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You know when you are sitting at your desk, rushing back from errands or heading home from work and you can feel yourself start to get hangry? Your mind is going through all the options you have in the fridge or in the cupboard and after a few minutes pondering what you could eat, you decide you don’t have anything in you fancy and your hanger builds? You just want anything and everything to satisfy your hunger and ideally it would be pizza or doughnuts?

Through Chris Sharpe's Lens!

My husband Chris really has an eye for taking the most stunning pictures. He amazes me each time he shows me a photo he has taken, and all simply using his phone. He knows the best angles and the best lighting and then he knows exactly how to brighten them up and edit them just enough so they keep the original look but so they pop off the screen. I keep telling him he should sell them, as I most definitely want to have some of them made in to canvases to hang on my wall one day. For now, I thought, as a little Monday Motivation, I would share with you some of my favourites so you can see the wonderful world we live in, all through Chris Sharpe’s lens.

Aren't they beautiful? What do you guys think?
These moments that's he's captured make me smile and appreciate the journey we are on. Life isn't a walk in the park but there sure are some amazing moments to be had and there is definitely a lot of beauty in the world, if you stop for a second to notice it.

Have a wonderful Monday.
Love Kelly xx

Protein Bars tried and tested!

I really enjoyed taste testing Protein shakes for you a few weeks back and as I have always felt the same about Protein bars too, always wondering if there really are delicious ones out there? I thought I would test a bunch out and give you my honest opinion. Just like with the shakes, I have tried my fair few bars and have often been left disappointed. Too chewy, too dry, too fake, too yucky were words that I would choose to describe them in the past, but with the fitness industry currently booming and so many new and exciting products hitting the shelves, will we find any winners out there? 
Pro Bar Base Coffee Crunch.
Carbs: 33g
Sugar: 16g
Protein: 20g
Fat: 9g
I had heard good things about the bar through Instagram and when on a little shopping spree in The Vitamin Shoppe I couldn't resist trying it out. You know how much I love my coffee, so this flavor jumped out at me. I was really excited to dig into it and have to say it was delicious. The crunch came from a sort of rice crispy inside covered with chocolate, with a coffee layer, I honestly felt like I was eating a Toffee Crisp. (British chocolate bar) It was feeling and would be perfect if you were having a chocolate craving but wanted to be somewhat good. I am eager to try more from this brand and am drooling right now thinking about this one, I need to stock up.

Quest Bar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Carbs: 22g
Sugar: 1g
Protein: 20g
Quest Nutrition have been taking the fitness world by storm. Though I am not a huge fan of their shakes, I am rather fond of their bars and protein chips. This Oatmeal chocolate chip is their new flavor and really yummy. I think their Smores one might have to be my favourite, it's sweet but not too sweet and it has that scrumptious crunch of the graham crackers and chocolate. But this oatmeal bar is definitely a winner. It has that lovely cinnamon taste and with the chocolate and oats you feel like you are eating a cookie.
Oh Yeah! One Bar Lemon Cake.
Protein: 22g
Fat: 7g
I loved this bar, so much so that I immediately purchased a variety pack of from Oh Yeah Nutrition, so I could try all their flavours. This lemon one was amazing. It was fresh, had a delicious lemon flavour and taste like cake. I have also had their Peanut butter pie one and am a huge fan. So so good. I can't wait to try their birthday cake one as I have heard nothing but awesome things about it. 
Lenny and Larry's Snickerdoodle cookie.
Carbs: 27g
Sugar: 15g
Protein: 8g
Lenny and Larry's have yet to disappoint me. I was so excited when I came across this protein cookie and was even more excited after I tried it. My husband and I love the double chocolate chip cookie they have and like to have them on hand when we are going out for the day. Furthermore, I love cookies, so knowing I can go to the cupboard and grab this healthier version is perfect for me. This snickerdoodle one is awesome, it's so full of that wonderful cinnamon flavour and melts in your mouth.
Powercrunch French Vanilla Crème.
Carbs: 8g
Sugar: 5g
Protein: 14g
Fat: 13g
I love, love, love these bars. They are incredible and you don't feel like you are eating a protein bar at all. They taste just like a wafer dessert. This French vanilla crème bar is super creamy, sweet and delicious and I also adore their peanut butter and triple chocolate ones too. Powercrunch is definitely one of my favourite go to snacks, they simply taste awesome!

