You can't beat homemade! :)

It is my Nanna's 83rd birthday today and while I couldn't be there to give her hugs and kisses in person, I did get to speak to her and wish her a happy birthday via Voxer thanks to my little sister, who by the way is simply awesome! :)

I have been thinking lots about my family today and am missing them like crazy but instead of curling up and getting sad I thought that in honor of my Nanna I would get in the kitchen and whip up something of hers that makes me smile! :)

I had a Pandoro staring at me and you just don't eat Pandoro without Nanna's homemade custard, so custard I was going to make. This custard and Pandoro mix is something that makes me feel so incredibly giddy and excited and something that my family and I have been enjoying ever since I can remember. Nanna would usually only make it on special occasions but over the years we have had it when there's been a Pandoro lying around or when Kelly (My Sister) and I would be home from Kentucky and Nanna wanted to surprise us. I mentioned in a previous blog that this cake is dangerous and I can quite literally eat an entire one myself and when you add the two together, you seriously have to pry it out my hands.

So without further ado:
For the custard, you will need:

* 4 cups of whole milk.
* 4 tablespoons of sugar.
* 4 tablespoons of flour.
* 4 egg yolks.
* Vanilla (add as much as you like, you know I do! :p )
* Orange skin.
* Lemon skin.

This recipe is near and dear to my heart and just so special to me. I love being in the kitchen making this with Nanna and have many a fond memory of my sisters and I dancing round the kitchen as we eat spoonful's straight from the pan.

* Place a pan on medium heat and add all the ingredients above. Whisk until mixed together.
* Do not let the custard boil.
* You will need to keep whisking gently for around 2 mins before it becomes thick.
* Continue watching the custard and stirring for another 5-10 mins to make sure it is fully cooked. It will thicken as you do this.
* Set aside and leave to cool.

While the custard is cooling you can prepare your Pandoro.
* With a knife slice the Pandoro horizontally so you end up with layers of cake that look like a star.

* This is when my Nanna would drizzle these layers in Marsala wine but I didn't have any in today so left that bit out. If you are making this cake for children you can leave it out too if you'd like! :)

When the custard has cooled it will be quite thick but that's ok. To finish:
* Spread the custard over each layer and put the cake back together again. When you do this, angle the pieces slightly so they don't go on exactly how they came off. This way it will look like a star, a mountain or a Christmas tree! Whatever you would prefer to call it! :)

I made mine a mini one today so I could use the other half for something else. I haven't quite mastered Nanna's art of slicing the Pandoro evenly but I think it's cute! :) You usually get a powdered sugar pouch with the Pandoro too, so I carefully dusted that over the top! :)

This cake is a family tradition and favourite of mine that I truly hope you enjoy! :)

Love Lulu. xx

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