Get to know us A-Z!!

After reading Steph's A-Z, from Hello Steph, we couldn't resist giving it ago. You know we love our lists and we thought it would be a fun little challenge to try and come up with things you may not already know! We are going to try and think outside the box for this one and we hope you enjoy! :)
A // America. 
We moved to America 6, nearly 7, years ago now to pursue our dreams of becoming professional wrestlers. As much as we miss England every single day, we can't forget how lucky we are for all the adventures we have had and continue to go on while living here.

B // British.
We are extremely proud to be British. The older we get and the longer we are away from home, the more we appreciate our small hometown, the fact that we can walk everywhere and traditional British Grub. It wasn't always this way though, when we first moved to the states to wrestle, we were completely taken in with America, the size, the food, the fun, but over the years it's safe to say, there really is no place like home.

C // Chris.
If you didn't know already we are both married to a Chris and our brother is also a Chris. We have quite a few friends called Chris too and there just seems to be something about the name Chris. Chris Evans anyone? :p

D // Driving Tests.
Considering we grew up going to car shows and going on plenty of road trips and having a car fanatic for a Dad, we weren't all that enthusiastic about driving, and it took us until we were around 22 to actually buckle down, have lessons and not freak out about taking the wheel! :p So Kelly passed her driving test second time round and I proceeded to go on a disorganized rollercoaster ride of having to schedule my theory twice, keep your documents need them to take the test...go figure! :p Then I passed my driving text on the third try...three times a charm, right?!

E // Early Years Education.
We both took a year off, after we finished high school, before we went to college to do Childcare. We are proud of our qualification and are happy that our mum didn't just settle with our "Mum we're going to be wrestlers" plea. As much as qualifications and times are changing, we worked very hard and are proud of the one we have. As stressful and tiring as working with kids can be, something we feel teachers really don't get enough credit for, we stand by it being one of the best and most rewarding jobs there is.

F // Fitness.
Fitness has always been a huge part of our lives. We were always doing sports as kids and when we got into wrestling, the gym became a apart of our daily routines. Over the past year or so I have really stepped up my fitness game and love working out, but you can read more about that in last weeks fitness journey post!

G // Girl Guides.
Along with the many sports clubs we went to, we are also graduates of Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Although we're not really sure we ever got to the end of Guides. For some reason, we didn't say boo to a goose at school, but at Guides we were always in the kitchen getting told of for laughing at the wrong time, not listening or talking when we shouldn't be. Hey, every teenager has to rebel at some point right? We just chose to do it at Girl Guides! :p We did go on some cool camping trips with Guides though, where we met many interesting people from all over the world. We even learnt how to make our own fires and fondue in the Guide hall parking lot, can't say you do that every Wednesday night!

H // Holidays.
We love the holidays, especially Christmas. Just the thought of the decorations, the tree, the food, the adverts, the songs..ugh just typing all that is giving us happy butterflies. It's the best time of year and we never get tired of it. Christmas spirit and the atmosphere at the time of year may be the best thing ever. Are we right?
I // Italy. 
We could quite literally talk about Italy and our Nanna and Grandad forever. Thinking about it, they are probably the most influential people in our lives. We get our love of food from them, as well as our passion and the understanding that it's the little things in life that count. We constantly dream of Italy and consider ourselves incredibly lucky that it's in our blood.

J // Jenny.
We know we said we would try and think of things that you didn't know, but in writing this it really brings out what's at the forefront of our minds when looking at the letters. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't think about our "little sister." One day we may actually stop saying little, as she's nearly 23, what can we say? She'll always be our "little sister." She's the smartest, funniest most wonderful sister (getting better) we could ever have asked for.

K // Kindle.
We always said we wouldn't get Kindles, as we love the feel of a book, the colourful covers and adding them to our bookshelves, but after we both got gifted a Kindle we quickly fell in love. Thanks to our Kindles we now know so many wonderful authors, that we would never have found out about or read their work otherwise. That my friends would have been a travesty!! The likes of Rebecca Raisin, Holly Martin, Jenny Oliver, Jennifer Joyce, the list could go on on and on and doesn't bare thinking about. Granted now you can get a lot of these authors books in adorable paperbacks but if it wasn't for our Kindles to begin with, well, we would have been missing out for sure.

