Britains Best! :)

Growing up my sister, Kelly and I would dream of America. At 5 and 13, we were fortunate enough to visit our family in Long Island, New York and at 19 spent a week in California with our Dad and younger sister, Jenny, and we fell in love with it. The fact that we also grew up around American classic cars and going to car shows with our Dad added to the magic of it too. We loved the era of the American pin ups and adored all things 50's.

Fast forward 6 or so years and I have now been in Louisville KY for one whole year. The 4 years prior to this were spent back and forth, staying in KY for a few months at a time but having a considerable break home in the UK in between. But this past year, it's been Louisville, Virginia, NYC and Florida all the way. And I have to say that I don't feel like the magic has faded at all and I love America. I still find myself dreaming of the road trips and places I have yet to visit here and it makes me giddy and fills me with excitement. However, one thing I have to admit is that the year away has made me grow to appreciate where I am from, good old Great Britain.

Last night I experienced watching the Super bowl for the first time and although I enjoyed it I must own up to the fact that I think I got much more excited watching the new H&M advert with David Beckham and seeing Mark Strong, Tom Hiddleston and Ben Kingsley in the Jaguar commercial. What can I say? Other than I felt proud to be British. I'm not exactly sure why in these moments I felt such a surge of pride, maybe it was my missing home, my sudden urge to watch the Premiership or simply the fact that we get to claim such kick ass talent as 'Loki', I don't know, but pride I did feel. 

So, today I sat thinking about some of my favourite things from my homeland and thought I would share them. Here, in my opinion, are some of Britain's best!!

Harry Potter.
I know, I know, I have my priorities in order, right?! But you knew it was coming! :p I love Harry Potter and can't help but smile that this magical world was created by JK Rowling in the UK. The books make me smile, the films make me smile and they give me great comfort when far away from home. And I just love that I can say I'm from where Harry Potter is from, it doesn't get much cooler than that! :)

Comic Relief/Sports Relief/Red Nose Day/Children In Need.
I absolutely LOVE everything about the events listed above. Every year I look forward to seeing the different fundraisers and what goofy/funny/incredible stunts celebrities are going to do to help. I think it's lovely when everyone comes together for such amazing causes. In 2012 you couldn't help but be inspired watching John Bishop run, row and cycle 290 miles from Paris to London, all in aid of Sport relief and raising 3.4 million. I still smile thinking about what he accomplished let alone all the other millions of people taking part in bake sales, marathons or simply donating. Sport Relief is coming up this year on 23rd-25th March and I can't wait to join in and be a part of it!

John Bishop, JK Corden, Peter Kay, Miranda.
Just some of my favourite comedians! Rule Britannia... :)

The cup of tea.
There's nothing quite like sitting down with a good book or for a nice chat and having a cup of tea in hand. It makes everything better.

Mr. Kipling.
My cake of choice would have to be the Battenberg but I love the Bakewell tarts too. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here  I've yet to see any of Mr. Kipling's cake over here in the USA and I think they are missing out. So yummy!

Fish and Chips.
That was a given! ;) I can't speak for everyone in the UK but I'd like to think everyone has their corner chippy. It's a nice thought. I love walking to the chippy on a Sunday and sitting round the table with my family to dig in. It's always a treat especially when we surprise our Grandad. He makes things fresh, Italian and doesn't eat out often so I don't think he was that eager to take a bite when we first bought him some, but now his face lights up when we pop round with a bag of fish and chips, and he can't get enough.

Ant and Dec.
Saturday morning's were never the same when SMTV live went off the air. My brother and sister's and I used to love waking up to Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley. We would spend our morning's laughing out loud and joining in with whatever was going on on the TV. We'd dance around to our favourite bands and shout out answers to all the quizzes, it was just so much fun and we loved Ant and Dec from then on. I will happily sit and watch them whatever they present and I can't fathom people not knowing who they are. My husband for one got a nice rendition of 'Let's get ready to rumble.' when he gave me the 'who are they?' face! :p

Mince Pies.
Christmas should simply not exist without Mince pies. They are Christmas in a bite.

Mark's and Spencer's.
I can't say that there are no shops here like these as they are pretty similar to the likes of WalMart, Kroger, Target etc but I still find myself not buying the odd thing here and thinking 'I'll just get it when I go home, I know where it is in Boots.' :p

If I think too much I will start drooling! :p You've got to love Greggs. Sausage rolls, meat and potato pies, cheese and onion pasties, gingerbread men...all of the mentioned...yes please.

I think I'll stop there before I start listing every shop, person and food in Britain but it's been nice thinking about home! Again I have probably missed a bunch of wonderful and important things I love, so if you can think of anything please feel free to comment below.

I hope you like my brief look into British culture, to which I didn't even get started on the music! :p

Happy Monday!

Love Lulu xx


  1. My Favourites too...Harry Potter!!! yay!!

  2. Great Blog. I did some blogs about Britain. Never went to America but love to go there. I do got some British things I like and there few in your list like Peter Kay, Tea, WHSmith & Greggs.