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Last Saturday, for the first time in thirty years, I experienced a long haul flight all on my lonesome. Between the trying my best to not look like a lost puppy in the airport without Kelly by my side and my realization of the fact that Kelly is the organized twin, usually leads the way and actually reads signs and fine print, I managed not to forget anything, have a rather pleasant journey and make it to Florida in one piece. #Winning

An Interview with Author Jenni Fletcher.


It's been a little while since we've had any author interviews here on our blog and quite frankly we've missed them. We've read so many great books lately, by so many wonderful authors, that we felt inspired to once again get asking them questions - which they have so kindly answered. First up is Jenni Fletcher, who's new book just so happens to be our book of the month and for good reason. Jenni is brilliant! We hope you enjoy our interview with her...

Book Review: The Holiday Cottage by the Sea by Holly Martin.

Release Date: 12th April 2018
Publisher: Bookouture
Twitter: @HollyMAuthor 

I feel like I say this every time I write a review for Holly Martin’s latest book, but that’s only because it has to be said; she out does herself every time and her books just get better and better. People call her the queen of romance and I have to say, they would be right. She writes feel good romantic comedies flawlessly and they are not to be missed.

Harry Styles Live on Tour!

Harry styles,

We currently wish we were sat in the Manchester Arena awaiting Harry Styles to hit the stage all over again, because WOW, just WOW! Monday night we had such an incredible time getting to see him on Tour. He was bloody brilliant and we didn't want the night to end. In sharing with you some pictures from our fabulous night, we thought we would highlight one of the many reasons we adore this man.

Little things.


We've written a few posts in the past about little things that make us happy, or how it's the small things that take up the most room in our hearts, and we still very much believe this to be true. Since moving back home there isn't a day that goes by where we don't feel grateful for what we have in our lives. We love being back in the U.K. Here's why...

Book Review: The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. PLUS a HUGE giveaway!


Release Date: 23rd April 2015
Publisher: Pan
Twitter: @lucindariley

Oh my goodness!!! I am currently sat here wondering why it ever took me so long to listen to my Mum and sister Jen and read this book! There was a reason they kept going on about it... it's blooming fantastic!!! 

Dolce Vita Bloggers: Our Perfect Day in Italy.

Welcome to April's Dolce Vita Bloggers post! We are loving these topics from Kelly, Jasmine and Kristie! They are so much fun to write. So, let's dive in to this months post...

Book Review: Captain Amberton's Inherited Bride by Jenni Fletcher.

Release Date: 22nd March 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @jennifletcher

It's Good Friday, I've just finished reading this gorgeous book and it's put me in an even better mood than having four days off work had me in already! Oh how I loved this book! Jenni Fletcher, you genius you. You get me hook line and sinker every time! That last line....I'm waiting!!!!! :D 

Happy Easter/ Buona Pasqua!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a super start to Spring! Even though we woke up to drizzle today we have been making the most of the sunshine peaking through the clouds, both at work and in our gardens, over the last few days. It's hopefully giving us a taste of a good old British Summer to come, which we haven't experienced in a long time and cannot wait for.

Book Review: The Sister Swap by Fiona Collins.


Release Date: 1st June 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @fionajanebooks

With a busy work schedule, I don't get as much time to read as I used to, which means when I do pick up a book lately, I want it to transport me to another place and take my mind off the real world for a while. You know that feeling of just sinking into your pillow in utter relaxation mode? Well, that's exactly what I got this past week while reading this new delight from Fiona Collins. 

Book Review: The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley.

The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley! 

Today's book review is coming to you from the mouths of our Mum and sister Jen. Why? Because after months of hearing them talk nonstop about Lucinda Riley, I felt like I had to share their thoughts. I am yet to read the books, but I have promised I will do soon - I'm certain I won't hear the end of it until I do! 

Everyone should do this...

In our line of work it is mandatory that we go on first aid courses. We learnt all about recovery positions and R.I.C.E back in college and completed exams online in America to refresh our knowledge. Having been a little out of the childcare loop for the past few years here in the UK, we were certainly due some training. So, the past two Wednesday's we finished work at five and headed straight to a three hour session with Manchester First Aid Training.

