A little bit of DIY! :)

Happy Friday everyone! :) I hope you've all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend!

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my sister Kelly. She's my favourite and our days usually consist of talking, talking, a little more talking and working on some kind of project. I had bought a few mason jars from Kroger for Christmas to use for a gift idea I had, more on that later, and I had a few left over. I had been looking at them for months and while they looked cute filled with candy, I wanted to do something with them. Pinterest provided me with some wonderful ideas from painted jars to glittered jars to jars wrapped in burlap (that one I did for my wedding) and jars filled with flowers or tea lights. The painted ones really stood out to me and I have been on a bit of a pink and gold obsession lately so I decided I wanted to paint them and maybe attempt a pretty pattern. Off to Michaels Kelly and I went! :)

From Michaels, I bought a pack of brushes and other useful sponges, pink satin Martha Stewart paint, this pink was called 'Poodle Skirt' and a Gold metallic paint. These were quite inexpensive so I thought I would give them a try. I had thought about spray painting the mason jars but the spray cans seemed a little pricey at around $8 compared to the $1.99- $2.49 I spent on the paints. Plus I didn't feel like bothering a sales assistant at 8pm Wednesday night to open the chained and locked doors to check out the spray paint. I always feel like then I can't just peruse at my own pace and that I would definitely have to buy something for all that trouble! :p

Yesterday Kelly and I set up some newspaper on the dining room table and began our relaxing painting session. It really was quite calming. Both the pink and gold I applied with a yellow triangular sponge, it came with this packet but isn't shown in the picture as I had already taken it out, but you get two of them. I found them to be the best tools for applying the paint rather than the paint brush. It went on smoother although still needed around 3-4 coats.

This was how the pink one looked after I had finished and let the paint dry! :)

And these are the final products. I already had some gold ribbon, also from Michaels, in my craft drawers so used that to make the bows. I attached them with a little adhesive so they would stay in place better and then wrapped another piece around that so that the gold would stand out more and you couldn't see the white adhesive. With a gold marker i drew on the hearts! :)  Hope you like them!

If you have any other craft ideas or other creative ways to decorate mason jars, I would love to read about them in the comments below! :)

A Christmas gift!
Just a little side note as I had mentioned above about the mason jar Christmas gifts I did last year and I wanted to share the idea. It was very simple to do and all the recipients loved them. Depending on who you are giving them to each one can be different, for example, my brother in laws sister likes makeup, so I collected a bunch of makeup that would fit in the jar and that I thought she would like, eyeliners, lip-glosses, nail varnish and eye shadows, things like that and I placed them all in the jar. I wrapped a red bow around it and decorated the lid with her name. It made for a simple but thoughtful and cute Christmas gift.
For friends, I got their favourite types of candy and chocolates and placed those inside the jar. I decorated with Christmas stickers and bows and again put their names on the top. I loved how sweet they all looked!
Why not have a go this year?! :) You can keep it simple or even try themes! I like to share English treats with my American family and friends so another one I put together was filled with English biscuits, tea bags and jams! :)

Now I'm thinking about Christmas! :p Happy crafting!

Love Lulu xx

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