Do you have a favourite protein bar? What are your go to snacks?

Have a lovely day!
Love Lucy

Have a little patience!

Today I wanted to have a little chat about something that has been on my mind for the past few weeks. I have worked in retail on and off since the ripe old age of 16 and it has always amazed me how rude some customers can be. However, at the age of 28 working in retail again and being somewhat more mature, it downright disgusts me just how impatient and disrespectful customers can be. Honest to goodness, I come home from work some days in complete shock at things I have heard being said to my coworkers, or things that have happened to me personally.

For example, a few days ago at work, the line was long with only myself and two other ladies as cashiers. A customer came to me with an exchange, one pair of jeans for another in a different size. Now, the jeans she was returning had no tag so I had to use the number on the actual label, I tried three times but the computer wasn't finding the jeans on the receipt she gave me. After the 3rd time, I ever so politely asked if she was sure she had given me the right receipt as for some reason the system wasn't bringing up the jeans. WELL, you would have thought I'd asked her, her bank details, pin numbers and social security the way she decided to yell about the fact that yes it was the right receipt and that she was literally there an hour ago and got the wrong size. Then she informed me in a not so polite manner that if it was going to take this long and I couldn't do it for her she would have to come back as she had to be somewhere in 5 minutes. This outburst bought over one of the other cashiers who asked if she could help me. I explained to her the problem and then we figured out what was wrong, during this time the customer continued her rant stating to the other cashier that 'if she can't figure it out, I will come back' she being me. I WAS stood right in front of her. We explained that I had figured it out and continued with the transaction. After she'd got me a little frazzled I ended up struggling with getting the security tag off the jeans, which of course resulted in more impatient sighing and glaring at me from the customer.

Now tell me dear reader, were her actions justified? What would you do? It was a Tuesday afternoon, people were shopping last minute for back to school clothes and she had to wait in a line for maybe 5 minutes. Was it then Okay for her to disrespect me the way she did just because there was a slight issue with the computer? I apologized as I had made a simple mistake with the size of the item; there were more specific descriptions of the same size I couldn't see on the computer. But was yelling at me the only way to answer my question? Would a simple, polite, 'Yes I'm certain it's the right receipt as I just bought the item an hour ago. If it's not working though I may have to come back as I need to be somewhere in a few minutes.' not have worked? Maybe that's asking too much.

I understand that in our day to day lives, we have things to do, people to see, places to go. But have we really got to a point where we have no patience or respect for people who are doing us a service? Can we no longer stand in a line with 2 people in front of us without huffing and puffing or flagging down a sales associate with an armful of clothes to tell them to jump on a register. (It happens) Is it really Okay to look down on people who are just trying to do their job and pay their bills? Am I less of a human being because I work in retail? Does it give you the right to belittle me because I am behind the register? I honestly don't believe I am or it does. We all make mistakes, we're all human. No matter what job we have, everyone should be treated with respect.

I implore you, next time you go shopping, think about how you act. Be kind to the sales associates, have a little patience. In fact, wherever you go always be grateful and thankful to people serving you; be it at a restaurant, doctors, hotel, in a taxi or on a bus, absolutely anywhere. Be a good human!

Have a great day!
Love Kelly

Girl Bosses of Instagram!

