When dislike turns to love.

Have you ever had those moments where someone recommends a TV Show or you hear people constantly going on about a show, a movie, a band and you just think, 'No that's not my thing.' or 'How is that so popular?' or 'I wouldn't like that'? But then when you actually take a second to sit down and watch said movie or TV Show you find yourself falling down the well of obsessed, fangirl, can't function without watching one more episode and you don't quite feel complete when it's finished? Yes? Well so have we, shamefully on more than one occasion. Let's take a look at how 'Oh I can't stand that.' can turn into 'Don't you dare change the channel.' :) 
When my husband started watching Entourage I didn't take to it or pay much attention. I thought it was slightly too flashy and fast paced, I didn't get what was going on or how Vince could afford things when his career didn't seem to be going well or how he never wanted to act in certain movies. I didn't feel I could relate to it. Ari, Vince's agent, he seemed mean. The show had it's crude moments and I wasn't interested in what was going on.
Five or six episodes in and my mind did a 180. I swear we watched all eight seasons in record time having finished it in a little over three weeks. I became hooked. I completely fell for Ari, who, though at times crude, angry and sneaky, was pure genius, inspiring and awesome. I loved his attitude, how he went after what he wanted, how he made things happen and how he looked after his family. Jeremy Piven was absolutely phenomenal in this role and I urge you to watch it just for him. In addition, I adored the boys, Vince, E, Drama and Turtle. Each one captured my heart. I loved their relationships with each other. I loved that they took care of each other and that in the crazy world of Hollywood they always had each other's back. I thought the stories were brilliant and I positively loved that Vince wasn't driven by money, he was totally endearing and had such a wonderful heart. It was just an all round brilliant show. And the finale was fantastic.

Thinking about why I didn't like 'It's Always Sunny' when Chris first introduced me to it makes me laugh. I'm actually grinning right now because this has to be one of mine and Chris' go to shows, we always have the box set out and ready to watch and I freaking LOVE it. But yes, at first, there was that strong dislike and that's because this show is crazy, rude, out there, gross, unbelievable, disgusting, creepy and often just plain wrong.
However, it is also hilarious, genius, laugh out loud, clever, brilliant, daring, relatable, quirky, funny and downright unique. The characters of Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie and Frank are all ridiculous and selfish and utterly obnoxious, but you truly can't help fall in love with them. They have certain endearing qualities when it comes to telling the truth or just being un-apologetically themselves, that it's really hard not to be drawn in by them. The trouble and situations that they get themselves into will have you in stitches. Furthermore, I am blown away every time by the creativity of these guys and that since the beginning it has always come from the minds of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day.

We were never big fans of the British version of The Office, so I think in turn we simply never bothered with or thought about watching the American version. Our husbands though were big fans and snuck in a cheeky episode here and there. Glancing up from our books, we didn't really care for it and thought the character of Michael was just a tad too silly.
You know when there's one person or one character that you just can't help but love and you end up watching a show purely for them? Yes? Well Jim/John Krasinski quickly became that person for us. We adore the character of Jim and just think John Krasinski is perfect. Oh and Michael definitely grew on us too. Steve Carell did a hilarious job and we give him points for making us laugh out loud.

Okay, a few years ago if you'd have said to me 'hey you should watch 'Workaholics' you'll love it, it's about these 3 guys who love to drink, smoke weed, talk about sex, suck at their jobs and are just plain crude,' I would have laughed and paid no attention to you. 
Six seasons on, after I stumbled across 'Workaholics' myself, and you may be shocked to find out that it's one of my favourite shows. I absolutely love it. Yes, it's crude but it's also downright hilarious. It's too ridiculous to be taken seriously, so I just enjoy it for what it is. Adam Devine to me is pure gold. I love everything about him and am so happy that he is now doing more mainstream movies. My favourite character however is Blake. To me he's the sweet one, the one who doesn't always want to get into trouble, even though he still smokes, drinks and joins in with the craziness. I have seen every episode and can not wait for the next season. 

What shows do you love or have had to give a second chance?

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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