Book Review: The Ton's Most Notorious Rake by Sarah Mallory.


Release Date: 22nd February 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon Historical
Twitter:  @sarahmromance

May I just say that I read this whole book on my kindle and didn't see the cover till the end, and what a cover it is! He's a bit dreamy don't you think? Am I right or am I right? Plus, he fits perfectly in my mind for Beau Russington. Beau is very much a heartthrob in 'The Ton's Most Notorious Rake,' and I really enjoyed his presence in this story...

Take me back to...

Do you ever find yourself day dreaming about another time, another era? We often do. We've grown up listening to the classics like Motown and driving around in car's from the 1950's and 60's. We've read books that transport us to historical times and times when the world was vastly different. Occasionally we find ourselves thinking about what it would be like to experience going back in time. And today we thought we'd share which era we would wish to go.

Book Review: Jack Kerouac recommendations.

Jack Kerouac Collection.

In this weeks upcoming post Kelly and I will be talking a little bit about era's gone by and how, for me especially, we feel a connection to certain times and wish we could go back and experience them. 

Book Review: The Wedding That Changed Everything by Jennifer Joyce.

Release Date: 7th February 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital 
Twitter: @writer_jenn

Getting into bed after a long day. That first sip of coffee in the morning. Hot water bottles at the end of the bed. Feeling satisfied and full after a delicious meal. These are all wonderful feelings of contentment and happiness. Moments when all is right with the world. I think that reading a book by one of my favourite authors fits perfectly into this category too. It just makes me say "ahhh," and relax.

Dolce Vita Bloggers: Inspirational Women.

This month's Dolce Vita Bloggers topic is Inspirational Women. Fortunately for us, we don't have to look very far to find them. There are numerous strong and incredible Italian women in our family, who we think about and look upto daily. There are also women we have come across through the powers of social media, who motivate us to go after our goals each day. Let's chat; Women who run the world...

Book review: The Best Little Christmas Shop by Maxine Morrey.

Release Date: 3rd November 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @Scribbler_Maxi

I feel like today's book recommendation comes at just the right time. In this current winter wonderland snowy bliss that we find ourselves in, what could be more perfect than curling up in your favourite Pyjama's with a giant mug of tea or coffee and a festive, romantic, feel good read on your lap? 

Banana and Cinzano Muffins.

baking, banana muffins, food bloggers, italy,

Our favourite cake growing up was the one our Mum would make us for our birthday. She would make two, and write our names on each one with writing icing. They were the cutest things and we absolutely loved them. Want to know her secret ingredient?

Book Review: It Takes Two: Our Story by Jonathan and Drew Scott.


Release Date: 5th September 2017
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Twitter: @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott

Warning!!! This review is going to be built around positivity and me giving you a million (give or take) reasons why you should drop everything now and go and buy this book. You just have to trust me that you need to read it, and here's why:

Book Review: Lord Ravenscar's Inconvenient Betrothal by Lara Temple.

Release Date: 22nd February 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon Historical
Twitter: @laratemple1

If you invite me on a blog tour that has the name Lara Temple in front of it, then chances are I am 110% going to jump on board. I have devoured every book of hers that I have read and just simply having one on my TBR pile alone makes me feel happy. It's just nice to know there's one there, you know?

Here's to 30!!

This past Sunday we turned the big 3-0! We still feel young at heart and firmly believe in the age old adage of 'you're only as old as you feel'. We're not too worried about the number 30 and what it should or shouldn't mean, and we tried to brush off, quite quickly, any anxious thoughts about what we should, would or could have accomplished by this wonderful age, because, despite the hiccups and heartbreak along the way, life has treated us rather kindly.

What's on my TBR pile?


Since Christmas, my TBR pile has just kept growing and growing! So much so, that I feel like I need at least two weeks to just sit down and catch up. I have a few blog tours coming up, a few reviews to write and then there's the books I want to read because they caught my eye. So many books, so little time!!

