Our earliest memories of coffee are sleeping over at our Nanna and Grandad's house, Grandad waking us up in the morning with a tray of milky cold coffee in a glass and a delicious kit kat to accompany it. It was our pre breakfast, if you will, before we went downstairs and had a scrumptious feast of roasted cherry tomato's, toast, eggs and bacon. We're grinning from ear to ear just thinking about those days! It's safe to say, our love for coffee has grown since then. We are coffee lovers through and through.

Coffee for us, as shown above, means family, story time, sitting by the fire with plenty of biscotti within arms reach and early mornings writing, blogging and preparing for the day. It's a simple pleasure, one that we enjoy very much. In addition, the flavours of each unique coffee brand are not lost on us and of course, we have our favourites. That is what we wanted to divulge with you today.

Our mornings always start with us filling up the kettle, adding a generous spoon of Nescafe Espresso and a spoonful of sugar to our Harry Potter mugs, and settling on the couch to enjoy each sip as we publish our blog post or book review for the day.

Early afternoon, depending on the day, will see Kelly and I getting back from work, getting back to the house after the gym or errands, or simply coming together after a morning working on our individual projects. We will put the kettle on and reach for our special tin of Lavazza.

We have been drinking Nescafe for years. At home in the UK we drink whatever coffee our Mum has in the coffee area by the kettle. We have had most blends of Nescafe, from light to dark roast, to the house blend and the classic. But when Mum picked up their fine instant Espresso, we were hooked. For us it is perfectly rich in flavor while not being too strong. It also has a very creamy texture and is smooth on the palette.

Lavazza, Italy's finest. We love to watch Nanna take the ground Lavazza out of the fridge, add hearty spoonful's into the bottom of the stove top espresso maker, place it on the stove and wait in excited anticipation to hear the sounds of the coffee gurgling to life. As kids, we would panic thinking it would all spill out and we would constantly burn our fingers lifting up the lid to see if it had reached the top. We love indulging in our Lavazza espresso's when at Nanna and Grandad's house. When heading back to the States, however, Mum surprised us when she found Instant Lavazza. (Yes, there was an abundance of squeals, we love our Mother) It is now our afternoon pick me up and our moment in the day to pause and appreciate all around us while daydreaming of Italy. Bold in flavor and extremely delicious, it's velvet texture goes hand in hand with a crunchy amaretto...or two.

Do you have a favourite coffee? Have you tried our favourites before?

Have a happy day!


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  2. I am a massive coffee fan!! Love the post and the memories as well xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading! :) You can't go wrong with a nice hot cup of coffee! :) xx

  3. I just love coffee, can't cope with instant coffee though, if it's the only thing on offer I'll have tea instead, like all flavours, the stronger the better!

    1. Ooh we love it when Nanna and Grandad make the really fresh espresso, that is delicious, but this one is really good too! :) Do you have the coffee pot rather than instant? :) xx


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