Let's get scrapping! :)

I like to take pictures. Pictures of my family, pictures of my friends, pictures of holidays and birthday's and every special occasion really. I snap away at pretty things from clothes to makeup to anything cute and Hello Kitty like. And yes I admit, I'm the kind of person that likes to take pictures of food. My friends have all been the victims at some point in our friendship of my 'must capture the moment' ways. You can picture the scene, just as they are eagerly about to take a bite of a cupcake, cookie, or let's be honest, an actual meal, (nothing can escape a picture) chicken parmesan anyone? They hear the dreaded "Stop, wait, you have to have a picture first!" Luckily for Kelly (My sister) and I, our friends are pretty awesome and more often than not, happily oblige! It's lead to some very interesting and very funny scrapbook photos.

I started scrapbooking when I began wrestling at 16. At first it was a way to keep track of shows and matches Kelly and I had. We would collect the posters from events and whatever pictures we could find and we would put them together in a big book. Once we developed a small group of friends at wrestling practice and we ventured out into the world of hanging out, going to the cinema's or to the shopping centers, we got a little more excited about scrapbooking and tried to take pictures of everywhere we went and everything we did.

Fast forward 5 or 6 years and so began our visit's back and forth to Kentucky. Now this is really when I got snap happy, you name it and I took pictures of it. I was clicking away and didn't want to miss capturing a second of being here. So much so that I have about 7 scrapbooks, all of which are completely full, of the past 5 years in Louisville. I absolutely LOVE looking through them. So many amazing memories and fun times that those days and days and days spent sat at the dining room table, back in Stockport, printing thousands of pictures and ordering them all into little piles of days, dates and events then cutting them into shapes and making pretty borders before gluing and sticking them into the books, were very much worth it. Even Mum asking when her table was going to be cleaned up every few minutes was more than worth it! ;)

Now I do have lots of my pictures loaded onto my computer and I even have a few doubles of pictures so that I can put them on the wall too, but nothing really compares to sitting down with a cup of tea and being able to flick through a bright, colourful, sparkling scrapbook filled with tons and tons of pictures and memories of your dearest family and friends! :)

Over the past couple of months Kelly has been working at Archiver's, a scrapbooking store in Oxmoor mall here in Louisville. She has been loving it and with the treats that I have been receiving lately, I have been loving it too! :p If you like to scrapbook like us and you have an Archiver's near you, make sure to go and visit over the next few days as they are having some really great sales. Unfortunately this is due to the store going out of business, which is truly a shame as Kelly and I have been making trips and picking up little bits and pieces from there for the past 5 years. We are sad to see it go! Check out their website here: www.archiversonline.com

In the meantime though we have been stocking up! :)

During Christmas time I made sure to get a bunch of Christmas stickers and card. I love making the pages of my scrapbooks pop with all different kinds of stickers. It's even more fun when you can match the stickers to the events. You bet I have hundreds of cupcake stickers! :) Also, you can buy this little container from Target. It's great for storing all your scrapbooking essentials. 

This is one of my favourite Christmas presents ever from Kelly. It's a gorgeous scrapbook with a Santa suit sleeve. I got so excited to scrapbook all my memories from this Christmas as it was just so special, so this Santa book is perfect. The top right is an example of one of my pages. New York paper and my pictures from 'First Date' on Broadway and my meeting Zachary Levi!! :) And the bottom picture is some DoodleBug Christmas paper. Cute or what?! You can see the entire DoodleBug range here: http://www.doodlebug.ws/

Kelly surprised me just the other day with this ADORABLE collection. I just LOVE it all! Stickers and paper for every occasion. Doodlebug sure do it right! For all the latest DoodleBug news follow their Blog here: http://www.doodlebugblog.com/ You will find so many wonderful projects and creative ideas! :)

I thought I'd share my first little attempts at card making. When I'm not using all the above bits and bobs for scrapbooking, I like to make cards especially to send home to my family. I think it's lovely and a nice touch when you receive something handmade! :) It always puts a smile on my face and I know my Nanna and Grandad love it too!
I would love, love, love to hear from you if you like to scrapbook too. Maybe you have a specific store you go to or know of places you can find useful tools or simply the cutest stickers. Please feel free to leave a comment below! :)
Happy scrapbooking and have a beautiful day! Make sure to live and capture every moment! :)
Love Lulu. xx



  1. Yay for Archivers and for all the fun things they have taught us how to do!! Love all our little crafty and scrapbooking things!! :) xx

  2. Me too! :) Thank you for my treats! <3