Who's that girl?...

It seems that every time I watch New Girl I fall in love with Zooey Deschanel and her character Jessica Day all over again! From her clothes and the way she dresses to her whole demeanor and attitude, I just love her.
I think there is something so beautiful about Jess's innocence and how she deals with every day situations, she's always up beat and a little naïve while still being such a strong and independent character. I adore that she wears pretty clothes, likes to make cupcakes and always sees the good in people, yet she stands up for what she believes in, is confident in going after what she wants and likes to have sex, even if she can't say the word "Penis".

Now that last point I have to expand on, you see I feel that people are always quick to judge others based on the way they look, whether it's their clothes, hair or simply that they look 16 when they are in fact 21. After this initial judgment they then assume that this person lacks everything from a back bone to a sex drive. Somehow the cute bows and the fact that they do not desire to have their cleavage on show at all times, means that they are a prude and can't possible be sexy, professional and heaven forbid, a woman. By no means am I saying this applies to everyone, it is just something as of late that I have become more aware of. Furthermore it's something that I myself have experienced. This morning, after having watched New Girl last night, I was doing my usual pinning and looking up some inspirational quotes for the day and I came across a bunch of my favourite's, however this one still stands to be my number one.

This quote makes me smile. I remember when my sister and I first arrived in America, it became really obvious, when around so many people who seemed to have so much life experience, that we grew up quite sheltered. We were pretty naïve to most things and our Dad accompanied us everywhere throughout our wrestling journey. It also seemed we lacked in having a wide range of vocabulary. Listening to all these guys at training talking and doing promos on the spot, with all these fancy words and intricate phrasing was intimidating, especially when all we could muster was the likes of "Cute" "Lovely" "Gorgeous" and, wait for it..."Nice". That transferred over to real life too and Kelly (my sister) and I would often get disheartened and think we were stupid. People would treat us as such. We were too nice to be wrestlers and too cute to get anywhere, were some of the things we were told. It took us at least two years till people took us seriously and realized that our jobs in childcare had more responsibility and were hard work and actually real, than they first thought. After 5 years of bumps, bruises and tons of sweat we finally proved to them that just because we worked with children and had flowers in our hair, we were in no way weak.
The quote above is something that is somewhat parallel to those parts of my life. Before, and in between, wrestling I have worked with and spent a large portion of my days around children. I'm aware I've also had contact with grown ups but I've often felt more comfortable and more myself, covering the carpets in glitter, making play dough and wearing floaty dresses. In addition, within the confines of each school I have worked at, I never felt judged. I don't think I've ever had a compliment that has made me smile bigger than a 5 year old telling me that I looked like Miss Honey from Matilda or a parent saying that their son had come home saying "Miss Knott is always smiling." In my wrestling world I felt happier wearing the flowery dresses and never cared to feel the need to act any other way despite what others were suggesting or telling me. I felt proud to come from the school background and that having had such a big impact on me.
It's a stubbornness I have yet to break. I admire the beauty in everyone as well as the way's in which they choose to express it. I am grateful for advice and can reason with those who just for the love of God want me to feel empowered, be a woman and not act like I'm 10. But do those people ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, I feel on top of the world wearing a jumper with a penguin on it and bright pink lipstick? I admit that there are times, places and situations for everything and I'm not saying I don't like to dress up, I do, but I don't feel the need to apologize anymore for caring about every child on the planet and wishing they could live in a bubble till they are 16, free from swearing, sex and IPods, the fact that my Nanna and Grandad's house was and still is my favourite destination any night of the week and that thongs still make me think 'injury waiting to happen' ;p
So today I want to shout out to those who aren't afraid of ribbons and bows, who acknowledge that there is always a child watching and looking up to you whether you think you're a role model or not, to those who use the word "cute" at least 20 times a day, cry at Disney movies, don't like anything remotely scary and who enjoy sex as much as the next person but don't feel the need to tell or show the whole world. You are still smart and tough and strong and my gosh you are still a woman.
Here's to allowing everyone to just be themselves without fear of judgment! And to re-iterate this isn't a put down to anyone who expresses themselves differently as there are plenty of women I love and admire who flaunt a little more of what God gave them! :) 
Thank you Zooey Deschanel for the inspiration today! :)
Have a wonderful day!
Love Lulu xx

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