It's so easy to see photos of 'Celebs' and think they have it easy, to think that with fame and money they just get things handed to them and everything is just perfect in their world. It's also easy as fans of theirs to put them on a pedestal and to think you could never be like them because they are of a different species to us regular folk. That's why today I have compiled a list of my favourite 'Celebs' on Instagram who show me everyday that A) They are regular people, with normal issues, doing normal things and B) That the view from the top isn't just money, holidays, fancy food and clothes but rather, 5 am call times, hustling, travelling and working their asses off. All of these people inspire me every day to work hard on my goals and to never give up. All of these woman, I think, define what a 'Girl Boss' actually is!

1) Rochelle Humes.
I remember Rochelle from back in her S Club Junior days, so it has been cool following her career since then. Apart from now being in the band 'The Saturdays,' Rochelle is also a presenter, fashion enthusiast with her own clothing range and a mum. I love following her on Instagram because, if she's not sharing photos of her family and friends. She's sharing behind the scenes photos from shoots she is doing for her line or in the make up chair getting ready for filming a TV show. She is basically always doing something. To me, it's inspiring to see that even after being in the industry from a young age, she is still going strong and seems like the kind of person who takes every opportunity she is given and runs with it. She seems like a very hard worker and it's very motivating to see!
2) Fearne Cotton.
Another English gem and someone who seems so down to earth despite her 1.6 million followers on Instagram and the countless TV shows she has presented. If you are English, like me, then you will no doubt know who Fearne Cotton is, for those who don't, she is an English TV presenter, was a radio one DJ for years and has her own fashion range as well as a best selling cookbook. On Instagram she is always posting pictures of delicious food that just makes you want to cook and bake, family activities, everyday life and fashion. One thing I love is that Fearne posts a lot of no makeup photos, she of course looks stunning, but I love that as a 'celeb' she isn't afraid to be herself and doesn't seem to worry about always looking put together. I think she's a really cool, unique person who is just like us and not afraid to show it.
3) Melissa Joan Hart.
I don't know what to say about Melissa Joan Hart as I honestly just love her to pieces. Sabrina was my favourite show growing up and I love that she is still kicking butt and doing so much. I love seeing how happy she is with her family, photos of new movies and TV projects and when she is promoting her kids clothing company. All of it is a constant source of inspiration.The woman never stops! She is just amazing to me. I love that she is family orientated and works so hard. I also love that she always comes up with the coolest ways of putting her last name into her projects and that her biography has the best title ever; Melissa Explains it All! I mean come on - Genius!!! :)
4) Reese Witherspoon.
What's not to love about Reese Witherspoon? Seriously? For starters the woman hasn't aged a bit over the years and I am constantly shocked that she has 3 kids because she just doesn't look old enough. For a very well known celebrity, I love that Reese always posts fun, happy, family, girly pictures and videos. She seems so down to earth and normal that seeing her pictures always puts a smile on my face. She also wears the most adorable outfits too. I will take one of every dress she wears please and thank you! To me she is another inspiring woman, who is always on the go and working hard whilst also raising a family. Her happy, bright coloured posts always make me think about being a nice, positive person. It doesn't matter how rich, poor, famous or not you are. It is always important to be a good person.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Who do you follow on Instagram from the wonderful world of 'Celebrity' that inspires you?

Have a wonderful day!
Love Kelly xx

Do something you love everyday!

This year we went back to a retail job, no it's not our dream, yeah sometimes we look at our watches counting down the minutes till we can get home, but you know what? We can deal with that. One, because the people we work with are lovely and two, because every time we are not there, we are doing something we love. Days off aren't all pool days and resting. Days off are filming, editing, writing, blogging, promoting, working out, dreaming and planning days. Heck, even when we have to go to work we squeeze in time to blog, plan or read. Our days are all about how we can reach our goals by doing the things that we love.

