The best in Gym Wear!

With the gym having become somewhat of my second home in the past year, it's safe to say that I have become quite the fan of purchasing gym wear. I by no means have a huge collection, as once I get comfortable in something I like to get my wear out of it, but I do have a range of clothing from a few different brands. I've had most of these items for about a year now, so today I thought I would share with you what has stood the test of time against sweating, squatting and stretching.

Book Review: The Dandelion Years by Erica James.

Release Date: 18th June 2015.
Publisher: Orion 
Twitter: @theericajames

This is a prime example of why I love books so much!!! Oh to be able to fully explain the feelings I had whilst reading this book would be a dream, alas I shall try my best!

Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary at Hollywood Studios.

So tomorrow is my husband and I's four year wedding anniversary! We have had many adventures over the last seven and a half years together, which is one of the greatest things about being married to my best friend.

Book Review: One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot.

Release Date: 30th September 2015.
Publisher: Bookouture.
Twitter: @mandybaggot @bookouture

Okay let me see, I am going to start with a bit about the book, as if I start with my opinion I'm just going to keep going on and on about how much I loved 'One Wish in Manhattan,' and we'd never get to the story! 

Q & A with our amazing Mum.

Excuse us for a second while we get a bit mushy, but it's time to talk about our Mum. Mum is pretty much just THE best. She is without a doubt the most awesomest, sweetest, most thoughtful, funny, goofy, loving, wonderful, incredible women there is, and by golly, we thank our lucky stars for her every day.

Time for a chat: Maxine Morrey!

It is an absolute honor for us when we get to interview wonderful authors. Our author love list has been getting longer and longer over the past few years and we now have so many incredible people we look up to and admire. Last Christmas I couldn't wait to get curled up in bed and dive in to the book I was reading. I was grinning from ear to ear and my heart was filled with that warmth that bookworms get when reading something so enchanting. And it was all thanks to the lovely lady we have on the blog today, Maxine Morrey. Her delightful read 'The Christmas Project' made me so happy and getting to interview her was a joy. So, grab a cuppa and a biscuit or two because it's time for a chat with Maxine! :) Enjoy!

Book review: There's something about Cornwall, by Daisy James.

Release date: 8th March 2017
Twitter: @daisyjamesbooks
Publisher: HQ Digital.

OK, can someone please bring me a giant scone with clotted cream and jam and at least ten Cornish pasties, ooh and a fresh pot of tea? Really? Pretty please? Like stat? :p

12 Thoughts while watching Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast has always been our favourite Disney movie, (sharing the top spot with Tangled when that came along) We feel we simply related to Belle the most, with her love of books, and we adored that she was kind hearted and sweet. The moment we found out that Emma Watson was playing Belle in a live action movie was the moment we were ready to watch the movie, like right there and then. So needless to say, when it was released this past Friday we were the first in line. Today we share some of the thoughts swirling around our brains while watching the tale as old as time...

Book Review: Out of the Darkness by Katy Hogan.

Release Date: 6th July 2015.
Publisher: Illumine publishing.
Twitter: @katyhogan

Don't you just love it when you are pleasantly surprised? I have to admit, that was me with this book by Katy Hogan. I don't want to say that I thought I wouldn't get into it but upon reading the blurb, I wasn't sure it would be my cup of tea. What's that famous saying...oh yes, never judge a book by it's cover or in this case blurb, as I can happily tell you all, I absolutely loved it.

Welcome to Spring Tag.

Happy Spring Everyone!

So according to our calendars, Spring officially starts today. Woohoo! We love this time of year and would go as far as to say that Easter is our second favourite holiday after Christmas. We love the pretty colours, the weather, the flowers and of course the Easter Eggs. We also love that Easter makes us think of all the wonderful family memories we have, from meals around our table in England, to spending an Easter with family in New York, to taking part in a little Easter procession at a church in Italy. It's just a lovely time of year. 

Time for a chat!! Aisha

We found Aisha through taking part in a Girl Gang chat on Twitter over Christmas. We got so excited being able to chat to her about some of our favourite Italian Christmas cakes and since then have been avid readers of her blog! We adore that Aisha writes in both English and Italian as it's a constant source of practice for us as well as inspiration. We are so happy that we got to interview Aisha for our blog because well, what's not to love about chatting about Italy, food and make up?? 

Book Review: Just one of the guys by Kristan Higgins.

Release Date: 28th August 2012.
Publisher: HQN Books.
Twitter: @Kristan_Higgins

Kristan Higgins is just perfect! I read 'Just one of the guys' on a nine hour road trip and was smiling, swooning and laughing all the way. This book completed all of Kristan Higgins older novels, so with the exception of 'If you only knew,' I am all caught up with her books! :) Her writing is brilliant and within the first few pages, you can't help but just settle in to her style and characters.

