Thinking about tattoos!!

Last week I touched on the fact that I had been thinking lots about getting a tattoo. I got tons of feedback on Twitter, Facebook and in our blog comments about pain thresholds and what tattoos you guys have got. It's been so much fun chatting about them that I thought I would write a blog post and share my own tattoo ideas. In addition, I would love to encourage you to share what tattoos you have and any blog posts you may have done to show yours.

I first wanted to get a tattoo back when I was around sixteen years old and Good Charlotte came in to my life. Kelly and I would spend time designing tattoos based on their album covers, most notably The Chronicles of Life and Death, when they had the life and death fairies. I drew the fairies and told my Mum and Dad that I would be getting them to cover my forearms, one on each side, and I can't say that they were thrilled with the idea. Kelly and I were so random when we were younger, bouncing around from one thing to the next, that I think they feared we would later regret getting such huge tattoo's to start us off. However, looking at the fairies now, I still think they are so cool and pretty and an awesome tattoo idea. And, Good Charlotte still Rock!

If you have tattoo's, what do your parents think? Do your parents have tattoos?

Picture from Pinterest.

A few years after my wanting the Good Charlotte fairies I moved onto the idea of getting flowers flowing down my side. We had a friend who was/is a tattoo artist and I loved the flowers that he drew and thought they would look so pretty. I want to say that was a very popular design when I was eighteen/nineteen too, as when I would research and look tattoos up, that always popped up. I still think this is a gorgeous tattoo idea, though I've heard that down your ribs and side can be pretty painful, so it might not be for me. Seriously, I feel like I have quite a high pain threshold thanks to wrestling, but the minute I see a needle I freak out, I can't explain it either. What was your most painful tattoo?

I've always had thoughts of getting a tattoo in the back of my mind, but over the past couple of years, since the flowers, I haven't had a specific idea in my head. In addition, I couldn't really make up my mind as to what I wanted or where I would want to get it. Recently though, I've been getting the tattoo itch again. Even before Fedez and Chiara entered my life, I'm obsessed and I love their tattoo's, Chris and I would discuss tattoos with each other. You see, Chris is on his third wedding band and I'm forever taking mine off when I get home, and often forget to put it back on, so we've chatted about the possibility of getting tattoos on our ring fingers. There are some really cute designs out there that you can see over on our Pinterest. I really like the 'I do' and 'love' ones.

Moreover, and one of the biggest reasons I have thought about getting a tattoo again, is my Grandad. My Grandad was my everything and still is. He taught me so much and never stopped imparting wisdom and advice on everyone he met. His passion for his family was unparalleled by anyone I have ever met and I miss him every second of every day. There are so many quotes I have from him, so many notes and letters and conversations I had that I carry with me, but I think the idea of being able to look down and read it every day makes me feel that much more comforted. Plus, with his cards I have his handwriting and I very much like the idea of having his handwriting where I can always see it. And so, I have been thinking of simply getting his writing on my forearm, just a small tattoo but something that holds so much meaning for me.

Do you have tattoos that hold a deep meaning or can a piece of art simply inspire you to get one, a look, a design or a picture?

*This post was supposed to go up this morning but I had a mad search for my flower and Good Charlotte fairy drawings and can't find them anywhere, so I have just used Pinterest to share the examples. You can follow me on Pinterest to see what other ideas I am loving.

Hope you've all had a great day!


  1. I'm not keen on tattoos, but I'm not against em. Having said that I cringe when its something scary or silly. Ha!! When it means something to the person I suppose its okay.

    1. Aww haha, I'm not big on scary things. I love it when tattoos mean something though too! :) Thank you for reading. Lucy xx

  2. I have always wanted to get a tattoo, I actually uploaded ideas on my personal Facebook account and an old friend decided to go for the one that I had chosen, so I ended up never getting it haha! Definitely still considering getting something smaller x

    1. Aww no, that's ashame, sorry about that. Maybe that one wasn't meant to be. Do you have ideas on pinterest? I'd love to follow you and see what small ones you like. I've been pinning a bunch today that are so pretty! :) Lucy xx


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