Here's the funny thing though, that we felt we had to share with you today. On one of these 'goal days' we realized something, and that is, it's not really about the goals, or more specifically the end result!! Now don't get us wrong, we're writers of To Do Lists and love nothing more than ticking completed tasks off our lists. We love reaching day to day goals and making plans on how to achieve our dreams. But some days it's so easy to get lost thinking about 'the plans,' 'the end result,' 'the finished product,' 'the day your bank account has six zeros.' that we forget that in the here and now, our reality is waking up each day doing the things that we love: the things that make our life a happy and exciting one. Yes we may not want to work in retail forever but that is such a small factor into the lives we are living. We wake up every morning excited to make our coffee, to publish a blog post or a YouTube video, that going to work for a few hours is okay. If anything it is a few hours where we get to see our friends and make new friends, so we can pay the bills. We would love for blogging and YouTube to be our sole source of income, but we used to think that we could only say I'm a YouTuber, a writer or a blogger if it was 100% our jobs. We used to dream that happiness would come when these ultimate goals were achieved. But this realization made us stop to appreciate how lucky we are to be chasing our dreams to begin with, how lucky we are to do the things we love on a daily basis. We are living the dream each and every day. We are writers every morning. We are Youtubers every time we film. We are bloggers with each post we share, and as the years go by we will be able to look back on all the fun things we got to do in order to film a YouTube video or how exciting it was to take pictures and research a topic for a blog post, as well as how awesome it was making so many new friends while we went after our goals. The saying 'It's the journey not the destination' couldn't be more appropriate right now.

So if you're stuck in a job you don't love or have been working tirelessly for years trying to make something happen, please remember:
Don't lose sight of your goals and dreams, but also don't forget to enjoy the ride.

Keep smiling and always dream big!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

When dislike turns to love.

Have you ever had those moments where someone recommends a TV Show or you hear people constantly going on about a show, a movie, a band and you just think, 'No that's not my thing.' or 'How is that so popular?' or 'I wouldn't like that'? But then when you actually take a second to sit down and watch said movie or TV Show you find yourself falling down the well of obsessed, fangirl, can't function without watching one more episode and you don't quite feel complete when it's finished? Yes? Well so have we, shamefully on more than one occasion. Let's take a look at how 'Oh I can't stand that.' can turn into 'Don't you dare change the channel.' :) 
When my husband started watching Entourage I didn't take to it or pay much attention. I thought it was slightly too flashy and fast paced, I didn't get what was going on or how Vince could afford things when his career didn't seem to be going well or how he never wanted to act in certain movies. I didn't feel I could relate to it. Ari, Vince's agent, he seemed mean. The show had it's crude moments and I wasn't interested in what was going on.
Five or six episodes in and my mind did a 180. I swear we watched all eight seasons in record time having finished it in a little over three weeks. I became hooked. I completely fell for Ari, who, though at times crude, angry and sneaky, was pure genius, inspiring and awesome. I loved his attitude, how he went after what he wanted, how he made things happen and how he looked after his family. Jeremy Piven was absolutely phenomenal in this role and I urge you to watch it just for him. In addition, I adored the boys, Vince, E, Drama and Turtle. Each one captured my heart. I loved their relationships with each other. I loved that they took care of each other and that in the crazy world of Hollywood they always had each other's back. I thought the stories were brilliant and I positively loved that Vince wasn't driven by money, he was totally endearing and had such a wonderful heart. It was just an all round brilliant show. And the finale was fantastic.

Thinking about why I didn't like 'It's Always Sunny' when Chris first introduced me to it makes me laugh. I'm actually grinning right now because this has to be one of mine and Chris' go to shows, we always have the box set out and ready to watch and I freaking LOVE it. But yes, at first, there was that strong dislike and that's because this show is crazy, rude, out there, gross, unbelievable, disgusting, creepy and often just plain wrong.
However, it is also hilarious, genius, laugh out loud, clever, brilliant, daring, relatable, quirky, funny and downright unique. The characters of Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie and Frank are all ridiculous and selfish and utterly obnoxious, but you truly can't help fall in love with them. They have certain endearing qualities when it comes to telling the truth or just being un-apologetically themselves, that it's really hard not to be drawn in by them. The trouble and situations that they get themselves into will have you in stitches. Furthermore, I am blown away every time by the creativity of these guys and that since the beginning it has always come from the minds of Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day.

