may seem like a generic phrase but I think it's quite important, not because my husband and I are always fighting as we are quite the opposite, rather because it's a reminder that when we get it to bed at night, to let go of any negative thoughts that may have occurred during the day through the stresses of work, to let go of any silly bickering between friends or each other and to simply close our eyes together with nothing but love in our hearts. And this I think is something that doesn't only apply to married couples, I think it can be said for every single person. Go to bed thankful for the day that you have had and wake up grateful for a fresh start! :)

Have a happy weekend and remember: LOVE IS LOUDER!!

Love Lulu. xx

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