L // Languages.
We did French in high school for 5 years but besides the odd word have nothing to show for it. We always wished we could have taken Italian. Jen took French, Spanish and Latin at her school and as a result is much better with Italian and with her accent. Spanish and Italian are very similar. After years of being mad and blaming our mum for not speaking to us in Italian all the time as kids, and for always saying "one day we will learn" we finally got our butts into gear and started practicing with Nanna and Grandad, as well as taking up Rosetta Stone, which is awesome, and most recently DuoLingo. We find we understand Nanna and Grandad a lot more and slowly but surely are finally getting somewhere with it.

M // Mandy.
I believe we've touched on our beloved teddies in an older post but i'm not sure how much information we divulged. I'll let Lucy tell you about hers, but mine is a dog called Mandy who I have had since I was christened. I received her from a lovely lady who lived next door to our Nanna Knott and I have loved her ever since. Even at 28 years old, she goes everywhere with me and I mean everywhere. It's strange though because I wasn't as obsessed with her as a child the same way Lucy was with Nobby, my love seems to have grown with age. I couldn't imagine not having her and would probably freak out completely if anything happened to her. She is like my pet and as weird as it may sound, she is apart of me.

N // Nobby.
As Kelly touched on above, we received our precious teddies when we were christened. They both looked exactly the same back then and now, well, not so much. For some reason Kelly took hers to a be a dog and for me Nobby has always been a bear, hence my love of bears. Mandy was named after our Nanna and Grandads dog and Nobby came about because I loved the show 'Noddy' but couldn't pronounce it quite right. If you ever struggle in telling us a apart in childhood photos, you can usually just look for Nobby. He came everywhere with me, gymnastics, nursery, school, the hospital. He's basically been my ride or die since day one.

O // One Minute.
We were born one minute apart and contrary to popular belief, we aren't actually identical. We have our days when we can look very similar but to us we look like "chalk and cheese" as our mother would say. Looking back at baby pictures though, we would probably think we were identical, as back then we looked exactly the same and can never tell who's who in old photos.

P // Passion.
If you haven't gathered by now. When we love something, we looooovvvvvee it whole heartedly. We will talk about it. A LOT. Be it a book, a band, a movie, a song, a food item, family. We just can't help it. We like to think that because this "thing" makes us happy then it can make others happy too, so why not share? We know we aren't always going to like the same things as everyone but if you don't put yourself out there then you will never find the people that do. Like the saying goes. Happiness is better shared.

Q // Questionnaires. 
When we were younger, every few months we would get Twin questionnaires from a university who specialized in Twin Studies. Nowadays, we could talk for days about being Twins and how much we love it, but back then we specifically remember always thinking it was such a pain. Mum would sit us down at different times and read all these questions to us, that would make us think. More often than not there was a "Aww Mum can we just do it later?" or a "I don't know Mum!" She would always tell us that it was important and we were helping people. We'd love to see what results the university got and what information they accumulated.

R // Route 66.
In 2014 we went on the trip of a lifetime with our Dad and Jen. We completed the famous Route 66 from start to finish in 2 weeks for Jen's 21st birthday. We can not even begin to describe how awesome it was, the history, the driving, the sights, the quality family time, it was just amazing. Sometimes we can't even believe we actually did it. You can see and read more about our trip here and here.
S // Synchronized Swimming.
Yes you read that right. When we were little, our Mum enrolled us in everything. We took swimming lessons from the age of 5, followed by rookie life guarding, followed by, yep, synchronized swimming. Looking back it was a lot of fun. We definitely have the utmost respect for the professionals as it isn't easy. We will never listen to Robbie William's "Rock DJ" ever again without doing the hand movements we did in the water for that routine.

