Foodies at Sea!

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Oh my goodness, where to start! You knew this post was coming, didn't you? Oh how excited we were when we were told we would be getting three course meals every night, that ice cream and pizza were available 24 hours and that there were restaurants a plenty on board our Carnival Magic Cruise ship. We were salivating just thinking about the possibilities.

Breakfast was amazing! They had an omelette station and two buffets full of scrumptious pastries, colourful cereals - the cute little mini box ones that make you just want to eat cereal - fruits, meats, french toast, pancakes, basically all the yummy breakfast foods you can think of, they had it. It was such a thrill every morning to walk up our eight flights of stairs and find the rich smell of bacon and syrup in the air. We would get so excited going through the buffet line and loading up our plates. It's just not the same being home and wondering where our ten different pastry options has got to.

Still hungry after breakfast? Not to worry, as throughout the day you could dig into cookies and cakes galore. In addition, Carnival Magic had lunch stations open from 12 to 3, such as the deli, where you could get smoked salmon bagels and turkey wraps and also Tandoor, where you could indulge in Naan bread and Indian cuisine. One day they even had a chocolate station, yes, a whole station dedicated to chocolaty treats! We didn't actually devour too much of the cakes, we just sampled one or two things because we had to be mindful and save ourselves for the evening meal.

The aforementioned 24/7 Pizza station was the bomb and we couldn't resist a slice, even if we weren't terribly hungry. This prosciutto and arugula pizza was out favourite, it was so light and crispy and flavourful. Plus, we loved watching the men make it right in front of us. Furthermore, the flour they used was from Napoli - winning! We see you Pizza place, you're doing it right.

Before we boarded this delightful Carnival Cruise we both uttered these words to our husbands: "We might not eat at the dining room every night, we may just fancy a pizza or trying something else on certain nights." Oh how we laugh now. After the first night in the dining room we couldn't believe our luck, the food was out of this world and the choice was unbelievable. We got to sit at the same table every night and enjoy a three course meal, fit for a Queen. Then on night two we were told that we could order more than one dish from each course, if we wished. Like we could possibly pass that up!! You bet we went there every evening and squealed with glee at the new menu every night. It was fantastic, we most certainly ate our words.

We're not going to lie, just writing this and looking at the pictures, we both just shed a single tear. We would jump back on board that ship, sea sickness be damned, in a heart beat just to experience the dining room and incredible three course meal again. This cherry pie was beyond fabulous and my (Lucy) Chris ate this molten chocolate pudding three nights in a row, it was seriously that tasty, rich, chocolaty and heaven sent. Their apple pie and vanilla creme brulee were out of this world too. We don't even have a picture for the creme brulee as we dove straight in. We both had one each and after every bite said "I don't think I can eat it all," it was creamy, very sweet and again rich, and yes, yes we both ate it all.

What has been your favourite meal from a vacation you have been on?

Happy drooling!


  1. The food alone makes me want to go on a cruise! X

    1. That's pretty much what sold it for us...and the family time of course! ;) xx

  2. Oh my goodness, that food looked amazing, I've never been on a cruise ship but I would love to go. Also, I love your t-shirts! So funny Xx

    Dash Xx | Mode Lily

    1. The food alone makes it worth it. Lots to choose from and it was delicious. Haha thank you! :) xx

  3. Can I just say that the pizza you have there looks amazing!

    1. It was soooo good! All made fresh, right in front of us! :)


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