Birthday Fun!

January 9th is always an exciting day for me. A day I can't help but get a little giddy for. A day this year that I kind of, sort of,  ran around like a mad women trying to make everything perfect. January 9th is my husband, Chris's, birthday and this was the first year that Chris and I got to spend it together. I've always been in England on his birthday, so gifts and cards are usually sent. But even 4000 miles away I would get this overwhelming happy feeling that on this day the person I feel I was destined to meet, was born. Five years ago when I met Chris I had no idea I would end up marrying him but what I did know was that I loved and cared about him very much and that we shared a strong connection that lead us to being the best of friends for those five years. He was the coolest person I had ever met and I loved everything about him. I could talk to him about anything and everything and he would always listen and give me the best advice. Sometimes I wouldn't even have to talk to him and he just knew what was up and what to say. Over those five years birthday gifts were always very simple but so perfect. They are one of the reasons that truly makes me believe in soul mates and that Chris and I were meant to be. Our favourite books, notepads, cards and quotes were given but it always felt like so much more, like we were learning about each other through these books and stories. This year wasn't too different, I wanted to spoil him a little but ultimately just wanted to have a nice day celebrating him and all that he is to me! :) So I bounced around the house putting up banners and blowing up balloons and trying to make the apartment as colourful as possible! I set out the cards like my mum has always done for me and my brother and sisters on our birthdays and put out the presents all neatly on the table ready for when he arrived home! :) I had his favourite meal of meatballs and pasta all planned for dinner and the little gifts I knew he either wanted or would just make him smile! :) I feel so blessed and grateful that this year we got to be together and that I actually got to hug him on the his birthday, his 30th birthday non the less! It was an awesome day! :)
So...birthdays wouldn't be birthdays without CAKE!! :) I have been naughty lately and haven't been baking a whole lot but on Thursday I was prepared. I had my recipe, ingredients and my baking station ready to rock. On the menu: Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, of course! This is Chris's favourite! :) In the past, when making cupcakes, I have struggled to find a good Red Velvet recipe so this time you know I was on a mission and praying that which ever one I picked would turn out great! :p I was so so happy when I pulled this one out of the oven. It was soft and bouncy and smelt delicious. I let it cool and whipped up my own cream cheese frosting. Once frosted I put all the candles in place ready to surprise Chris when he got home from work. My sister and her husband and all my family...( I was so proud of it that pictures were sent via voxer immediately! :p) all thought it looked wonderful but at the same time were all eager to see if it tasted just as wonderful as it looked! :p After surprising Chris...yay, a family rendition of Happy Birthday and candles being blown out and wishes made, Chris cut the cake tasted scrumptious! :) Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and I was singing the praises of and thanking The Food Network! :) You can find the recipe below!  I will mention that I used way more vanilla and red food colouring than the recipe actually called for! ;)
For my Cream Cheese frosting all you need is:
One packet of cream cheese (Kroger brand is fine)
Icing sugar/Confectioners sugar.
One stick of butter
OK so my sister Kelly and I tend not to measure out our frostings. A lot of recipes call for 6 or more cups of icing sugar and we find that to be too sweet and therefore just add it until we are happy with the taste and consistency. If you wanted to frost cupcakes and needed the icing to be stiffer then by all means add more. I guess it depends on what you are making and what you need from your frosting, so just simply add to your own discretion! :p
Throw all these ingredients in the mixer and beat till it's nice and creamy and fluffy. Again we add cinnamon and vanilla to taste!
And ta da!!

A few other pictures from Chris's day! My sister and her husband came over and we had a really lovely evening just hanging out!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if any of you are celebrating birthdays have the most fun and awesome day! :)
Love Lulu xx

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  1. Birthday party is alway fun and which is the memorable day forever.