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I have been getting a few requests recently to do another makeup post but talking about the makeup I used when I was wrestling, so here it is! :)

For pictures on all these items, please check out my pinterest and my 'wrestling makeup' board. Due to not wrestling at the moment I had gone through all my makeup and had a bit of a clear out and sorted through what was getting old and what was completely finished and needed throwing out, so I was unable to take pictures of the products.


*To start with, a few years back I got the Real Technique core collection brush set, recommended by Abi Lawrence. I still have these and use them all the time. You can get these brushes here http://realtechniques.com/ and I've also seen them at Kohl's. These are great brushes and aren't very expensive either! For my eye makeup I bought a simple set I found at Boots back home and I can't for the life of me remember the name, so sorry, but I know www.sigmabeauty.com and plenty of other brands do awesome brushes at a range of prices and you can even buy sets at Walgreens or Target too. So pick up any you fancy! Speaking of which, I'm due an upgrade on my eye brushes. :)

*To start my eye makeup I always used the Mac Pro Longwear concealer. I placed this under my eyes and on top of my eyelids. I liked to do this first as I felt it really helped make my eye shadow brighter and pack on better. I usually do this with my fingers.

*If you have seen pictures of me when wrestling I tend to have really dark eyes compared to my sister, Kelly. For the longest time we would wear exactly the same makeup and even the makeup artists we had on some of our first photo shoots did our eyes the same. That was until Abi came a long and started doing our eyes different. Even if we suggested they be the same Abi would do them slightly different. When we asked her about it she explained to us that our eyes are not the same and vary in shape, therefore what suits one doesn't always suit the other. Ever since then I go for the darker smokier look and Kelly prefers, and gets away with, bright and colourful eyes. To do my eyes dark I always used a lot of black, again until Abi and the makeup ladies at TNA taught me how to blend different colours together to get the smoky look rather than just throw on a ton of black shadow. I've definitely had a bunch of hit and misses, again Google is not my friend ;p For the darker looks I used the Illamasqua Neutral Palette and the Illamasqua Complement Palette. They have some wonderful palettes for all types of looks and eyes! :)

This is one of my favourite looks that Abi did and an example of her doing the smoky eye for me! :) The picture was taken by Kayleigh Plant, put these two together and they are our most favourite people to do photo shoots with! :)

*To finish off my eyes I used Mac Liquid Eyeliner and Benefit Bad Gal Mascara.

*Once my eyes were done, I cleaned any dustings of eye shadow from my cheeks with a makeup wipe and let it dry before applying foundation. The foundation I used was a blend of Illamasqua skin base foundation in shade SB 8.5 and the Illamasqua limited edition skin base in shade AU. Abi had used this foundation on my sister and I for a photo shoot and suggested we try it for wrestling. I LOVE this foundation. It feels incredibly smooth and has amazing coverage even when using just a little bit. It stayed in place even when sweating during matches and more often than not just needed a tiny touch up after. It is very durable and was simply perfect! Thank you Abi! :) Head over to http://www.illamasqua.com/ to see all that they offer.

*Next I brushed on my Illamasqua, in shade Sophie, blush and then with a big powder brush added a touch of Urban Decay baked bronzer. After letting that all set for a minute, with a smaller fluffy brush I applied the Smashbox photoset finishing powder to my t-zone, as that is where I can get a touch oily.

*For lips I had no set look and liked to experiment with any lipstick or lipgloss I had at the time! I do love pink or nude lips though! :)

I do have to mention that the look I talk about above is one that I have stuck with for around the past 2 years, however, it has not always been that way and I have experimented with quite a few brands of makeup and colours. Having been lucky enough to work with people like Abi and the wonderful makeup artists at TNA, I have learnt what is best for me and I still like to wear darker colours on the occasion that I am getting dressed up and going out. But with my current obsession of watching makeup tutorials on YouTube I am sure I will be experimenting some more.

I hope you enjoy this post and please if you have any makeup favourites or questions feel free to comment below! :)

Love Lulu. xx

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