Book Review: How Not to be Starstruck by Portia MacIntosh.

Release Date: 31st March 2014.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @portiamacintosh @HQDigitalUK

Words fail me, but rest assured I mean this in a very positive way. I finished 'How Not to be Starstruck,' last night and as I turned my Kindle off I literally had this thought, 'Wow, well I can't dive into another book too soon, this one needs to sink in for a little while.' I can't help but think that as much as I enjoyed the story, it has more to do with Portia MacIntosh's writing, which I've mentioned before when reviewing her books. 

Spread the love with Popcorn.

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Two weeks ago, we were invited to go and sample some Popcorn flavours at The Chef Inspired Popcorn Company in Tampa. We were so excited, as who doesn't love digging into a bag of delicious Popcorn? The smell alone brings back so many happy childhood memories of Cinema trips and fun fairs! 

5 Things we have learnt from blogging.

We've had our blog for over two years now. In that amount of time, we've made changes, improvements, upped the amount of blogs we write a week, added book reviews, new topics and seen our blog grow. Through all the scheduling, planning and making sure we keep up to the standards we have set for ourselves, one thing is for certain, we absolutely love having a blog and don't see that changing anytime soon.

Book Review: The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin.

Release Date: 16th October 2015.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK
Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum @HQDigitalUK

Hmm where do I even begin?? I have been excited about this book since I finished reading "Secrets at Maple Syrup farm." I couldn't wait to see what Rebecca Raisin had in store for us next and when the cover was revealed, well...just WOW. That alone was enough to prompt a happy dance and squeals of glee! 

Keep Smiling.

Today's post is rather simple and stems from me thinking a lot about how two small words can really have a positive affect on your life.

Book Review: Cloudy with a chance of Love by Fiona Collins.

Release Date: 21st July 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @FionaJaneBooks @HQDigitalUK

Sigh!! When you are left with an empty whole in your heart and a sadness that can only come with saying goodbye to characters that you have been to the beach with, slept with, curled up with, laughed with, eaten with and have become completely besotted with! Fiona Collins succeeds again in bringing to life characters that you can't help but fall in love with, in her new book 'Cloudy with a chance of Love.'

Refreshed and Revitalized.

It's been a while since I did a beauty style post, but after getting some gorgeous treats from my husband in my stocking last year, I thought it was time to do a little update on some of my skincare favourites and what I have found I really can't live without.

Cheesy Movie Must Watches.

You know those days where it's sunny and frosty or sunny and just a tad warm, but just the sight of the sunshine peeking through the clouds makes you smile and feel happy? We love those moments and often find we get the same feeling when we watch a movie we like or listen to music we love. They are the happy, carefree moments in life when we just feel inspired and so thankful for life and all that is around us.

Book Review: The Wedding Date by Jennifer Joyce.

Release Date: 28th March 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @Writer_Jenn @HQDigitalUK

I am in love with this book!! Seriously, I can not tell you enough how much I enjoyed it! You know when you read a book and it's like it speaks to you? Well, this is exactly how I felt with The Wedding Date. I haven't stopped smiling since I read it and come to think of it, didn't stop smiling the whole way through reading it. I just can not get Delilah James and her friends out of my head!!
The best part about it is, I am a huge sucker for romance stories, the girl falling for the cute guy etc and while this book has plenty of that, I found myself loving Delilah and her story telling the most! More on that in a minute! First, the story...

Cooking with our favourite bloggers.

We follow a lot of awesome bloggers and there is nothing we love more than getting to sit down with a cup of coffee on a weekend morning catching up on their latest posts. There are so many wonderful people out there with amazing ideas from, recipes to beauty tips, blog advice to fitness, that inspiration is quite literally everywhere.

Book Review: Buffering: Unshared Tales of A Life Fully Loaded, by Hannah Hart.

Release Date: 18th October 2016.
Publisher: Dey Street Books.
Twitter: @harto

I have so many thoughts and feelings after reading this book that I seriously don't know where to start. I legitimately feel like I have so much positive energy and inspiration surging through my body because of it, that it's almost too difficult to sit down and focus on my book review. I promise that's a good thing though so stick with me on this!

A friendly reminder to focus.

One day last week I was struggling a little bit. A few plans hadn't quite worked out, I wasn't feeling good, I was homesick and having a down day. I allowed myself to get overwhelmed and lacked motivation to get out of my pajamas and make the day productive. I felt lost and the negative thoughts started piling up. I ended up reaching for my phone and sending a ten minute Voxer to my brother, rambling away, sharing my thoughts and explaining how I felt. What he said back was just what I needed to hear, whether I liked it or not.

Collaboration with Hello Steph! Protein Bar swap.

You probably know by now that I like a good protein bar, last year I tried and tested many. Now I have a bunch of go to brands that I love when in need of a quick protein snack that tastes delicious. My gym buddy Steph, from Hello Steph, and I, are always sharing food inspiration and informing each other of treats we've tried or recipes we have come across. It helps to keep me motivated, especially since Steph is amazing at taking pictures and always leaves my mouth watering with her healthy eats. When chatting last year about certain protein bars, we realized that there were a few that I loved that Steph didn't have in New Zealand and ones that Steph loved that I couldn't get here in the States. And so, our protein swap was born. We each sent each other 5 protein bars that the other had never tried before. Here you can get my verdict on what New Zealand has to offer in the form of protein bars and you can head over to Steph's blog to see what she thought of some of my favourite protein bars available in the USA. 

