72 Hours in Pisa.

Earlier this week, we took a trip to Pisa, Italy. It was our first holiday to Italy that didn't involve going to see family and/or having someone with us who could speak the language, thus meaning I was slightly nervous. Silly right, considering it's a place frequented by tourists and most people there speak English? I don't know, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself regarding the fact that with Nanna and Grandad being Italian, I feel like I should be fluent! I'll get there...piano, piano! (Slowly, slowly)

Anyway, we had a great trip, I even practiced my Italian, like actually said things to people and was very proud of myself. They may have just been little things, but it made me happy that I was able to jump out of my comfort zone and at least try. Italians are very sweet when you try! :) 

I took so many pictures, which means I have a tonne of scrap-booking to do - I haven't even printed out my last trip to Italy yet! I've picked some fun ones to share with you! Hope you like them!


I love Italian streets, they have so many places to get lost in and they all look so pretty. I could walk them for hours!

It was quite surreal seeing The Leaning Tower of Pisa up close, after reading about it for years. My Chris and I went early in the day and were literally following the tourists, until we turned a corner and there it was. I took Lucy later on, feeling like a local, knowing exactly how to get there after only going once. It was really cool!

So, after seeing countless people sharing pictures on Instagram of afternoon Aperol Spritz's, I knew I couldn't end our trip without having tried one. No-one ever mentioned the fact that it's bitter!!! I'm a sweet kind of person when it comes to drinks, so I really had to try my best to not waste this. Little sips of it at a time weren't bad, but it's definitely an acquired taste!

On our second full day in Italy, we went to Lucca, a city in the region of Tuscany. Everyone had recommended it, from the taxi drivers, to the wrestlers Chris met at training. We hopped on the train, something we got used to and something I was proud of myself for (little things I know) and spent the morning walking around, looking at the Cathedrals and peaking inside the ceramic shops - I LOVE them! Give me anything with Lemons on!

This beautiful Piazza is called Anfiteatro, because the way the shops and restaurants are built, it looks like an Amphitheater. It was absolutely stunning, like nothing I've seen before! 

We found a cute restaurant inside the Anfiteatro and I kept pinching myself as we sat there, because having Chris with me in Italy was so nice. I've talked about taking him to Italy for pretty much the whole nine years we've been together, so I didn't take any moment for granted. Plus, I had simple Spaghetti Pomodoro, which taste like Nanna and Grandads - it was delicious. I also tried a different Italian drink called Chinotto, it's like an Italian coca cola and although slightly bitter, not as bitter as the Aperol Spritz! 

On our last night in Pisa, Chris's wrestling friends took us out for Pizza. I, again, got to practice a little of my Italian because most of them didn't speak English. It was a night that I so wish I could have come home to tell Grandad about. We were in Italy, Chris got a 'man's steak' and we were eating with our new Italian friends. He would have been so happy! :) We also had loads of Proscuitto to start accompanied by Pasta Fritta - has anyone tried these? I keep forgetting, when I see them on a menu, that Grandad used to make them when we were kids. I'm pretty sure it's just fried dough, but the taste is heavenly! It was a great night! 

Chris and I absolutely loved keeping our balcony doors open to let in fresh air and to also listen to the Italian chit chat coming from down below. Our hotel was right near the train station and also just a 20-25 minute walk from The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It had mixed reviews online, but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It wasn't in the best part of town, as far as, walking around on your own at night, but it was clean, the people were really friendly and the breakfast was lovely! It was called Hotel Touring Pisa. 

Have you ever been to Pisa? What were your favourite things about it?

Buona Giornata!


  1. I loved reading about your Italy trip! Great job for practicing your Italian 😉 Italians are so kind why you try, aren't they? It really helps to make progress in the language with their support! How wonderful to have food that reminds you of your grandad ❤️ I'm sure he is always with you! Give the Spritz another shot next time you're in Padova or Veneto. Out of its region of origin I find it doesn't taste right and is more expense too! For example, in Veneto (Besides Venice) it should only be 2-3 Euros, but in Florence it was 10! The bitterness & sweetness should be balanced, but that might just be me because I love strong black coffee! 😆 Such a fun post to read, and hope you ladies get back to Italia soon! ❤️

    1. Thank you Kelly. They really are. If I said something, I could always ask them if it was right or they would just say it in English to confirm. I'm really happy that I did it, although I still have a long way to go for a proper conversation. Oh wow, I'll definitely have to! That's really good to know, the lady in the other restaurant we went to said that you have to make it a certain way! Plus I paid 6 Euros!!! Thank you for telling me! Glad you liked the post! Hope you are enjoying Italy at the moment, we love seeing your stories on Instagram! :) We are hoping to go to Praiano in October! <3

  2. Amazing pics and it looks like you had an amazing time!! I'd love to visit Pisa looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely visit! It is really interesting and cool to be able to say you've been! :) xx

  3. I love Pisa so much! We visited Pisa and Lucca a few years ago - luckily my Dad is fluent, and my understanding of Italian isn't bad, but you're right - Pisa is so popular with tourists I never really got much chance to put my Italian to the test! Your photos are beautiful and I totally agree with you about Italian streets, they're just beautiful! Also, I'm totally with you, everyone raves about Aperol Spritzes but I just don't enjoy them, plus they're always SO expensive! Give me a glass of local wine any day!
    Hels xx

    1. I love that your Dad is fluent! Maybe it's because my learning is so slow that I just love when people are good at languages! :p Thank you, glad you like the photos, yours looked stunning too! We have to put Sicily on our list! :) Haha right!? Me and Luc are better at the Amaretto or Limoncello after dinner! Little sips of something sweet! :) xx

  4. Beautiful pictures and the weather looked lovely! I've never been to Italy at all, but would love to go one day. And well done for going out of the comfort zone and trying some Italian out :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Thank you Tania! The weather was great, we were very lucky! You must. It's a wonderful place and you will love it! <3 Thank you! :) xx


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