'How to Bake a New Beginning' Travel Guide!

I had so much fun introducing you to my leading ladies from 'How to Bake a New Beginning' last week in my look book. So, today I thought I would bring you into Amanda, Sabrina and Louisa's worlds a little more by taking a look at the destinations you will be travelling to upon publication day.


The place the girls grew up, and ultimately the home for 'How to Bake a New Beginning,' kind of just happened naturally. I didn't really plan this bit. As I was writing Manchester just fell into place. I was living in America at the time so I think a bit of my home sickness must have seeped into my brain and my love of my hometown became a part of my book. 

San Francisco

This is where my book does indeed meet a part of my reality. If you follow our blog you will probably know by now how obsessed I am with San Francisco. It is at the top of my bucket list. From day one of writing my story, I knew two of my characters would meet here and so would begin their friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed researching different parts of San Francisco for 'How to Bake a New Beginning' and I definitely kept all my notes so I know where to go when I eventually do visit. San Francisco holds a special place in Amanda's heart and it always makes me smile writing about her time there. 


When writing a romance story filled with love, passion, family and food, there really was never going to be another backdrop for me. There is no place on earth like Italy for all of the above. Furthermore, I could whisk my girls off to Italy and let the words flow on to the page without having to stop, prepare and do too much research. Italy is a huge part of me. The traditions, the family values, the roads, the shops, it was all very much in my head and my heart and I absolutely loved putting it on paper and creating my own little Italian town. 

Los Angeles

We visit LA in snippets of this story as this is where Sabrina works. She's in the music business and this for me felt like the perfect place for glamour with that mix of 'everyone's trying to make it in LA' struggles. I've been fortunate to have visited LA on two occasions and I loved it both times. It was a place I could see Sabrina somewhat fitting in, exploring and appreciating the beauty, say walking around Santa Monica, while also feeling quite alone and far from home with it just being so big.

I hope you're enjoying these sneak peeks in to 'How to Bake a New Beginning.' Which place are you most excited to visit?

'How to Bake a New Beginning' is available for pre-order over on Amazon now! :)

Have a wonderful day.
Nothing but love


  1. Great post! I love travelling by book! So looking forward to reading this. Love Daisy x

    1. Aww thank you so much for reading Daisy! So excited and nervous for you to read it! I'm currently nearing the end of 'The Summer House of Happiness' and am loving it! :) Lucy xx

  2. I love that it doesn't take place in just one location - it means a lot of fun is going to be had with the characters! I am getting so excited to get my copy next month Lucy! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. You are the best Tania, thank you so much!! I really hope you will love visiting each of the destinations! :) xxx

  3. I love all of these locations, Lucy!!! I can tell already I am going to love your book! And when you do take a trip to San Francisco, if I'm still nearby, I'd love to be your tour guide!!!!

    1. Aww thank you so much, that means the world!! Oh wow, that would be amazing, thank you!!! <3 xx


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