Book Review: His Countess For a Week by Sarah Mallory.

I've read a few books by Sarah Mallory now and always look forward to them. 'His Countess for a Week,' did not disappoint. 

Book Review: 'Only You' by Marie Landry

I came across Marie Landry over on Twitter through Jaimie Admans and I have to say she is absolutely wonderful. The writing community on Twitter is rather fabulous and Marie is one of those incredible people who always lifts others up, shares the book love and takes the most magical book photos. I looked into her books and knew I had to add them to my TBR pile. I decided on reading 'Only You' first because it just sounded so was...

Book Review: Casting Samson by Melinda Hammond.

I liked the sound of this book by Melinda Hammond because it mixes history with modern day. I enjoyed delving into the past and seeing how it affected the present.