T // Trampolining. 
Another club we went to and a sport we did for a good 8 years growing up. This took us all over the country and we did a lot of competitions including a few years at the commonwealth games. This was our "serious" sport, we did classes 4 times a week until we no longer enjoyed ourselves and the fun wore off. We did take it up again a few years ago for one night a week and it was nice getting back into it...just like riding a bike!
U // Universal Studios.
We have quite a lot of cool memories from Universal Studios but today we're talking about it being the place where we first preformed for TNA wrestling. It was a big day for us and the culmination of our time on TNA's first reality TV show "British Bootcamp." It was funny being behind the scenes at the theme park. We kept having to run from the sound stage to the dressing room in our ring gear while there was a huge line of people waiting to go in the Haunted Houses for Halloween. We think we got more peculiar looks than the Zombies. It was an amazing experience to be preforming on the same show as our idol Jeff Hardy and after a week of hectic travelling it was definitely worth it. You can see the match we had on YouTube here!

V // Venice.
Our Auntie Guiseppina lives in a town called Padova which is about 25 miles west of Venice. When we were about 16, we took a trip to see her and went to Venice for 1 day. We didn't truly appreciate the history and architecture of the place back then so we would love to go again. It is a dream of our to one day visit all of Italy and with our family there we have the perfect excuse. Our Auntie Guiseppina is wonderful, we so look forward to the day we can visit her and cook with her.

W// Wrestling. 
So not too outside the box but a huge part of our lives. We wrestled for 9 years and will always be wrestlers at heart. Nowadays we still love watching it and learning. We love watching NXT and if AJ Styles or New Day comes on Raw, you know we will be watching. :)
X // X-Games.
There was a brief time in our lives when we had our hearts set on competing in the XGames, that dream was all but fleeting when we couldn't even Ollie our curb. We loved skateboarding and spent a summer trying to hone our skills. Alas it was to no avail. To put it simply...we were terrible. We did manage to go down a small skate ramp once though...winning!

Y // YouTube.
We've been on YouTube for just over a year now and are having so much fun with it. We tried a few years ago to film some episodes but things weren't clicking and we chickened out. After I'd spent 8 months away from Luc in Florida, we decided to give it another go once I was back in Kentucky and we have kept it up ever since. We love the creative outlet it brings and getting to entertain (hopefully) with our goofy ways.

Z // Zachary Levi.
 Zachary Levi, although really, what more can we say about the guy? Besides the fact that he never fails to make us smile. If you haven't already, you should really check out Lucy's magical Christmas fairy tale of the day her two absolutely wonderful sisters sent her to New York city, to watch his first Broadway show, which lead to her meeting's a real heart warmer!!! ;)

So there you have it, a complete A-Z of yours trulies! :p Be sure to check out Steph's and we encourage everyone to have a go themselves! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Passport to Paris with Rebecca Raisin.

We absolutely adore Rebecca Raisin here on this blog. She is the wonderful author of some of our favourite books, such as, 'The Gingerbread CafĂ© series', 'The Little Bookshop on the Corner' and 'The Little Bookshop on the Seine.' We are currently reading her latest book 'The Little Antique Shop under the Eiffel Tower', out on June 30th, and couldn't be more thrilled to have her on our blog today with a special guest post. Be sure to check out our previous interviews with Rebecca here and here, to learn more about this lovely lady, but for now it's time to hand you over to Rebecca as she takes you on a trip to Paris in today's guest post!

An interview with wrestler Joey Ryan!

Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, over the last year you will probably have come across the name 'Joey Ryan' on social media, followed by some reference to his penis. Don't be alarmed, it's just referencing a move Joey created in the wonderful world of professional wrestling, of which Joey is a huge part of.

How books changed our lives!

I had so much fun a few weeks ago talking about how much "Me Before You" impacted my life. I read the book, written by JoJo Moyes, four years ago and still think about the characters often. After being awed by the movie adaptation, and talking everyone's ear off about both the book and the movie over the past few weeks, I started thinking about all of the other books I have read and in what way they changed my life and influenced me. Today we thought we would share these books with you!