Cara Italia.

Cara Italia,

Our love for you holds no bounds and has done since we were little girls. Is it your mouthwatering food, that is made with a only a handful of ingredients, yet tastes like there is magic in every bite? Is it your beautiful scenery, that takes our breath away and leaves us transfixed in the moment, just looking at the sea? Is it your people, who's passion and love surpasses all that we have been in contact with? Truth be told Italia, it is all of these things and more...

Book Review: The Secrets of Villa Rosso by Linn B. Halton.


Release Date: 5th October 2017
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Twitter: @LinnBHalton

This was another book that I saw on Netgalley and couldn't resist. Why? Because it's about Italy. I simply can't say no to Italian stories, especially if there is romance involved.

Book Review: 'Finding Rhythm' by Lara Ward Cosio.

Release date: October 8th 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 
Twitter: @laracosio

I currently just want to do a happy dance while holding this book in the air and waving it around, telling you to go and buy it...NOW!!

The kitchen is the heart of the home.


Coming from an Italian family, we obviously spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Grandad always used to say to us that "The kitchen is the heart of the home." We have to say, we agree wholeheartedly with him. We love nothing more that cooking with, and for, our family.

Portia MacIntosh, Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli, Cover Reveal!

So, this evening is rather exciting because we have another cover reveal to share with you. It just so happens to be for a brand new book from one of my favourite authors, Portia MacIntosh, which means it's extra special and fun!! It's completely different from her usual style, which adds to the excitement, as well as, my eagerness to read it!! Let's take a look...

Book Review: Falling For His Convenient Queen by Therese Beharrie. PLUS a Giveaway!


Release Date: 25th January 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon True Love
Twitter: @ThereseBeharrie

I'm back again with another delightful book from Therese Beharrie. This time it's the second book in the Royal Duet series, 'Falling For His Convenient Queen.' Once again, this duet is up for grabs, thanks to Therese, so make sure you read on to find out what question you need to answer, in the comments, for your chance to win. 

We miss you.

Some days are better than others. Some days all I want to do is cry and curl up in a ball. And some days I smile re-telling his jokes or anecdotes. There simply isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about my Grandad, not a minute or a second. On Thursday, 1st of February, he would have been 92 years old and so it's a little difficult to not get emotional.

Book review: The Little Perfume Shop off the Champs-Elysees by Rebecca Raisin.

Release Date: 30th March 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital UK
Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum

It feels like forever since I read the second book in this delightful Little Paris Collection series from Rebecca Raisin and it practically was - 2016! This is a gorgeous series, so I couldn't wait to jump back into it, and 'The Little Perfume Shop off the Champs-Elysees definitely didn't disappoint!!

Book Review: Head over Heel by Chris Harrison.

Release Date: 14th July 2016
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Twitter: @harrisonwriter

This past Christmas, my husband, Chris and I decided to get simple little presents for each other. Nothing fancy, as we'd just moved into our new house and both didn't feel like we 'needed' anything else. I took him to Nando's and got him a book and he bought me a new diary and this book. Chris, is now back in America until we can sort out his UK visa and for the past week I have been showing him the book on face-time as I thank him profusely for getting it for me... 

Nanna's Trifle!

This trifle makes us smile. Now, we know you might be thinking 'well, doesn't all food make you two smile?' and while yes, you would be correct, this trifle has that extra dose of smiling dust. Reason being, our Grandad really loved this dish and our Nanna would make it because of this, always saying, "Grandad likes the Trifle." Furthermore, we love that it's Nanna's little concoction and a mix of British and Italian.

Samantha Tonge 'One Summer in Rome' cover reveal!


This was a last minute cover reveal. I got an email from Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources just yesterday and at first I was worried that with work, I wouldn't get chance to organize getting it ready and that it would be a problem because I'd be publishing this post so late. However, when the email came through and I saw the cover for this book, it was a no brainer! I had to help share it. It's perfect...

