It's my birthday i can...

I woke up this morning feeling very happy and rather grateful! Yesterday I got to celebrate another birthday with my twin sister Kelly and it was such a lovely day that I can't help but smile! :) I do have to say that in 26 years we have, thus far, spent every one of our birthdays together and that makes me feel incredibly blessed! :)

It may have been the first one without our whole family with us though or at least a family member, as I think our Dad has always been in Kentucky with us when it's been our birthday, but of course we got to Skype with them and I received lots of voxer's, including Grandad singing, to which I don't think I could have asked for much more, that made my day! He always sings us Happy Birthday, however this year he'd learnt a new one about being born in a zoo, that might now be his favourite version! :p

So that began my day followed by opening cards and tucking into a delicious breakfast made by my gorgeous husband Chris, who also happened to give me the sweetest card ever! Then it was off to see Kelly and her Chris. Upon arriving at their apartment, we shared a few more gifts before the boys had to go to work. Kelly and I always look forward to each other's presents, as we know one another so well it's fun buying for each other. In addition, we like to keep it simple and cute. It's the thought that counts. :) This year she got me lots of makeup that I'd had my eye on and an adorable LimeCrime lipstick that I'd had on my wish list for a while! :) I got her a little makeup that she had wanted, a DoodleBug kit and her favourite Harry Potter quote framed!

Kelly and I had a lovely time at home, skyping with family, opening cards and re-arranging her bedroom d├ęcor, before heading to the mall to hang out with our beautiful friend Negin. Sephora, Macy's, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works and a Starbucks later we set off back home with bags of foundation (Thanks to the Best Brother In Law in the world) jumpers, tank tops, candles and hand cream, hanging from our tired arms. We had a little minute to wait for the boys to finish work so we had fun catching up with twitter and Facebook. I was extremely touched by all the messages and posts and tweets we received. Really, it means the world when people stop and take the time out of their busy schedules to think of you, so thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes, it truly meant so much and I felt very loved! The boys got back and we multi tasked, getting ready for dinner while watching an episode of Chuck! You've got to have a little Chuck on you birthday! :p

Dinner I was very excited for as we were going to The Melting Pot! I had been once before and enjoyed it so I really wanted to try it again! :) Negin and her boyfriend/our friend, Ali, joined Kelly, her Chris and me and my Chris (I know, I know it can get slightly confusing, put them and our brother Chris in the same room and it's worse. :p ) and we had such a wonderful evening! The food was delicious and we very nearly devoured every crumb of every course, to which there were four, cheese fondue, a salad, meat/fish/chicken fondue and chocolate fondue. Spending time with Ali is just the best as I don't get to see him too often now that I don't wrestle and as Negin lives in Australia it's rare that we get to have dinner together. Hanging out with Kelly and Chris I love and of course being with my Chris was perfect. :)

The whole day just felt so happy and positive and full of love and I thank all my friends and family and everyone for my cards, gifts and messages, thank you so so much.
I like birthdays, I love to celebrate the life of all those around me and the fact that they were born and we met each other and have each other in our lives. If you are a February baby, I hope you had/have a wonderful birthday too and celebrate many more to come! :)

Love Lulu. xx

Me and My baby ready for dessert! :)
My treats from Kelly and Chris! :)
My awesome new craft station thanks to my lovely Mom and Dad in law! :)
P.S. I'm off to a log cabin in Gatlinburg for the weekend thanks to my husband! I'm ready to see the bears at the Parks and can not promise I will not try to bring one home! :p

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