Happy Birthday!

Today is a huge day! One that has us happy, sad and excited all at the same time. It is a day we couldn't let go by without celebrating and a day that makes us feel incredibly blessed. For today would have been our Grandad George's 100th birthday!!! :)
Our Grandad George passed away when we were 9, you can read a little more about him and that day here, but there isn't a day that goes by were we don't think of him. He is our Dad's Dad and we loved him with every bit of us.

We remember fondly, days where we used to go to our Grandad George and Nanna Knott's house and play in their little back garden. Grandad would often be outside in the sun with us, holding our hands while we walked round the small flagstones. We also loved it when we used to have sleepovers there, we had these little tray tables we used to stick our legs under that Nanna and Grandad would serve us our food on. We loved it when they made us scrambled eggs or beans on toast, ooh but our favourite was when Nanna made roast dinners, still the best roast dinner we have ever eaten and the only time we ever ate carrots as kids, because Nanna would mash them up.We happliy sat devouring our delicious meal while the 4 of us watched TV, sat chatting, or more often than not coloured in. To this day we get excited when we see those number/alphabet/handwriting books that you can wipe clean, does everyone remember them? Nanna and Grandad would always buy them for us and we adored them. Other memories that make us laugh are of eating raw potato while Nanna cooked and sitting on their counter in the kitchen gnawing on a lamb bone, we have a picture of that somewhere! When we were with them we just felt very content and very calm and always so so loved. We can still see Grandad's face simply smiling at us as he watched us potter about.
When Grandad got poorly, we weren't able to speak to him the last few years he was with us, but we would go to the Nursing home and see him all the time. As kids, I guess we didn't overthink this, we remember bounding into his room and simply chatting away, getting excited with Dad if we thought he moved or could hear us, we just loved being with him. Writing this now makes us feel extremely teary and we want to thank our Mum and Dad for instilling this love and family values in to our lives. Grandad was and is a huge part of who we are and we don't ever look back at those times like he wasn't talking to us, it's like just being in his presence was more than enough, being there for him and him sticking around a little longer so we could talk to him just meant the world to us.
Our favourite photo of  Grandad and our Dad.

Growing up our Dad would always tell us how proud Grandad would have been of us. Apparently he enjoyed wrestling. Hearing this still makes us smile as at least now we know where we got it from. Throughout our wrestling careers, and very early on when we had people question what we were doing, we would always think back to this and want to make Grandad proud.

When we are home we like to visit the crematorium with Dad and leave cards and wish him Happy Birthday, and though today we very much wish we could give our Dad a big hug, we just want him to know that we love Grandad with all our hearts and think about him every single day, we like to talk to him too and know that he is looking down on us and has been guiding us all these years. So today we are going to celebrate and we think we know the best thing for it... roast dinner anyone?!

We love and miss you everyday!

Love always
Lucy and Kelly.

Things i've learnt on my fitness journey.

I have to admit that at the beginning of this year when I was determined to change my routine and really focus on the gym, it was because I longed to finally have a good set of abs and for my butt to perk up a bit. I didn't dislike my body but there were things I wanted to change and see if I could achieve. After 13 weeks of hitting the gym 5-6 times a week and being happy with my progress, I wanted to share some thoughts/change of thoughts I've had, and things I've learnt, a long the way.

When it comes to staying consistent positivity and living in the moment is key.
Over the years I felt like I had built a negative mindset and thought I could never have awesome quads or a bum that was a little more round. This negativity and worry lead to me being inconsistent. A few months here, a few months there, with an "I'll go tomorrow" kind of attitude that seemed to seep in every now and again. Nowadays, I look forward to working out. The minute I think about the gym, I try and go and get my workout in, without overthinking it or letting excuses catch me off guard. When I can't do that though, I like to go through my workout for the day in my head, I mentally prepare and get myself excited to go and workout. Oh the powers of the mind. In addition, those previous down days about looking a certain way, and that negativity would lead my mind to think "What's the point?" For that I believe it's so important to enjoy what you are doing and not think too much about the end result. Things take time and you need to have patience.

