And at last i see the light.. :p

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing night and that 2014 began a happy and healthy year! :)
This week has been very positive for me, it really does feel like a fresh new start this year and I am embracing it 110% I feel ready for anything  and want to make things happen in 2014!
Just briefly I want to mention the reasons behind the feeling of an exciting fresh start. After 9 years of wrestling and being consumed with the wrestling world, I am no longer a part of it and honestly, it feels good! It was time to get away from something that was starting to bring me down and say a huge thank you for all the amazing opportunities it gave my sister, Kelly, and I! It truly gave us some wonderful memories and experiences I will never forget and be forever thankful for. I still watch it with my husband and get goose bumps when I watch guys like Bruno Sammartino! I guess it's true what they say "when it's in your blood, it's incredibly hard to get it out!" ;)

So with that being said, as of late I really feel like I have been taking everything in and stopping to smell the roses so to speak. Everything seems brighter and the smallest things can make me feel happy. Today I wanted to share with you a few of those things! :)

I love candles as they remind me of my Mum. She always has one on the corner of the counter top in the kitchen and it's always the most delicious smelling one she can find! So simply, if it makes me think of my Mum it makes me happy! :) I went through a phase of having lots of candles in my room but I would never light them. They just looked too pretty. Now I have them everywhere in my apartment and love the glow of the flame when the room is dark. It makes my apartment feel very cozy. My favourite candle has to be either Vanilla cupcake or Christmas cookie from Yankee Candle. Although, I do sometimes just pick up the cheaper ones from Kroger. They don't smell as strong but they still look cute! :)
Writing letters!
I love to get mail. I love having a little walk to the mail box and finding a card or letter from someone 4000 miles away inside. It warms my heart. Growing up we used to write letters to our family in Italy and New York all the time and we always wrote thank you cards after birthdays and Christmas. Mum also has a calendar just for birthday's so we know when a card needs to be sent out. There's nothing like receiving a handwritten letter or card from a friend or family member, it feels personal and special. When we were younger my sisters and I used to be obsessed with Sanrio stationary. We couldn't get enough and would enjoy writing letters to people just so we could use our adorable paper. When Harry Potter came out, you know we were sending letters stamped 'Owl Post!' :) This week I began writing my Christmas thank you's and I couldn't help  but smile when putting pen to paper!
Every now and again I like to read a nice quote, something that makes me think or that can inspire me. So many of my favourite actors and artists have shared their words of wisdom in the past, words that have stuck with me for the longest time and often given me an extra boost when I've needed it! It goes to show just how much words have an effect on people and that we should try to do our best to always speak with a kind heart. This week I came across this quote and love it so much! It's so perfect! :)

I have mentioned this show in previous blogs because it's my absolute favourite but I have to mention it again here as this past week I finished the whole series with my husband and definitely made him a Chuckster! :) Moreover, through the wonderful world of Twitter I have been able to see just how much others love this show too. I got introduced to a website called We Give A Chuck. Please check it out here They are currently putting together a video entitled Chuck Gives Back and are encouraging all Chucksters and Jeffsters for that matter, to do something to give back. Whether that be donating to charity, doing a toy drive, doing a bake sale, raising money however you can or quite simply doing something nice for someone. They will then be collecting pictures and quotes from each person and making a video! How AWESOME is that?!! I was taken a back when reading it as I think it's such a beautiful thing that all these people are coming together through their love of a TV show, Chuck, and doing something to make the world that little bit more of a magical place! :) Thank you to all that created this and put the project in place! :)

New Year Clear Out!
This Christmas I received lots of lovely clothes and shoes. When I get new clothes I am the type of person that likes to get rid of old ones. I feel guilty if I buy new clothes when I have a cupboard full. In saying that, a cupboard full to me consists of a few jumpers, jeans, some leggings and tank tops, a bunch of floaty dresses and about 5 pairs of shoes! But hey, that's 5 more than some people right?! This guilty feeling comes from my Mum. She is not a big shopper and taught me that it's what's on the inside that counts. I love her for this lesson as its incredibly sweet and very true. I will admit however, that occasionally I will see something that I love and now that I'm older I love fashion a little more, but I keep what Mum taught me in the back of my mind and if I go ahead and buy that something, I sort through my wardrobe and collect a bunch of clothes that I know I won't wear again or some that I don't quite feel is my style anymore and I take them to GoodWill! It makes me happy to think that someone out there might like them and get a great amount of use from them too! :)  

I hope that some of these happy things will make you happy too and wish you a wonderful weekend!
Love Lucy xx

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