About us!

Hi there and welcome to theblossomtwins.com. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read our blog. Below we thought we would introduce ourselves so you can better understand what you will find here on our little corner of the internet! :) Our hope is to encourage, inspire and motivate you to always dream big and keep smiling!

Yes, this is us. Kelly on the left, Lucy on the right. And no you are not seeing double...we are twins! Oh and this isn't our every day attire either, before you think us odd... we were Professional Wrestlers for 9 years, and if we are honest we always will be Professional Wrestlers at heart! Now though, we are taking a break from the squared circle to focus on our love of writing, as well as many other things you will read about here on the blog.

We may be twins, we may have followed in each other's footsteps for the past 28 years, we may have the same qualifications and we may both have a husband called Chris, but we promise you we have our differences. More often that not when you see a Fitness post, it will be Lucy sharing the latest in the world of protein shakes and macros. For anything bookish and nerdy, you can count on Kelly!
Before we leave you to have a nosy round our blog, (which we hope you do) here's a little more information. We are one half British, hailing from Stockport England and one half Italian, our Mum's family being from the beautiful Amalfi coast. but we live in Clearwater Florida. We are proud Brits, obsess over anything Italian and are making the most of life in the sunshine state! :)

Please do say hello via social media or in the comment sections of this blog. We love chatting and getting to know people and really do hope this blog brings you a positive thought each day. 

Lots of Love

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  1. Hi I am doing a wall of fame board in my school in Stockport and I need to know what primary school and secondary schools you and your sister went to if you could answer it would really help x

    1. Hi! We went to St Winifreds Primary school and Priestnall High school! :) xx

  2. Thanks you I go Priestnall as well x

  3. Thanks you I go Priestnall as well x

  4. Loved reading this to get to know you better and had no idea you had a twin! That is so cool!!
    Nothing wrong with being a positive lovely person and I look forward to reading through your posts.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Hey Danielle, aww thank you so much for coming to check out my blog, that's very sweet of you! :) I have loved reading yours, it's such an enjoyable read. :) Aww thank you, yes Kelly is pretty awesome, I'm very lucky!
      Best wishes to you too and keep smiling and sharing the positivity! :) xx