Enjoy the process and love your body every step of the way.
I started out with an idea in my head of what I wanted to look like and I felt like I ingrained that into my brain. This could sometimes be a negative, as touched on above. But as the weeks are progressing I honestly feel like those images have faded. While, yes I love good Ab days or noticing that my bum is getting slightly more pert, I feel it's the feeling of being strong and healthy that has been giving me all the confidence in the world lately. Seeing what my body is capable of doing has given me a whole new appreciation and love for it. While working out won't get rid of my stretch marks or give me bigger boobs (quite the opposite :p ) it makes me thankful for all that my body can do. It really is the most amazing tool. I get excited about adding more weights or jumping higher on my box squats or simply going longer on the stairmaster. In a way, I realize that there isn't really an end result for me, yes I would love to have really killer quad muscles, but my goal now is to stay consistent and keep enjoying what I'm doing. :)

Believe in yourself, change your mindset, change your life.
I don't know why but this quote has made me teary a few times over the past few weeks. You see, I'm not always the most confident person, I overthink, I worry, I get down on myself a whole lot, not only would I do all this in life but I would often be like this in the gym. I'd wonder if I fitted in, if I looked good enough or I'd feel stupid if I couldn't squat heavier and so on. With my family, I'd feel bad thinking that I'm constantly obsessing over the gym and talking about it non stop to everyone and I felt like maybe I should stop. Maybe I should listen to all these doubts. Then I remembered this quote and my brain clicked. I've had too many doubts in the past that have caused me to not fully go after what I wanted in life and that includes the gym, this time I have no intention of quitting. The funny thing is, I think it's the gym that has helped with this mindset too. It's not only made me physically stronger but mentally too. You can't squat heavy if you don't believe in yourself. If you load those plates on the bar, you better believe you are coming back up or it's going to hurt. This has had such an impact in my every day life lately when it comes to pushing past things I'm scared of and just going for it! :)

Wishing you an awesome, kick ass day!
Love Lucy xx

The Truth in Fiction: Guest post by Sophie Pembroke!

Sophie Pembroke's new book "The Last Days of Summer" is out now. You can read my review here! It brings up the very interesting topic of Truth in Fiction. Something if I'm honest, I have always wondered about when reading stories. I can't help thinking about what parts of the story have happened to the author or what characteristics in certain characters come from the author themselves or their friends and family. So today's post is very cool to me because here is Sophie Pembroke explaining just which parts of "The Last Days of Summer" are her truths in her fiction! :)

You are not alone!

Don't you just love those moments when you find that perfect meme or GIF that fits your current mood or an awkward situation you just experienced down to a tee? Isn't it incredibly satisfying to know that someone, somewhere has had the exact same thought or experience as you? All of a sudden you don't feel so silly but most importantly you don't feel so alone. That's the biggest thing really isn't it? It's so easy to think that when we do something wrong or are having a bad day or even a good day, that we are on our own, that no one anywhere has ever gone through what we are going through, so clearly we must be the most unorganized, goofy, stupid, person on the planet ever. Then we pick up our phones or fire up our computers and just on the off chance put a few keywords into google or Pinterest and all of a sudden, a grumpy cat knows exactly how we feel when dealing with customers at work, or a bunch of other girls have realized the absolute fact that Dementors are like periods. It's amazing! Just by knowing that someone else out there has created this meme or GIF, you suddenly don't feel so sad anymore.
I often wish, as I find these pictures, that people would use these as prime examples that we as humans aren't so different from each other after all. Yes we all have our own unique qualities, but when it comes down to the basics, a lot of us will laugh, smile and cry at the same things. I wish these moments of togetherness that we create, when we all made a grumpy cat famous, would help us to stop all the hate, anger, bullying, fighting, war, discrimination and whatever other negative things us humans like to create to divide us. 
This was going to be a post listing a few funny things that I have been jotting down recently, that I find myself doing and feeling silly for, until I realized a lot of people do them too. Things like rushing in the airport and trying to grab every tray you think you need in two seconds when going through security, because for some reason we all think that the people behind us who have been in line just as long, can't wait a few more seconds for you to get your stuff together properly. Or when you go through immigration and feel like you are a wanted felon even though you know you have done nothing wrong. Or having to check your phone in the cinema when the switch your phone off advert comes on, even though you know you have already put it on silent AND have already checked it twice. Or being paranoid every time you use a public restroom that someone is going to walk in on you because you just can't trust the locks in these toilets. Or waiting till the absolute last minute to put pants on to go to this last one actually just me? I mean really, why wear jeans any longer than I have to! :p 
As you can see, I had a few things I wanted to share but as I started writing, I realized that in this era of social media, deep down we already know that there are people out there who think like us and are going through the same things as us, one only has to look on Pinterest, Instagram or sites like The Chive and The Berry to know that. So in the end, I really just wanted to conclude that we should use this information to treat people a little kinder, to be more patient, to show compassion and share more love. For we are all just trying our best in the big wide world and in the end how can we expect these kind of things off other people, if we aren't giving them out ourselves?? 

