I heart New York!

I have talked about my family in many of my Blogs; about how incredible they are and how blessed I am to have them. Well this Christmas my sisters, Kelly and Jenny, really out did themselves!
Chris and I were about an hour or two into our journey to Virginia on Friday 20th December when my phone started popping up with emails. When I read a message from GoToBus.com about bus tickets being purchased for New York, I looked over at Chris. I was excited as we had talked about one day going to New York for Christmas, had he actually booked it for this Christmas? But Chris looked confused. After a few more email confirmations and me questioning Chris about this either wonderful surprise or credit card fraud, another email popped up confirming two tickets to see First Date on Broadway. Ah ha!! My brain clicked and my heart was pounding, I knew exactly who the culprits were! A few minutes later and Kelly and Jen were bouncing around on the other end of Voxer, so happy with their master plan. Had I not been buckled in I would have been jumping around with joy too! :)

So it was booked, Chris and I would be leaving VA early boxing day and going to see First Date on Broadway that evening and returning that Friday! I couldn't wait to get on that China Town bus...Chris...not so much! He knew those buses all too well.

Oh did I forget to mention that Zachary Levi was starring in this play?! Now, the excitement makes sense right?! My sisters and I spent the majority of last year curled up on the couch watching and re watching every season of 'Chuck'. 'Tangled' is my favourite Disney movie and my heart melted watching 'Remember Sunday'. I LOVE this guy!

Now contradictory to what my husband believes...I don't LOVE him like that!! Honestly! I swear! I truly love when someone can make a person smile just by being them. We all have those 'celebrities' we are drawn too, who we like to see in movies and enjoy watching their shows, but I believe it doesn't even have to be a 'celebrity' or a 'famous' person that you can idolize, look up to or who you can be a tinsy winsy bit obsessed with! My husband makes me giddy, just yesterday I heard him coming up the steps to our apartment and my heart skipped a beat. He makes me happy beyond belief just existing.  I think it is incredible how we have the ability to effect people's lives in such ways.
For example, the best thing about being a teacher to me was seeing the children smile. Everyday, no matter what mood I was in, if a child walked past me and said hello with a big smile on their face, it made me smile too. Working with children who just needed that someone to show they cared meant the world to me, I just wanted to be there for them, to teach them, believe in them and encourage them to grow and chase their dreams. So, even though people may sometimes laugh at 'celebrity' crushes or idols, I do feel it's a special thing and something that can truly impact a person's life. Even if it is just by spreading one smile!

Anyway, back to the story. I'm a big fan of Zachary Levi, from his shows, movies and the work he does for Operation Smile, I think he's awesome and I was very much looking forward to seeing the play and visiting New York for the first time with Chris! Boxing day arrived and after nine hours on the now (Chris was right) not so fun China Town bus we made it to New York City! Yay!

We got a taxi to our hotel, which was beautiful, and began to get ready for the evening. Stepping out into the busy and cold streets of New York, Chris got a voxer from Kelly...uh oh! She informed us that Zachary Levi was sick and wouldn't be in the play that night. My heart sank a little, it wasn't nice that he was poorly but coming all that way I sure was going to miss seeing him. However, Kelly had worked it all out and between her and my awesome husband and within less than an hour, she had booked us bus tickets back on Saturday, researched getting a refund and seeing the play the next day and Chris had booked the hotel for another night, cancelled tickets and got us new ones. Now you see why I go on all the time about my family being amazing!

"Don't freak out"

We spent that night wandering around New York and watching Football (English Football) in a cozy little bar we found! And... relax!

Day two was a blast! We walked and walked and walked around the City seeing all the cool sights and visiting some of the shops. I just so happened to remember the way to the Sanrio store...funny that!  We had pizza, a must on Chris's list, and stumbled upon Guy Fieri's restaurant which we noted to go back to that evening. We started to get used to where we were going and got better at directions too. I began to understand why people say you can fall in love with this City!

Dinner was yum and I made a mental note to take Dad there one day. Guy Fieri's place had Corvette and Cadillac signs everywhere. Dad would love it! Then, it was time to head to the theater! Inside it was rather pretty and I was excited getting all comfy in my seat.

What can I say?!! First Date was fantastic. I enjoyed it from start to finish and laughed a whole bunch too. The whole cast was phenomenal and did a wonderful job. It was a very cool story and so funny. I always get slightly jealous when people can sing so beautifully, it is a talent I in no way posses (tone deaf.) and these guys were amazing. For an hour and a half straight, they hit every note, every line and it was simply awesome, thoroughly enjoyable! Honestly, I could have watched it again right away.

To top the night off, Zachary Levi came outside after to sign everyone's Playbill and take pictures. I actually got to meet him and talk to him and he was lovely, the absolute sweetest. I am incredibly grateful that I got the opportunity to say hi and to say thank you, it really meant the world to me! I did get a little shy but it was such a wonderful night.

zachary levi, chuck, heroes, tangled

Thank you Kelly and Jenny for such an amazing Christmas present, the thought and effort that went into it meant more than you can imagine! Thank you to my husband for standing out in the cold and for also just making the New York trip so magical and fun! And thank you Zachary Levi for taking the time to meet everyone and for inspiring me and making me smile. Ooh and thank you very much to the guy that took the picture for me, I really appreciated it!

Have a blessed and wonderful New Year everyone! Best wishes for 2014!

Love Lucy xx

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