We were never big fans of the British version of The Office, so I think in turn we simply never bothered with or thought about watching the American version. Our husbands though were big fans and snuck in a cheeky episode here and there. Glancing up from our books, we didn't really care for it and thought the character of Michael was just a tad too silly.
You know when there's one person or one character that you just can't help but love and you end up watching a show purely for them? Yes? Well Jim/John Krasinski quickly became that person for us. We adore the character of Jim and just think John Krasinski is perfect. Oh and Michael definitely grew on us too. Steve Carell did a hilarious job and we give him points for making us laugh out loud.

Okay, a few years ago if you'd have said to me 'hey you should watch 'Workaholics' you'll love it, it's about these 3 guys who love to drink, smoke weed, talk about sex, suck at their jobs and are just plain crude,' I would have laughed and paid no attention to you. 
Six seasons on, after I stumbled across 'Workaholics' myself, and you may be shocked to find out that it's one of my favourite shows. I absolutely love it. Yes, it's crude but it's also downright hilarious. It's too ridiculous to be taken seriously, so I just enjoy it for what it is. Adam Devine to me is pure gold. I love everything about him and am so happy that he is now doing more mainstream movies. My favourite character however is Blake. To me he's the sweet one, the one who doesn't always want to get into trouble, even though he still smokes, drinks and joins in with the craziness. I have seen every episode and can not wait for the next season. 

What shows do you love or have had to give a second chance?

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Back to Basics; The Great Outdoors.

One of the things my husband absolutely loves is nature. He loves walking round parks and quite literally stopping to smell the roses, whilst also seeing what wildlife he can discover among them. He was ecstatic to find that, where we currently live, there are nine nature parks in a mile radius. He is now determined to visit them all. When I was younger I loved being outside, playing on the street, digging in the mud and helping Grandad in his allotment. It was fun to be outside, to get a bit mucky and to take in the fresh air.
As I got older though, being outside lost it's adventure, it's either too cold or too hot and there's too many bugs! In addition, there's always something to be done inside, dishes, laundry, blogging, TV, plus that's where the WiFi is! In recent weeks however, I made a change. I decided that when my husband was going to a park for a few hours, I would stop what I was doing and go to. I wanted to be able to enjoy something that he loved and to share these discoveries with him. I also wanted to be reminded to take a step away from the computer and just appreciate the world around me.
In making this change, my husband and I have had some wonderful conversations whilst walking around these parks and have discovered so much beauty in our own back garden together. It's been lovely soaking up the gorgeous scenery and taking a few minutes each time to say thank you for this adventure that we are on and for getting to call this beautiful place our home for right now. We really are so lucky and I never want to take that for granted.
Just seeing the sun shining through the trees, or the waves crashing against the sand is enough to give me pause and make me think about the important things in life. The world's changing and becoming more advanced by the minute, so it's kind of nice to have a few moments to look around me at the great outdoors and remember the times when all I needed was a few twigs, some dirty water and scrunched up flower petals to make a magic potion and keep me occupied for hours.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Don't forget to take a good look around you and spend a few minutes outside.
Love Kelly xx

Blogger chat: Katie from La Coco Noire.

Today we have a chat with Katie from La Coco Noire. We only discovered this gorgeous blog and blogger a few weeks ago and couldn't believe we hadn't found it sooner. We knew we had to interview Katie to find out more about her while binge reading her whole blog. From the first sentence of the first post we read, we knew she was going to be one of our favourites. Her writing style is so easy going, funny and easy to relate to and as for her pictures, well they are just stunning! We love how with each blog we read and each new blogger we meet, we are inspired and motivated to improve our skills and to learn more about new areas that we may not have been so focused on before. That was definitely the case once we saw Katie's photos. Now we want to photograph anything and everything. With a love for cakes, photography and Paris, we promise Katie's blog will be one you will see and say; J'ADORE!