I'd love if you would share your favourite meme or GIF with me in the comments below! :)

Have a wonderful day.
Love Kelly

Top 4 Healthy Breakfasts!

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. I am very much a morning person and love getting up when the apartment is all quiet and it is still dark outside. Coffee is always my first port of call before I sit at my desk to go over emails, write and work on some blog posts. During the weekdays, breakfast is usually quite simple, I'll make scrambled eggs and turkey bacon or have a bowl of oats with Almond milk plus scrambled eggs. But on the weekends I like to get a little more creative when I know I get to curl up with my husband and leisurely eat our breakfast, while watching wrestling or one of our favourite shows.

An Interview with author Katy Colins!

We are so excited today to bring you this interview with Katy Colins, amazing travel blogger, author of 'The Lonely Hearts Travel Club' series and all round inspiring and lovely person.

Me Before You: Movie Review!

One of the things I love about having our own blog is getting to chat about things that make me happy. On Friday night, while I sat in the movie theater watching a book I fell in love with four years ago come to life, I was nothing short of elated. 
"Me before you" was written by British author Jojo Moyes and is a story about love, life and making every day count. I won't go into too much detail, as I want to talk about the movie, but if you haven't read the book, you most definitely should. I have said it plenty of times on twitter but this book really did change my life. Four years ago when I was home for a year, I picked it up in Tesco, along with a Freya North novel, and I haven't stopped reading since. I have always loved books but this opened up a whole new world in my adulthood of what books can really do. They are extremely powerful tools full of adventure, roller coaster rides and are sources of inspiration, love and passion. Had I not been in the process of following my dreams of becoming a professional wrestler, whilst also getting a visa to allow me to get married in the states, this story actually made me want to move to Maryland to work with quadriplegics like Will. Maybe one day I will actually do something like that, as it is still something I  feel very passionate about.    
So after a year of waiting to see this wonderful book appear on the big screen, on Friday June 3rd, I was finally there, right in the middle of the movie theater waiting for the movie to begin. Perfect seats might I add, I knew my need to always arrive super early for these kind of things would come in handy one day.  After months of seeing the trailers for "Me before you" and religiously keeping up to date with Sam Clafin's 50 Instagram pictures leading up to the movie release, and getting goosebumps every time, I wasn't even interested in seeing the coming soon trailers, which is usually one of my favourite parts of the cinema experience, I just wanted the movie to start.
Ladies and gentlemen, it did not disappoint, not even one teeny tiny little bit. It was just perfect. One thing I felt helped me relax about the book to movie adaptation with "Me Before You," was the fact that Jojo Moyes actually wrote the screenplay. So I knew that whatever was said or done in the movie would be 100% true to the story and characters, after all, she of course would know better than anyone. 
The actors were fantastic, I honestly felt every emotion and just found myself immersed in to what was playing out in front of me. Emilia Clarke was wonderful, when Lou laughed and smiled, I laughed and smiled, when she was sad, I got teary and when she was heartbroken, I felt it too. As for Sam Claflin, he completely stole my heart, there couldn't have been a more perfect Will. Like I said before, I had been keeping up to date with his 50 pictures on Instagram leading up to the release of "Me Before You" and with each one you could just feel his passion and love for this project. I knew it would come across on screen, so he actually made me extra excited to see this movie, if that was even possible, but just knowing he loved the story as much as I did made it special. He was flawless, just amazing as Will, he made the character so raw, so real and just got it. This is actually the first role I have seen him in, I will definitely be keeping my eye on his other work as he is incredibly talented. As well as Sam and Emilia, the rest of the cast were great too, Nathan, Lou's family, I loved her sister Treena, Will's Mum and Dad, everyone played their role perfectly.
The movie as a whole managed to wrap you in a warm hug just like one of your favourite books does. That made it so lovely to me, like it packed all the bookworm feelings into a movie. Book lovers out there will hopefully understand what I mean. It wasn't just a movie I was watching, it was so much more. The fact that it was British too, made it homely and comforting to me. The settings, the dialogue, the family life, it all just made me happy, especially since I was watching it in America. I enjoyed that it was funny too. Being in the cinema and hearing everyone laugh at the same moments has a certain magic to it and there were a lot of those moments in "Me Before You." The story has a lot of everything, romance, humour, inspiration, sadness and I could tell when every person in the cinema felt those emotions. It was a wonderful experience.

