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I love to sit down and watch YouTube videos, as I feel I am very much a visual person, however every now and again my husband gets me hooked on the Podcasts he is listening to. Today I thought I would share 1 or 2 of mine and Chris' favourites and would love to know if you have any must listen to Podcasts of your own. :)

The Joe Rogan Experience.
I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan and really enjoy his comedy. In the past my brother has shown me clips from YouTube and we would just end up in stitches, absolutely crying with laughter. "What do bees really do?... NOTHING!!! (That ones for you Chris) His comedy is right up my alley, sometimes it's a little out there and crude, but there is just something about him that I love. It wasn't until recently that my husband started listening to his podcast, he usually has one playing in the morning, so as we are having breakfast I end up listening too. (Side note, you can actually watch it on YouTube too, so that appeals to my visual brain and I sometimes have it playing while I'm doing housework.) I find a lot of the stuff Joe talks about fascinating and I think he is so incredibly intelligent that I always look forward to hearing his opinions and points on certain topics. It's awesome when you can connect with people and nod along when they are talking about something you feel the same way about. See episode: 788 where he discusses transgender bathrooms...thank you Joe Rogan, I just want to give you a big hug for that one. :) He discusses a wide range of subjects and I find myself thoroughly enjoying learning about new people because of his show. Recently he had Russell Brand on the show, which made me super excited, it was absolutely fantastic. Listen to it here Episode 812!

Stone Cold Steve Austin's Podcast.
What can I say? It's Stone Cold and he is simply awesome. The big draw with this one though is that I love hearing Stone Cold talk about wrestling today. I do love hearing him share stories from his time in the business, but I just love his take on wrestling today. His mind and passion for it makes me smile so much, he has an old school mentally and knows wrestling inside out, from talking about babyfaces and heels to how people should act and sell, he is pure genius and I get excited when I can nod a long and understand him. I get to learn so much from listening to him. Wrestling will always be something that interests me and I will always love gaining more knowledge and learning about it. Also, I like getting to watch his podcast's on the Network from time to time, the most recent of which that I saw was when he interviewed AJ Styles. I am a huge fan of AJ and even more so now after watching this interview, he's such a wonderful person, insanely talented and extremely inspiring.

The Chris Silvio Show.
Now I have to mention this podcast, one because, as you know, I love wrestling, two because I always love the guests that Chris has on it, and three, because I stand by the fact that Chris has the sexiest voice in the history of ever!! :p Chris has a knack for entertaining and always being himself and I genuinely love the way in which he talks to people and brings out their stories and adventures. Even when he has some of my dearest friends on the show, I learn something new or hear a story for the first time that fascinates me. It's fun to listen to him casually talk to people about life, what's going on in the world, their dreams and aspirations amongst other on the fly topics. In addition, I love that his show is inspiring through the mix of talent he has on it. They come from all walks of life and different backgrounds. I guarantee you will feel inspired by the likes of James Long, Jamin Olivencia, Michael Hayes and Ali Vaez, all guys who gave their dreams their absolute all and who have done and are doing amazing things right now! :) Furthemore, Chris and I share similar opinions when it comes to wrestling and tend to enjoy the same things about it, so it's always great to hear his thoughts on the latest in NXT or hear his predictions on what they are going to do with certain talent or storylines, so far he has predicted many a situation right! :p Go check The Chris Silvio Show out now, I make a few guest appearances in the most recent ones to talk my love for American Alpha, amongst other things! :p

Happy Friday and happy listening!
Love Lucy xx

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