Happy Valentines Day! :)

One of the things my sister Kelly and I noticed about America, when we first got here, was that they like to celebrate. Let me rephrase that, they LOVE to celebrate and I mean they LOVE to celebrate everything!!! Our first Halloween here started as quite a calm costume party at a friends house, everyone was dressed up and the whole place was decorated, which made for a nice change to that of what we were used to at home. However it slowly became what one can only describe as a 'wild night'. Our friends proceeded to pile out of the house and over to the park, at the back of our apartment complex, it was freezing outside but this wasn't going to stop them conjuring up the most elaborate obstacle course we had ever witnessed! We had commentators, officials and teams, the whole nine yards. Those brave enough to attempt this crazy course provided the rest of us with a night of high quality entertainment that I will never forget. You had elf's, Greek gods, Samoans, Spartans and the Cheshire cat, squatting, jumping fences, running up slides the wrong way, taking part in three legged races and so much more. Halloween had definitely created a few monsters.

Moving forward I experienced Thanksgiving. All my friends would get together, each having made a scrumptious traditional dish, and spend the day, afternoon or evening together. They would simply hang out, but it was always a very big deal. This past year I experienced my first Osterfeld family Thanksgiving and that in itself was wonderful. Cards, decorations and the entire family coming together. A Feast and drinks that flowed all night.

The first Christmas here walking into my friend Erin's house was like stepping into a magical fairytale. The house had completely changed and we had only just been there a few weeks prior. From top to bottom it was covered in snowmen and every where you looked there was a tree! A beautifully decorated, unique and wonderful tree. Every shop was full of sparkle. Toys, wrapping paper, gift ideas, tinsel, trees, gingerbread, plates, bowls, mugs, cups, tablecloths, stockings, everything now appeared to have Santa Claus emblazoned on it.

So far, I was pleasantly surprised and loving it. I loved Christmas and Halloween growing up so it felt great to be in a place where everyone seemed to love it just as much too. And it was fun to spend a day with family and learn what Thanksgiving was all about. Well...then came St Patrick's day and my gosh, as far as the eye could see, everything was green. My first St Patrick's day plans were being put in place at 8am as to what was happening that night, I was dashing round shops by 2pm with Kelly and Erin trying to find something green and by 7:30pm we were at OShea's pub amongst a sea of green people and green beer. As the years went by and I spent different months in Kentucky I got to experience the likes of  Easter, 4th July, Mother's Day, Father's day, Veteran's days, Memorial day and Valentines Day all in the USA! I was always amazed at how quickly the shops changed to suit the events. They have decorations for every occasion, cookies to suit every theme and the kids at school make all kinds of crafts.

Now of course we have Mother's day and Father's day and Easter etc back in England and Christmas is still just as magical, but here it just seems everyone goes all in. It's more over the top and enjoyed! And in my opinion I think it's wonderful. Not necessarily because I buy into the gifts or cards or choosing one day to show someone you care, but because I think every now and again it's important to take the time to pause and think about what is important and if a holiday can be the reason for that pause then why not? Yes, family is important everyday and not just at Christmas but isn't it nice when everyone makes that extra effort? Isn't it nice that you don't have to feel guilty on that one day if you're not thinking about work or yourself but those around you? And on St Patrick's day, isn't it kind of fun that everyone makes an effort to come together and wear green? Isn't it kind of cool that on that day no one cares if you wear the same thing as them, its not going to become a fashion crisis? And on Valentines day, isn't it a lovely thing that the whole world can connect to celebrate love? Isn't it sweet that really no matter if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife or not you can spread love and be reminded to tell someone you love them?

At first I thought it was crazy when I heard that kids make Valentines treats for their whole class or when our cousins in New York would send us Halloween cards but now I've learnt to embrace it. I love any excuse to send cards, decorate, share a smile with someone and bring people together. America, you're doing it right! :p

With that being said...Today is Valentines Day!!! :)

When Kelly and I were younger our Mum would always write us a card, she would even put it in the post sometimes so we would be surprised at having mail. Even though we new it was Mum, she would still attempt to disguise her writing, one year I would have a card written in big handwriting and Kelly's card would be written in small handwriting and the next year it would be the other way round. I love her!!! I guess as we got older she stopped doing this, I think due to the fact that there was the odd time when we would get sad that it wasn't a 'real' Valentines day card or we had boyfriends and were more concerned with them, but I thought about this as Kelly and I sat down to make our husband's cards and it made me smile. So this year we decided to send and make cards to our Mum and Dad, brother and sister and Nanna and Grandad. We tell them we love them everyday but like I said above, isn't it nice that on this day you can say it and make them feel extra special? That on this day, a day that the whole world is thinking about love, they know you are thinking about them in particular?! :)

Whether you are in a relationship or not this Valentine's Day try not to be sad or think negatively towards those who are in a relationship. Smile and know that you are loved and there are tons of people around you who you can share your love with and who just might need it! :)

Happy Valentines day everyone! :)

Love Lulu! xx

The handmade/homemade cards Kelly and I sent home! :) Courtesy of DoodleBug! <3 


  1. America do love to celebrate alot and make it a holiday on special days. Don't understand why there not like that in UK. Want St George's day as national day. Also are so patriotic, as well.

  2. Americans celebrate too much and work too little haha it's why we are so behind.haha Hope you have a great day!

  3. Aww Adam, St George's day should be a National holiday, I agree and my Dad has been saying that for years! :)

    Thank you both for the comments and for reading! Hope you have a great weekend! :)