This weeks favourites!

This week has been full of rather happy and creative days with lots going on and plenty to do! :)

Here are some of my favourite things that have been keeping me busy this past week and some things that have simply made me smile!

I love sitting down to write letters. If ever I need a little cheer up I get out my cards and letter sets and write a letter, it truly brings a smile to my face. Although we have emails these days, this is still the way I prefer to communicate. I Skype with my little sister often but know that nothing quite beats her getting a letter in the mail (Owl Post) from me or my sister Kelly, it makes her day. Just this morning she sent me a picture of my Nanna reading a card that I had just made and sent, Nanna was crying and smiling and just so happy! :) Perfect! In addition, I keep two calendars on my wall, one for everyday appointments and one for birthdays, this is something my Mum has done ever since I can remember, and therefore she has never missed sending someone a birthday card! :) Little tip: make sure you are always fully stocked with cards and letters and try having a calendar also, I feel this can really help you feel organized and making someone else feel loved can make you happy too. :) 

This was another project Kelly and I worked on yesterday. She had bought a card kit from DoodleBug at Archiver's and we sat down together to make them! They turned out super cute and adorable and we can't wait to give them out! It's fun to set yourself a task of creating something and it is definitely very rewarding after. Next time instead of buying a card, why not try making one! :) Visit and check out the latest sales and stock up on card making necessities.
 I may be cheating here as I think I might have seen these last week but I had to post them here. Seriously how pretty are they?! I walked in to Kroger and couldn't help but smile when I saw them. It's the simple things in life! :)
Last week ( I know, I know :p ) I tweeted about eating a Mr Kipling Battenberg as Kelly had bought me some back from her trip home to Stockport over Christmas. I adore them and was pleasantly surprised when @mrkiplingcakes tweeted me back. Isn't it exciting when you get a tweet back from someone, or I guess in this case a company you love? I was giddy to say the least! We ended up chatting and they wanted to send me a box of goodies, how sweet?! However they don't ship to the States. I explained that my family were still at home in the UK and they ended up sending this gorgeous box of French Fancies to my Mum. I had told them that sending them to her would be a nice surprise as I wouldn't tell her. Mum was very excited upon receiving them and loved the note. The note read "We wanted to send you a little faraway Kipling love from Lucy for being so exceedingly wonderful." This about made me cry. This was a note I had not asked them to write nor was I aware they would even send one. The fact that they had paid attention to me being far away from home and that they took the time to send such a sweet note to my amazing Mum was just beyond thoughtful to me and I was touched. It truly made my week. There are some very kind and lovely people out there! :) Thank you Mr Kipling! :)
So anything and everything to do with my husband makes my heart insanely happy and I am incredibly proud of all that he does. This week though his show The Chris Silvio show has been getting great reviews and taking off and I love it! He works so hard and if he has an idea or a dream in his head, he will make it happen and he will bust his butt until it is the absolute best of the best! He has been inspiring me everyday since I met him and I guarantee if you listen to his show you will enjoy it and feel pumped and inspired too! Check it out for everything from funny, crazy wrestling stories, to red stag challenges, to daily up dates on what's happening in the world or just if you want to hear one helluva sexy voice!! ;) Check it out here:
What's been making you smile this week?
Love Lulu xx




  1. All of the above made me smile this week as well as the lovely ladies i work with at Archivers! :) Lots more exciting things to make and do soon! xxx

  2. I look forward to more craft days! Yay! :) xxx