Inside the mind of a writer.

I absolutely adore tucking myself away in my office or curling up on my couch to write the day away. It's my favourite thing. Often times when i'm writing the thoughts that go through my head amuse me and on occasion they drive me mad.

Book Review: A Christmas Date by Camilla Isley.

It's been a while since I had a review for you. I feel like I am forever saying that, but I promise I am working my way through my TBR pile and have lots of amazing books to share with you in the coming weeks. This week it's all about 'A Christmas Date.' Who else is starting to get just a little bit excited about Christmas?

Mangia: Polpette. (Meatballs)


One of the very first things we made entirely on our own, in our own kitchens, 4000 miles away from home, at twenty one years of age, was Meatballs. Yes, our Grandad trained us well.

Meet the men from 'How To Bake A New Beginning.'

My debut novel; 'How to Bake a New Beginning' is officially out and it still feels very surreal. I've had plenty of nerves fluttering around in my stomach for the past few months hoping you all will enjoy it. But there has been a ton of excitement to as I anticipate each reader meeting the characters I love. Over the past few years I have definitely built a little bond with Amanda, Sabrina and Louisa and I don't think a day has gone by where I don't think of something they are up to or what they should be doing next; hence my need for always carrying a notebook around, stay tuned. I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting their worlds and feel a huge sense of contentment when I disappear in them.

Book Review: Coming Home To Maple Cottage by Holly Martin.


There is something very reassuring about picking up a book by Holly Martin. Anything and everything could be happening in the real world, but you know that when you dive into her stories, that you will be able to escape to a beautiful Island, Town or Village, catch up with old friends and melt in the arms of a dashing farmer, art sculpture or firework technician! Holly brings to life small town charm and the magic of falling in love effortlessly.

Book Review: The Makings of a Lady by Catherine Tinley.

Release Date: 4th October 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @catherinetinley

Today is my day on Catherine Tinely's blog tour and I couldn't be more excited. If I had to use one word to describe The Makings of A Lady, I would say Adventure! It's a one wild adventure from start to finish - I was constantly on the edge of my seat!