1) Thank you for joining us on our blog today Katie. Let's start with where it all began, shall we? What made you start your blog?
Such a super babe to be here - thank you! I got really into photography in my early teens so set up a blog as a place to share my pictures. This trundled along for a good few years with little to no readers before I discovered Bloglovin' and the entire blogging community a few years ago. Have never looked back! 
2) Your blog has some stunning photography, which we absolutely love. Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
Thank you! Yes, I've always loved photography and knew it was something I could never tire of. I love documenting moments of my life - I'm kinda sentimental like that so photography just makes sense to me.

3) Do you have a specific spot where you blog or do you move around?
I'm usually sitting at my kitchen table with a cuppa when I write my posts, but I edit photos in front of the telly. Nine times out of ten my background music is Come Dine With Me. With more tea, obviously. 

4) You have various categories on your blog that you write about such as, travel, recipes, Paris, lifestyle and more. What's your favourite category to write about?
I'm gonna go with Paris because I physically can't write about that place without welling up in happy tears over how in love with it I am. Is that lame? Sorry if that's lame.
5) We've been drooling over a lot of your recipes (and photos) if you had to pick one recipe that we absolutely MUST try that you have blogged about, which one would it be?
Okay I am SO glad you asked me this because I've been meaning to shed some much deserved light back on this little baby that I made last year: The absolute best cheesecake recipe you will ever eat in your life, period.

6) You love Paris so much that it even has it's own section on your blog. What's your favourite thing about the city?
I would be lying if I said it was anything other than the architecture. French buildings really tug on my little heart strings. But macarons, pain aux raisins, Le Marais and shopping are other contributing factors.
7) If you could pick one thing about your blog that you love the most, what would it be?
The comments, oh the lovely little comments that people leave! I love 'em.

8) What do you like best about being a blogger?
Being able to nose around in people's lives and live vicariously through others adventures, stalking other people's photography, learning new tips and tricks and having my own little online journal I can look back on. I also love being able to justify photographing anything and everything and people can't even get mad because it's 'for the blog'. 
9) Do you have a specific drink or snack that you must have with you whilst writing?
Tea, tea, always and forever tea!

10) Last but not least, is there a place that you would love to photograph but have yet to visit?
I do not have enough space to answer this question! My travel bucket list is longer than the Great Wall of China. But the two places I'm really keen to see are Bali and Iceland. I'd die in a pool of happy camera craziness.

Thank you so much to Katie for being apart of our blogger chat series, again make sure you check out her beautiful blog.

We hope you have enjoyed our blogger chat series! Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see more blogger chats and who you would like to learn more about! :)

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly

Cooking with 1Up Nutrition!

I had been seeing a lot of 1Up Nutrition on Instagram and through watching Heidi Somers on YouTube. Their Protein flavors simply sounded incredible and so I was eager to try them. Heidi and her boyfriend, Josh, often share recipes using the Protein Powders and I would be left drooling after seeing the delicious results. When we went to the Discount Nutrition Center in Tampa for their twenty year celebration they had some awesome sales on, so I couldn't resist making a purchase. I chose the Cinnamon French Toast Protein powder, as both Heidi and Josh said it one was the best to bake with! So let's get baking! :) 

To share or not to share!

At the age of twelve I was more than happy to shout from the roof tops that I wanted to be a professional wrestler. It didn't matter who knew or what they thought about my goals because I didn't care, nothing would deter my dreams. Back then it seemed no amount of smirks or giggles could put me off, I had an unnerving amount of determination and nothing was going to stop me. So much so, that throughout my teens and well into my twenties, I proudly wore my wrestler badge, I was a professional wrestler for nine years, achieved things I never even imagined possible and had an incredible time doing so.

When I hung up my wrestling boots at twenty-five years old I have to admit that it was scary, a huge reality check for me. Sure I had other passions and other things I dreamt of pursuing, but it hit me that I wasn't twelve years old anymore, I wasn't so carefree and naïve. What on earth was I going to do with my life and could I actually achieve them? All of a sudden I started letting myself succumb to fear, a fear that wasn't present when I was twelve. I dreaded people asking me questions as to what I was doing or what I wanted to do next. I would fumble over answers, replying with 'oh this and that', 'you know working on projects' and such. Over time my heart knew exactly what it wanted to do but I was actually fearful of saying them out loud.

