About us!

About the Authors.

We are Lucy and Kelly, aka The Blossom Twins.

Why The Blossom Twins?

The Blossom Twins name was born back in 2007, when we were figuring out who we were going to be in the world of professional wrestling. Our trainer thought 'Blossom' was perfect because it sounded happy and cute. Twelve years later and after a wrestling career that saw us appear on Sky One's A League of Their Own, taking part in TNA's British Boot Camp and being a part of the main roster at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville KY, the name stuck. We like it.

We were born in Stockport, England but have spent the last 8 years in the States, because of wrestling. We recently returned home to good ol' Stockport and couldn't be happier.

Family is everything to us, books are a close second and there is not a minute that goes by where we are not thinking about food. That would be the Italian in us.

About the blog.

I (Lucy) started this blog back in 2013 as a means of somewhere to write. I had a passion for writing and decided it was time to have a little confidence in myself and just go for it. I haven't stopped writing since, be it blog posts or stories. I love nothing more than sitting at my desk with my laptop or a pen and paper and getting lost in the creative writing process.

Kelly officially joined the blog in 2015. As we started to learn more about the blogging world and the more we enjoyed reading other blogs, we felt inspired and ideas started to flow. So, with two of us at the wheel, the blog grew and we started posting more regularly.

This blog is for the hungry. Those that are hungry for life, adventure, reaching goals, sharing their passions and of course, for food.

We hope you enjoy your time here.

Email: teamblossom@hotmail.com       Twitter: @theblossomtwins



  1. Hi I am doing a wall of fame board in my school in Stockport and I need to know what primary school and secondary schools you and your sister went to if you could answer it would really help x

    1. Hi! We went to St Winifreds Primary school and Priestnall High school! :) xx

  2. Thanks you I go Priestnall as well x

  3. Thanks you I go Priestnall as well x

  4. Loved reading this to get to know you better and had no idea you had a twin! That is so cool!!
    Nothing wrong with being a positive lovely person and I look forward to reading through your posts.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Hey Danielle, aww thank you so much for coming to check out my blog, that's very sweet of you! :) I have loved reading yours, it's such an enjoyable read. :) Aww thank you, yes Kelly is pretty awesome, I'm very lucky!
      Best wishes to you too and keep smiling and sharing the positivity! :) xx

  5. Your revised "About" page is nicely done and succinctly shows what you are all about. Congrats on a good job both on this and on your blog itself. And thanks for some great Italian recipes.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out and for the lovely comments! :) We're glad you like the recipes, they are our favourite and we really enjoy sharing them! :)

      Lucy and Kelly