Book review: 'Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm' by Jaimie Admans.

This was my first read from Jaimie Admans and oh my goodness...eeeek, is all I can say about that; while I load up my Kindle and bookshelf with the rest of her books!!!! Spoiler alert... I absolute-tree (I know, i'll work on my tree puns) bloody loved it. 

Book review: 'Problematic Love' by Lara Ward Cosio.

I am a massive fan of Lara Ward Cosio. I think she is amazing and that everyone needs to read her 'Rogue' series. I always miss the Rogue gang when away from them, so always get super excited to dive back in to whatever Lara has in stall for us next!

Stewed Apple and Mango with Natural Yoghurt.

We're interested to know if anyone likes, or has stewed apples? We've made them a lot over the years for our Nanna and Grandad and last year when we visited the Cotswolds, and had an apple tree outside, we adored being able to pick them fresh and whip up whatever appley goodness our hearts desired.