Book Review: Rescued By Her Highland Soldier by Sarah Mallory.


A lovely, easy going read to enjoy outside in the sunshine!! Thank you Sarah Mallory for sending me a copy of 'Rescued by Her Highland Soldier.'

Book Review: Do Your Best Every Day to Do Your Best Every Day by John Cena.

We are huge fans of John Cena's first picture book, the Elbow Grease series, and have to admit we were so excited finding out that he was delving into the book world. The kids at school LOVE the stories of Elbow Grease and his brothers, so much so that we've read them over and over...and over again! So, when John Cena announced new books, we didn't hesitate to pick them up!

'The Little Barn of Dreams' Cover Reveal.


I think I probably said this last time for 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' but I can't quite believe that I am getting to say it again. Today I get to bring you the cover for my fifth book 'The Little Barn of Dreams' and I feel utterly blessed, grateful, excited, nervous and everything in between.