Book Review: The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Cass Grafton and Ada Bright.

Release Date: 24th June 2016.
Publisher: Brown Dog Books.
Twitter: @CassGrafton  

I received a copy of 'The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen' in exchange for a fair and honest review.
I must admit that I wasn't completely sure if this book would be up my alley, I'm not well versed in the works of Jane Austen (I know that's probably terrible for a bookworm) so I didn't think it would capture my full attention. How wrong was I? Very wrong! I was completely captivated by this story and the characters, so much so that there was a huge void in my world when I finished it. I missed the characters so much and visiting their world each day like you wouldn't believe!

Clean eats: Waffle edition!

Last year I came across Kodiak Cakes thanks to watching Nikki Blackketter, and after trying their Buttermilk pancake mix for the first time, they quickly became a staple in my household.  They have a variety of different mixes from Buttermilk to Peanut Butter to Dark Chocolate, the dark chocolate being mine and Chris' favourite. Each mix is amazing, protein packed and uses whole grains. My husband and I became addicted. Chris and I would look forward to weekend mornings were we could curl up and whip up some delicious, fluffy Kodiak cakes and chill, those were mornings I would treasure. I would definitely say Chris and I were a pancake family, though at times I would mention to him that I wish we could experiment making waffles. I blame my friend, Steph, for this, as she is always sharing scrumptious looking homemade waffle pictures over on her awesome blog. I never ventured out to buy a waffle maker though as Chris seemed content with pancakes and our kitchen isn't very big. I already have plenty of kitchen appliances, so my waffle dreams drifted to the way side. That was until...

Book review: Midnight and Mistletoe by Rebecca Raisin.

Release Date: 22nd December 2016.
Publisher: HQ Digital UK.
Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum @hqdigitaluk

So here it is, the final installment in Rebecca Raisin's delightful Christmas series. I can't quite believe that Christmas is over and that I have read all three of these books already. It feels like yesterday that we were singing around our apartment and announcing their release! My how time flies!

Own it.

Last week as I was sat listening to the 'Walking on Sunshine' movie soundtrack (for about the 5th time that week) it occurred to me that at 28 years old there are still a lot of things I do that I should probably lock away in my mind under 'guilty pleasures' and not tell anyone about. Sometimes I do, wear or say things that don't help my case of trying to adult and 'act' or look my age, but you know something? Who cares? It occurred to me that no matter how I dress or what I say it seems people are always going to think that I'm 16 years old, so today I feel like embracing all the things I do that may be considered 'not age' appropriate and share them with you.

Fitness Update and Photo-shoot.

2016 saw me get into fitness like never before and I thoroughly enjoyed documenting every moment, from food to exercises, to all the amazing things I learnt. Writing blog posts, posting Instagram photos and even doing the odd vlog, kept me accountable and I really loved being able to share my journey with you. I made some awesome gym buddies, who though far away, inspired me everyday and I couldn't have been more grateful. Furthermore, I know I have mentioned him a bunch in previous posts already, but my brother Chris played a huge part in igniting my love of fitness and I am beyond thankful for all he taught me. With Chris' guidance, last year I was able to build my strength, hitting a squat PR of 198lbs x 1 and a deadlift PR of 225lbs x 1, in addition to doing my first ever cut and taking a few fitness photos to see how far I had come.

Book Review: The Christmas Project by Maxine Morrey.

Release Date: November 14th 2016
Publisher: HQ Digital
Twitter: @Scribbler_Max

I did not want to put this book down!!! Seriously the amount of late nights I got reading this book, phew my eyes were stinging trying to get through the days. But it's all OK, because no matter how much my eyes were stinging and I was stifling yawns, I was smiling so big. I loved this book. I just loved it. Maxine did an absolutely magical job of creating warm, inviting characters that I simply fell in love with right away. Laugh, I did. Giggle, I did that too. Swoon, most definitely. Tear up, yes I couldn't help it. Disappear into happy, little book land that you can't wait to escape to every day...yes, yes and yes!

Shop till you drop.

Last year we were fortunate to be able to work with some wonderful brands, be it through giveaways, coupon codes, coming up with our own t-shirt designs and such, and we wanted to actually have a place where you are able to see all the cool things we get to offer you.

Book Review: One Christmas in Paris by Mandy Baggot.

Release date: 5th October 2016.
Publisher: Bookouture.
Twitter: @mandybaggot @bookouture

Welcome to my first book review of 2017! Funnily enough I was reading Mandy Baggot's last Christmas book, 'One Wish In Manhattan', at roughly the same time as I read this one, but back in 2015! It must be a new kind of Christmas tradition for me, without me even realizing! :) 

New Year, New Blog. PLUS a Giveaway!

Happy January everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful New Year whether you went out, stayed in, celebrated with family or friends, whatever you did we hope you are happy, feeling good and excited about the new year ahead.