With social media these days every one likes to tell each other everything, I've seen the good and the bad with this. I've read comments where people would make fun of people who always had to say they were working out. I've come across memes where it's funny to make jokes at others who are always eating healthy, I've read quotes that talk about letting your success speak for itself instead of telling people about it. All these factors seemed to effect my confidence in my new dreams. I didn't want to tell people. I was content in getting on with things quietly and keeping myself to myself. (Which by all means is completely awesome and fine to do.)

However, after a little while I started to wonder why I was so scared about speaking up and it occurred to me that I was terrified, terrified of failing. I was allowing all these excuses of people laughing, people thinking I couldn't do it, people getting annoyed with constant food pictures or writing quotes, and I realized that by doing this, by letting and creating these insecure negative thoughts build up in my head, I was setting myself up to fail. Even more so, I realized it wasn't about other people, I was giving myself an excuse. If I didn't tell people then it wouldn't matter if I failed or I never achieved my goals because no one would know.

I have a dream of becoming a published author, and saying that in all honesty terrifies me. I absolutely adore writing with every bit of me, but I have good days and bad days where I think who am I kidding? My book would suck. But standing tall and saying it to myself and answering the 'What do you do?" question with a confident "I write, I want to be a writer." pushes me. It challenges me every day to sit and write and push for my goals, in the same way that that twelve year old girl proudly proclaimed she was going to be a wrestler. A new found confidence came with telling people, but more importantly, a new found confidence came from telling myself, really actually telling myself, you want to do this, so do it.
In addition, I've thoroughly been enjoying posting lots of foodie pictures and workout pictures on social media, but it took me the longest time to be confident in doing so. Why? Because of all of the above. I didn't want to annoy people, I didn't want to commit to saying 'I'm on a fitness journey' and then fail, I didn't want to own up to wanting to change my body incase I gave up or I didn't look like all the other gym goers. Then I realized that I had to stop caring, yes in today's day and age it's fun to get likes, it's fun to see your follower count go up, but if you actually take a step back you will realize that everything you say and everything you post comes from that little part in your brain that believes in you, that part of your brain that is taking a risk, a part of your brain that is telling the world to watch you because you got this and you're going to kick ass, no matter how many RT's you get. In posting these things I found that I had achieved a level of confidence in myself I never knew I had, I let go and started doing it for me because I enjoyed it and it made me happy. It challenged me to take one step further towards my goals each day and knocked down walls I had built up in my head, those walls built out of fears. Now stepping out of my comfort zone and into new territories I feel I can achieve anything.

So next time you see someone checking into the gym, posting healthy food pictures, sharing a goal, telling you what they are going to achieve, how they are going to be the next movie star or singer, be sure to offer a positive, uplifting few words of encouragement and support, pat them on the back for being confident, for having a dream and going after it. And to you, who may be lacking in confidence, I say, think back to the days of being a kid where nothing was impossible, where you happily ran around in a superman cape whole heartedly believing you were Superman, go forth and make that kid proud!! It's not so much about the likes or fitting into a crowd or even growing a social media platform, it's about doing what you love, sharing your passions and believing in yourself. Admit to yourself what you want and go out and get it.

Go and do something today that makes you one step closer to achieving your dreams and have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy xx

Blogger Chat: Steph from Hello Steph!

