Let's talk Makeup! :)

My sister, Kelly and I didn't start wearing makeup till we were 16 years old. The main reason for this being that our Mum has never worn makeup. To this day the only makeup we have seen her wear is the occasional red lipstick when she is going out. Now it was never a rule and Mum never talked bad about it or said that we couldn't wear it, it was just never a big deal to her and therefore we as kids didn't care for it or ask about it. Our Mum was and still is the most beautiful person on the planet to us, as are our Nanna's. They are and were the epitome of growing old gracefully without worrying about looks. So why would we care about makeup?!
Well... :p At 16 we started wrestling and actually it may have been more around 17/18 that we started wearing it, as that was when we began doing wrestling shows. And what came with wrestling shows... yep... you guessed it, pictures! Pictures of us while we were wrestling, pictures with the fans after, pictures popping up online, in magazines, pictures, pictures, pictures! So this was the time we started looking into it! I can't quite remember our first purchases but I can remember going to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) for the first time and having the girls look over at our tiny, tiny and I mean tiny, like one little foundation, some eye shadow and a little blush tiny, collection and asking us if that was it and then telling us to just keep putting more and more and more on. After all we were now going to be on TV, with TV cameras and the works. Needless to say after 9 years of wrestling my knowledge of makeup along with my collection has expanded. I am in still no way an expert and honestly all you have to do is type 'The Blossom Twins' into Google to figure that one out and to get a good laugh or scare, whichever way you want to look at it! ;) I often smile, giggle, laugh (ok, you got me but only sometimes cry ;p) at how far we have come.
A big part of this is having been given the opportunity to do photo-shoots and work with different makeup artists. All of whom have been wonderful and taught me a ton of ways in which I can do my makeup to create a variety of looks. Some looks I have liked, some not so much and I must admit I can never quite replicate the ways in which they do it as good as they can, even if I swear I am doing every technique exactly how they explained it! :p My absolute favourite makeup artist that Kelly and I have had the pleasure to work with is Abigail Lawrence. Abi is from Liverpool back in the UK and we have worked with her 4 times. Each shoot has been different but she always gets the looks perfect and exactly how we visualized in our heads. Make sure to follow her on Twitter @AbiMakeupArt  and check out www.AbigailLawrence.com
These days being 4000 miles away I still like to message Abi when I have a makeup query, she is simply awesome. However, I have also been loving makeup tutorials on YouTube and am a big fan of Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero. In the past few months I may have even got slightly obsessed and can sit for hours watching their videos, just beautiful! :) I am still a big believer in 'it's what's on the inside that counts' and my Mum is still very much a huge inspiration to me but I do like to experiment and think makeup can be fun. Nowadays I some what find myself balancing out both worlds and since I stopped wrestling my makeup bag has got a lot smaller and I like to do my research as to what makeup can be good and healthy for my skin. So today, here's a little look see into my makeup bag for some of my favourite beauty products! :)

This is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Skin Protector in Medium sheer tint. I picked this up from Walgreens in Florida when I was there for my wedding. I wanted something light that I could wear on the beach and something that would also protect me from the sun. This is perfect. It's very lightweight and incredibly moisturizing. It's become part of my daily makeup routine that I like to wear with a little bronzer and blush.

These are all Abi recommended! :) The brush is a Real Technique powder brush which I love and is just perfect for applying powder. I have the Bare Minerals Original foundation in Medium Beige N20. This I like to apply over my BB cream to get more of a full coverage. But some days if I really don't want to wear makeup I will just brush a little of this all over my face just to give me some colour! My concealer at the moment is the Bare Minerals correcting Concealer in Light 1. This I am not overly keen on as I feel like it sets into the creases of my eyes. On the occasion that I can make it not do that it can look quite nice and smooth and doesn't feel heavy or make my eyes tired! :)

Here I have Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara. I don't know much about mascara and can never really tell a difference in the thousands of brands, so if you have one that you love please feel free to recommend below in the comments section. I do like this one and it does it's job however it can be really tricky to get off. The blush is from Illamasqua and I have the colour Sophie. I bought this one again because Abi recommended it and as you can tell I LOVE it and have pretty much used it every single day since I got it. Thank you Abi! :) I've been quite big on lipsticks and glosses lately too and found this Maybelline lipstick in Walgreens. I was drawn to it immediately as I adore the colour. This is from the Vivids collection in Shocking Coral. So so pretty! :)

After watching Jaclyn Hill a few weeks back I did make a trip to Sephora as I wanted to try out the Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil. When its cold and windy outside and usually in the Winter months, I can get very dry skin and I have heard nothing but raving reviews about this oil. I went for the light version and after washing my face at night and using my toner I applied a little of this all over my face... I love it. It works wonders and I wake up in the morning with dewy soft skin. I definitely recommend this product. Also, another Sephora buy and Jaclyn Hill favourite I bought in New York, is the Urban Decay makeup setting spray. So far I have only used this a few times when I have worn a more full face of makeup and again I recommend it. I love the feel of it and my makeup stays looking fresh without moving! :)

Eeek! :) These I just treated myself to as I had a 10% off code! I have been hearing so much about these brushes and couldn't resist. I have yet to use them as I am saving them for when I try out a new liquid foundation and concealer. I got the F80 and F86! :) You can check out the Sigma range at www.sigmabeauty.com
I have a few other bits and pieces but these are my daily go to's!! I like to try and keep it simple but am creating quite the wish list on www.sephora.com thanks to Jaclyn Hill. :p These days like I said before I do love to experiment and I like it when my Mum sees a picture and loves the makeup I'm wearing. Although I am forever grateful for her lessons in 'beauty being in the eye of the beholder' as well as 'it's what's on the inside that counts' I think it's important to remind myself of these pieces of advice every now and again as to not to get carried away. It took me a long time to feel completely comfortable without even a little makeup on but now I can smile and be confident with or without it! :)
Have a lovely Sunday and if you have any makeup favourites I would love to read about them! :)
Love Lulu xx

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  1. I love love love all my things in my make up bag now thanks to your research!! <3