The Geeky Girl Tag.

We love talking about all of our favourite things. So we were very excited when Tania Michele tagged us in The Geeky Girl Tag. Thank you Tania!

Book Review: Truth or Date by Portia MacIntosh.

Release Date: 11th April 2016
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @portiamacintosh @HQDigitalUK.

There was something about this book from the moment I saw Carina UK tweet about it, that called to me. I had never read one of Portia MacIntosh's books (that's all about to change) and I hadn't even read what the book was about, but I just knew looking at it that I wanted to read it.

Colazione nel Italia!

Breakfast in Italy

Buongiorno a tutti! 

When thinking about Italy there are many wonderful things that pop into our heads; the picturesque views, the clear blue skies, the pebbled beaches, the amazing culture, the chic fashion and of course the out of this world food. From oven baked pizza, to handmade pasta, to fresh mozzarella and creamy gelato, Italy's food game is unparalleled. 

Time for a chat: Carly Rowena!

Healthy living, inspiring, Gleam, Glamour,

We couldn't be more thrilled and giddy to bring you today's interview. We bloody love this women. We love her YouTube and we love her blog. We love that she is so genuine and real and someone you feel you could happily chat away with over a coffee. She inspires us every day to get up and get our workouts done, while also, inspiring us to breathe, enjoy life and occasionally eat that doughnut! :p Thank you so much Carly Rowena for taking the time to answer our questions and to you lovely readers, we hope you enjoy! :)

Book Review: Daughter's of the Silk Road by Debbie Rix.

Release Date: 14th April 2016.
Publisher: Bookouture.
Twitter: @debbierix @bookouture

I've been doing quite a few book reviews for blog tours and authors lately, which I love, but this past week I actually sat down and read a book that caught my attention on Netgalley, quite simply because I liked the look of it and then liked the sound of it upon reading the blurb. I love stories that have a lot of history in them and that go back and forth between centuries, which "Daughters of the Silk Road" does. I just find them fascinating because life couldn't be more different now than it was back then. Another thing that made me want to read this book is the fact that it's first set in Venice and the story stems from the life of Italian merchant, Niccolo dei Conti. History, Italy, Italian people...sold!!! :)

Getting back on track.

girlie, pictures, healthy living,

In the lead up to Christmas I had given myself a fitness goal of doing my first ever cut, in order to look leaner for a photo shoot. I had been working hard at the gym all year, achieving so many small goals a long the way, from getting stronger, going one more rep when I felt I couldn't, having confidence in myself and being consistent for the first time ever, and I felt awesome. The cut was merely a new challenge and I embraced it.

Book Review: The Mince Pie Mix-Up by Jennifer Joyce.

Release Date: 6th November 2015.
Publisher: UK Carina, now HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @writer_jenn @HQDigitalUK

I can't tell you how happy I am that I finally got round to reading this book! It's been on my TBR pile for the longest time, so naturally when I finally did pick it up, I savoured every moment of it...who am I kidding? I finished it in three days! I couldn't put it down! 

Relax out of your comfort zone!

relaxing, bed, smile

In today's blog post I wanted to talk to you about relaxing.

Time for a chat: Laura Kate Lucas.

manchester, selfies,

How could we not be drawn to this gorgeous lady?? Her selfies are goals, her foodie pictures have us drooling, and we just love her! Her blog makes us want to get dressed up and head for a night on the town, to discover the many amazing food places that are out there waiting for us, in our hometown, of Manchester, none the less. :) Her outfit ideas inspire us to try that little bit harder with our fashion choices...we're getting there, and we just adore her photography style! We couldn't wait to find out more about Laura, so without further ado lets chat.

Book Review: Sunrise at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett.

Release Date: 7th February 2017.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @Sarahlou_writes @HQDigitalUK

I'm so happy Sarah Bennett got in touch with me about reading her new story, 'Sunrise at Butterfly Cove.' It was such a lovely read. I think the calmness and serenity that is epitomized at Butterfly cove, actually bounced of the pages onto me, because while I read it I just felt a sense of peace and quiet. It was a story that had a lot of heart and captured my full attention, as though someone was telling me their life story and I was merely there to listen and offer comfort and love. 


You only have to look on our social media sites, or even this blog, to know what we are currently crazy about. Since we were kids we have always been all or nothing kind of people. If something made us happy, we loved it with all of our hearts and you could find evidence of our devotion everywhere; our bedrooms, our school books, our notebooks and our clothes. We would literally shout about what ever we were loving from the rooftops.