Happy FriYay everyone and welcome to another installment of our 'Blogger Chat.' We absolutely love when you meet someone and you instantly connect with them, you share similar passions, have so much fun chatting about everything and anything and just having them in your life makes you smile. Well, we met Steph through the wonderful world of blogging I want to say, only a few months ago, and she is awesome. We have many a thing in common, as you will see from her delightful interview, and her blog 'Hello Steph' is our favourite. We couldn't wait to have a little chat with her and see where it all began. So without further ado, here's Steph! Enjoy! :)  
1) What made you decide to create your blog?
I think my obsession with YouTube and seeing other people create cool content inspired me. There were so many things that I wanted to share with people and a blog seemed perfect. After being stuck in a 9-5 job I really needed a creative outlet. I wanted to do it for quite a while, then decided to go for it! Best thing I have ever done.

2) Your blog covers a range of topics from food, fitness, health, self love, books and all things nerdy, which we love. Do you have a specific topic that you love to write about the most?
The nerdy stuff comes so naturally! But I think my favourite topic is health and fitness because I’m so passionate about it. It’s changed my life and I love sharing that with people, and if I help inspire someone then that makes me so happy. I could talk about it for hours! Even my trainer says how addicted I am.

3) We love to write in our cozy office spaces. Do you have a particular place where you blog or do you move around?
I have a little blogging desk set up as my work area that has my whiteboard full of goals and post ideas to keep me inspired. Usually on the weekends I might do some blog work from my cosy bed, but I like having one area designated for work. Best to stay disciplined!

4) We know you wake up early to run or go to the gym but what time of day do you enjoy writing at the most? On a side note are you a night owl?
Haha that's me! Always at the gym. I’m in the best mood for writing after I’ve had my lunch, so any time between noon and afternoons are my favourite time to be creative. I find being active helps my brain function a lot better. My brain does not function well in the morning.

5) You always have the most delicious meals, snacks and shakes in your daily posts. Do you have to have a certain drink or snack when blogging. If so what do you have?
COFFEE! I always have a cup of coffee next to me when I blog (literally have one right now!) Sometimes I like to have a fruit and nut mix next to me as well to nibble on. I usually take a break from blogging to eat and watch some YouTube, then get straight back into it!

6) Over the last few months we have found that we have a lot of things in common. One being our love for the TV show Chuck. So we have to ask, who is your favourite character from the show?
 We really do have so much in common and I love it! The characters on that show are amazing, which makes this question quite hard. I think I’m going to have to say Chuck, because he’s just so sweet and the perfect guy! Morgan is a close second for being so funny and adorable. I’ve also really come to admire Ellie for being so strong and amazing. But Chuck is my favourite 😊

7) You have us drooling with your amazing food pictures. If we came to New Zealand on a trip and wanted to visit the best foodie hotspot. Where would you take us?
Thank you! Oh, of course I would have to take you my favourite café that's attached to my gym, Pure Café Co. They make the most amazing food that’s clean and healthy, yet taste better than anything junk food. Plus, no one makes coffee like my barista can! (he was number one in NZ last year!) Christchurch also has an incredible Mexican restaurant if you girls are up for tacos and margaritas?

8) A big part of blogging is being active on social media. We follow you on everything and love the content you share. What is your favourite app?
Twitter has been my favourite for interacting with lovely bloggers like you girls! 
It's really helped me learn about this community we have and how I want to be seen within it. I’m also obsessed with Snapchat! I spend ages watching what people are getting up to.

9) If you had to pick one thing about your blog that you love the most. What would it be?
I just love how much it has evolved over the course of a year. I started out as a little lifestyle blogger, trying to find what I wanted to write about. Now I just let me inner gym-junkie and nerd run free! It took me quite a while to find my blogging feet, but now I’m really comfortable with it. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like next year.

10) Finally, what would you say is the best thing about being a blogger?
My favourite thing is probably sharing my passions with people. It’s the best feeling when someone comments saying that they can relate or that I’ve helped them by talking about it. Also making blog friends with you girls has made this journey extra special! It’s so cool having people who understand and share what I love. You’ve helped me so much on my down days! Blog friends are the best xx

Thank you so much Steph for being a part of our blog today! Please be sure to visit her gorgeous blog and follow her on social media too!

Have a lovely Friday.
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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