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We love to share with you on our blog, what we are reading, as well as our favourite books and what we think you would like too! We won't write negative reviews as quite simply, we do not have time for negativity and would much rather share positive thoughts and opinions with you! If you are an author who would like us to review one of your books you can find us on social media or email us at We love reading modern day and historical romance and chick lit. We will try and have reviews up as soon as possible but with our ever growing book lists, reviews may take 2 - 3 weeks!

All the products we mention on our site, affiliated or not, are things that we use on a daily basis! We will never share anything with you that we haven't bought or used ourselves. As mentioned above, there will be no negative comments on products as we wouldn't share them with you if we didn't like them.We believe in spreading positivity through our words and just because we may not like something, that doesn't mean you won't too.

Our aim with our blog and what we love about it most is to share with you stories, recipes, fitness goals, books and products that make us happy and that we enjoy, in the hope that you can laugh, smile and enjoy them too! :)

Thank you and have a beautiful day!

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