Through Chris Sharpe's Lens!

My husband Chris really has an eye for taking the most stunning pictures. He amazes me each time he shows me a photo he has taken, and all simply using his phone. He knows the best angles and the best lighting and then he knows exactly how to brighten them up and edit them just enough so they keep the original look but so they pop off the screen. I keep telling him he should sell them, as I most definitely want to have some of them made in to canvases to hang on my wall one day. For now, I thought, as a little Monday Motivation, I would share with you some of my favourites so you can see the wonderful world we live in, all through Chris Sharpe’s lens.

Aren't they beautiful? What do you guys think?
These moments that's he's captured make me smile and appreciate the journey we are on. Life isn't a walk in the park but there sure are some amazing moments to be had and there is definitely a lot of beauty in the world, if you stop for a second to notice it.

Have a wonderful Monday.
Love Kelly xx


  1. Those are pretty awesome photos :)

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