Let's start with a BANG!!

My sister and I decided to take a break from wrestling back in October and I must admit that since then I have had many a day of throwing my hands in the air with a big 'Woo Hoo' due to not having to worry about fitting into spandex every Wednesday night or on weekends! There was the occasional happy dance too while waving around a chocolate biscuit! What can I say? I'm Italian, I love food! :p Now don't get me wrong, it's not like over the past 9 years I never ate a cupcake or devoured everything my Nanna and Grandad made, I most certainly did, but even knowing that I could still do that extra bit of cardio or push myself with my next workout, I always felt guilty. It was a constant battle fighting with myself and feeling down that I didn't have enough will power. I couldn't fully relax and enjoy what I was eating as in the back of my mind I knew that it wasn't going to help achieve certain goals! However, I can't say that I didn't have good or even great weeks and months of being strict and working my butt off in the gym, as I most certainly did that too and I loved it, but there's one word for me that get's me every time, a word that my brother has drilled into my brain on more than one occasion and more recently a word that Brooke Tessmacher (TNA Knockout) stressed the importance of to me too. That word is...


Yep, consistency, you fail me every time! :p

As I talked about above, it is a battle. You see for me, I honestly love the gym, I do, really! I enjoy leg days and I think squats would have to be my favourite exercise. I enjoy the feeling after, the feeling of accomplishing something and challenging yourself and doing something that 30 seconds ago you thought you couldn't do. I've gone months training, feeling stronger, getting excited that i'm starting to see a difference and then...uh oh, I spend an evening cuddled up on the couch scrapbooking, getting stuff organized or just being cozy with my husband and all of a sudden my brain switches, my brain now loves doing that and doesn't want to go to the gym! I fall out of routine and it becomes an absolute effort to switch my brain back into mode of getting my butt out of my house and into the gym and trying to tell said brain of mine that I love the gym and always feel wonderful after I pay a visit to it!

I will admit too, some days I would get sad and look at these beautiful girls around me, the likes of Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and the entire TNA Knockouts division and think that they were just incredibly blessed and that God was feeling extremely kind hearted and generous the days they were born. I guess I couldn't fathom that hard work achieves such fantastic results, as when looking at my own body I never felt I saw that big of a difference. So in turn I thought that they got lucky with genetics, it couldn't possibly be the gym that left them looking so awesome! My brother would bust my butt for this way of thinking and time and time again tell me that genetics means nothing, he would insist you have to work hard with no excuses to see results. I would listen but it didn't quite sink in and my apartment would feel even cozier.

Well after this past year and being around these girls more and getting to talk to them, I started realizing just how hard they work. It may sound silly and obvious but I think just talking to them helped my brain click. Brooke has a body to die for and you know what? She deserves to flaunt it. Why? Because she didn't just get given it, no magic wands were waved, she works hard for it day in and day out. As I mentioned earlier I got to speak with her at one of the TNA shows and discuss her fun workout videos on Instagram and tell her how much I learnt from them and she was extremely encouraging. She mentioned my dreaded little word 'Consistency' and how she is always in the gym and somehow it made me look up to her even more and I felt inspired. As much as I dislike that word, her cute videos and positive attitude when talking to me made me think that working out doesn't have to be a chore and if I miss a day, it's ok, just don't miss a week. It took me back to days working out with my brother at Elite performance in Stockport and I smiled, I only went there 2-3 times a week and I have never felt better. It made me realize that while being inspired by others it's important to do what makes you feel good. My not going to the gym every day is no reason to get down on myself, I should be positive and make the most of each session and not give up. Whether it be 2 days or 6 days, consistency is still priority and absolute key. It may take a little longer to see results but being healthy and looking after my body is an achievement in itself.

Furthermore I do have to say that Velvet Sky is a sweetheart and every time I got the chance to talk about workouts and ask for advice she had a way of motivating me while making me feel so confident and happy in my own skin. I simply adore her for that. I just have to look at her these days and I smile and feel ready to kick some butt.

So I don't know whether getting older has made me more relaxed or self assured or that taking a break from wrestling has lead me to the following conclusions but I do feel that it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride to get to this point and if any of you reading this are very much like me, please know the ups and downs are worth it and you will find yourself at the end of it all! :)

Conclusion one: Attitude is EVERYTHING! Believe in yourself and you can and will achieve all goals that you have. After all believing is seeing! I had been working hard with my husband the 4 months leading up to our wedding, I had the odd day where I got down about not seeing a difference but I stayed positive and smiley and was just very happy during these months. I believed everything would be fine and I stayed focused and worked hard. I look back at my wedding photos and am pleased that I look a lot more toned than usual! :)

Conclusion two: Be Inspired! Look to those around you for inspiration but never be jealous or get down on yourself! Every single person is different and everyone is beautiful. You will always look like you whether it be with a 2 pack or a 6 pack, embrace it and keep going forward but always love you every step of the way!! :)

Conclusion three: Find a Balance! This is one of my biggest learning's. If I missed a workout and ate a piece of chocolate the whole week would turn into a disaster and before you know it I will have eaten chocolate every single day that week and missed all my workouts. It was pretty much all or nothing! Nowadays, I find it very hard to consume a tub of milky buttons (I'm pretty sure I will try though, I go home in 2 weeks :p ) and if I can't get to the gym I lunge around the house, dance to music and simply stay active.

And conclusion four: Be happy. Be healthy and Be you!! We are not all models, professional athletes or body builders. The food, the workouts and the routines they go through are not something you have to try and copy to a T. Exercise to be fit. Eat well to take care of your body and most importantly be happy in your own skin.

More over, after 9 years of feeling guilty and getting very stressed over exercise, 'diets', and slipping up, I have been enjoying my foods, my chocolate and a little more relaxing guilt free and it has been wonderful. However, yesterday I began DDP yoga with my husband. We both wanted to try something new and had been lacking consistency in the gym department for a couple of months. We could feel that we wanted to get back on track and had heard lots about DDP yoga and thought it would be fun to try. We are back to cooking more healthy meals and I'm not waving the chocolate bars in the air as much. I'm really excited to be setting goals and getting focused on something again! My brother, my husband, my family and the likes of Velvet Sky, Jaclyn Hill and people I look up to on a daily basis help me to believe in myself. To me these days it's not so much that I want to look a certain way but more that I want to be confident, healthy and full of energy and life all the time! (Consistently :p ) I like the idea of yoga and having that peace within. Plus I happen to think DDP is really cool! :p With that and advice and exercises given to me by my brother over the years... I will keep you posted! :)

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Be well!

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