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Yay! It's Friday!

I couldn't be any happier today, not only is it Friday and I get to look forward to the weekend and spending time with my Husband but this morning we passed our interview for my green card which means I feel like we just got married all over again and can celebrate. It also means that in a few days I will receive my card which will allow me to go HOME!!! Yay! I understand that may sound a little backwards as the point is I can now stay here in the States. But after having not been home for a year while the process has been taking place, I can absolutely not wait to see my Nanna and Grandad and the rest of my family again...and a plate of fish and chips! :p In addition once I get back here it means I no longer have to worry about being away from my husband and our future together!! :)

So this Friday is full of all things happy and therefore I thought I would share some things that have been making me smile this past week. I like doing this as I feel it's a nice way to reflect on the week and to be grateful for all it bought with it! :)

John Bishop has to be my favourite comedian. I simply love him. If you haven't heard of him before, look him up, YouTube him, buy a DVD, anything, just make sure you watch him. Back in the UK I've enjoyed countless Friday nights sitting with my family all laughing out loud while watching his shows. He was fantastic on 'A League of their Own' (A sports quiz show hosted by James Corden, if you don't know him look him up too. My sister and I also appeared on this show but unfortunately John Bishop wasn't there that day.) and he has entertained my family as we bring in the New Year for the past couple of years. Nothing beats the London fireworks, singing along to Gary Barlow, drinking a glass of Baileys and following it all up with a bit of John Bishop. It makes for a perfect night in! :) My sister, Kelly, bought this book when she was back home for the holidays and upon her return to Kentucky it was all I heard about. I had to tell her to stop spoiling it for me and I have been trying to read it as fast I can so she doesn't tell me all the good bits. Well, what can I say? I thought I loved him before I started reading the book. I am thoroughly enjoying every story, every page and every witty, sarcastic and funny joke that pops up off the paper. Not only is he inspiring in all that he has achieved, he comes across as a wonderful person and the book has me smiling from ear to ear. As you can tell I really can't say enough good things about this guy so if you haven't checked him about before or you haven't read this book, I highly recommend you do! :)
I made a pact a few weeks back with my husband, that if I watched all the Rocky movies he would watch all the Harry Potter movies. So far I am three Rocky movies in and Chris is two for eight on Harry Potter. I have to say that I have loved the Rocky movies, albeit turning away when the fights get a touch too bloody, the Rocky character has completely won me over. Chris has been enjoying Harry Potter and I have been having a blast explaining the stories and characters to him...he needs to read the books! :p This is one of my all time favourite quotes, not just in Harry Potter but in life and every now and again I like to look at it and read it. It lifts my spirits and I think it's rather beautiful! :)
You might be thinking 'hand cream?' 'That makes you smile?' :p Honestly though, with this weather my hands get so dry and I'm grateful that when I get in the house I can put this on and feel better. It's not something I feel should be taken for granted. We have all these lotions and potions for a million different things that can soothe us, help us, make us more comfortable, fix us and heal us, we are blessed to have access to them when others don't. Futhermore, it makes me think of my Mum. She's always putting hand cream on and making me and my sisters put it on too. She likes to buy us the ones she likes the most and put them by our beds at night time. I wake up feeling nice and refreshed. I picked up this one this week and it smells scrumptious and cost $1.20 at Kohls! :)
The quote says it all really. But to expand on it: every now and again I feel everyone has a moment where they feel down, whether it be over something big or small or because of what someone said.  Maybe something isn't going exactly how you would like it too or how you planned. But this quote to me is a reminder to never give up and through it all to always make sure to be yourself and stay true to who you are. You are you and their truly is no one out there that can compare. Be proud of that and do things your own way and remember, remember, remember, 'Never let anyone dull your sparkle.'
On a side note I came across this website called through watching Love her! I thought I would check it out as I am often glued to Pinterest and love getting ideas from there. Basically this site is very similar, you can follow (trust) people and you can add things that you like and recommend them to people. It's pretty cool that if you see something you like you have the option to buy it there and then. Another awesome thing is that if I ever mention anything on here that you like the sound of, you can head over to my page and buy it or check it out! If you are interested you can have a look here! :) Enjoy!
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and thank you so much for reading!
Love Lulu xx


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