Scrapbooking with Printiki!

We have been avid scrapbookers since we started wrestling back in 2003. When we started going on the road, having adventures with our friends and hanging out more, we couldn't resist getting the camera out and capturing all the fun moments. Looking back we are beyond happy that we did. We each have around twenty scrapbooks...and counting, and looking through them brings us so much joy.

When Printiki got in touch with us to offer us thirty free prints and to check out their site, to say we were excited would be an understatement. We were thrilled, especially when we saw their cute Polaroid style pictures and because the timing was ideal... you know we had a bunch of pictures waiting to be printed. We always have pictures that need to be printed.

We are very big on having family photos around the house, in addition to filling up our scrapbooks with them. We also like to have pictures of our inspirations pinned above our desks, in order to remind us of our goals and just give us that extra confidence and motivation boost each day. These polaroid pictures are perfect. They are simply darling and the quality is awesome. Being the scrapbookers we are, we have certainly learnt a thing or two over the years about picture quality when it comes to paper, photo paper and matt and glossy finishes. Printiki is on point.

Furthermore, our creative juices started flowing when we looked at their website too. It was super easy to use and there are so many fun choices. From their retro style polaroid's to vintage style squares, to posters, borders, collages and different size regular prints, we felt inspired. Our favourite bit was actually getting to write underneath the pictures. We thoroughly enjoyed coming up with the little captions. In addition, it's rather helpful if you end up scrapbooking at a late date. You can add dates or quotes to your polaroid's and that way you don't forget them when it comes to sticking them in your book! :)

We had a blast choosing our photos and love how cute they turned out. They add such a cool element to our scrapbooks and also make for awesome, pretty d├ęcor. We can't recommend or thank Printiki enough. We will definitely be using them again.

Be sure to check out for more!

Happy scrapbooking.

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