Book review: Christmas at The Dancing Duck by Daisy James.

Release Date: 23rd October 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @daisyjamesbooks

Ok, so please forgive me that Christmas has been and gone and I am just getting round to writing a review of this delightful Christmassy read, but I have to say that this book is still one you can pick up today and thoroughly enjoy. And hey, it's fine if it makes you want to start the Christmas countdown a little whole lot early, there's nothing like a little Christmas spirit. 

Style inspiration.

harry styles-fashion-inspiration

One of my goals for 2018 is to be more bold with my fashion choices. Come to think of it, I feel like this has been a goal of mine for the past few years. I love fashion, but be it money, insecurities, or  laziness, I often just keep it simple and throw my visions to the wayside.

Book review: Perfect Match by Zoe May.

Release date: 12th January 2018
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @zoe_writes

A lot of the time, my TBR pile consists of books that authors have sent me or blog tours I have been invited on. This makes me feel so lucky and grateful, but also means i'm usually prioritising those books over any other books I may just like the look of. There's also the added factor of there being so many cute books out there that there just isn't time to read every single one of them. 

Book review: Love, Life and Dreams by Rebekah Louise.

Release Date: 24th May 2017
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Twitter: @RebekahBe4

I have to admit that at the moment I don't usually stray away from my favourite Authors. Furthermore, in all honesty, lately I have been struggling to find time to sit down and read, so when Rebekah Louise got in touch telling me about her short stories and how they were great for those with limited time, I thought it was the perfect chance for me to delve into a new Author and get a bit of reading in too. 

America in numbers.

When we look back on all the adventures and experiences we had while in America, we do feel very fortunate. We left home at twenty one, made a new group of friends who turned into family and very much grew up and out of our comfort zone when we landed in the US of A. Today we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane in numbers...

Book Review: The Captain's Disgraced Lady by Catherine Tinley.

Release Date: 28th December 2017
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @CatherineTinley

In my quest to read all books by the ladies in The Unlaced Ladies book-club, I was so happy to be asked to be a part of the blog tour for this lovely book by Catherine Tinley. I just adore regency/historical/medieval romance and the nine admin ladies in this club just keep spoiling me with them! Aren't I a very lucky girl indeed!?

Book Review: A Warriner to Tempt Her by Virginia Heath.

Release Date: 25th January 2018.
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Twitter: @VirginiaHeath_

After finishing 'A Warriner to Tempt Her,' I have to say that I'm scared, why? Because that means there is only one Warriner brother left to read about, which makes me both excited and sad. What will I do without my Wild Warriners once this series is over?

Our favourite place in Italy!

"Nooooooo, Mummy we don't want to get in!!" We screamed, again and again. We were stood in our knickers, on the sandy shores of Positano beach and were quite content playing in the sand. We clearly had absolutely no desire whatsoever to get into a little wooden boat that would take us into the crystal clear, electric blue scary, dangerous sea! After sunning ourselves on the beach, frolicking around in our underwear, for a while longer, it was time to head back to our Grandad's apartment in Sorrento. (We think we won the war with the boat and did not step foot in it.) With it's white washed walls, and white marble floors - the apartment was perfect for two four year olds and one two year old to tuck into plates of Nanna and Grandad's delicious spaghetti with tomato sauce, without a care in the world! 

Book Review: United By Their Royal Baby by Therese Beharrie. PLUS Giveaway!


Release Date: 28th December 2018
Publisher: Mills and Boon Cherish
Twitter: @theresebeharrie

Happy New Year Everybody!!! Hope you all had a happy and safe one and are looking forward to 2018! 

I'm kicking off the New Year with Therese Beharrie and the first book in her Royal Duet series. I actually read this book last November, when I had a really good book week before starting a new job. I read it in a day and a half! Therese mentioned that I may have been the very first person to finish it, which I felt quite honoured and proud of. I never take for granted how nerve wracking it must be for authors, sending their little book babies into the world, so it always means a lot when they trust me with them. Thank you Therese!

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