It's a heartwarming and heartbreaking story and whether you read it through the pages of a book or watch it on the big screen it will really make you think. Always be thankful for what you have and are able to do and always think about how you can help others or be there for others who don't have or can't do the same. If you can make someone happy, do it! :)

In the words of Will Traynor...
Have a wonderful Monday and let me know if you've read the book or seen the movie and what you think?

Love Kelly 


An interview with: Mickie James!

Today's interview is rather serial for us. For those of you who don't know Mickie James, she is one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, a country singer and a Mum. She has wrestled for all of the top wrestling companies you can think of, has preformed at the CMA music festival, has had albums in the top 20 Billboards Heatseekers charts and to top it all of she is a wonderful, wonderful person.

Do you like good music...?

If your answer to the title of this post is yes, then you probably already know the band that is the topic of today's post, after all, music doesn't get much better than them. :)

If there is one thing that we can thank "Dancing on ice" for besides entertaining nights of television, it's introducing us to The Overtones. Well, we should say introducing our sister Jen to them, for then she passed on her new found favourites to yours truly. I clearly remember the day four years ago when we were sat in the car and she played some of their songs, we were instantly impressed with what we heard. Five albums and four live shows later, our love for this five piece vocal harmony group has only grown stronger. Which is why today I wanted to encourage you to download, buy or youtube their songs, by giving you five reasons why The Overtones are a group you should be listening to! :)

1) The classics like "Do you love me?" "Saturday Night at the Movies," "River Deep, mountain high," and "Why do fools fall in love?" never sounded so good! We have grown up listening to so many of the amazing songs that The Overtones have covered, which to us just makes listening to them nowadays, with their modern day twist, that much more special. 

2) There's nothing like a proper gentleman...or five and really who doesn't love a man in a suit? Timmy, Mark, Mike, Darren and Lachie are bringing suave back and it's a welcome sight.

3) An evening with The Overtones is quite possibly the best night out ever. It involves so much singing and dancing and is just the epitome of a feelgood time. I guarantee you won't want the night to end!

4) They are a band the whole family can enjoy. There is no sight more wonderful than seeing the smile and happiness on our Mum's face when The Overtones are onstage. It truly is priceless. To put how awesome they are in perspective, our Mum has never ventured to a concert with us and rarely even comes with us to the cinema or out for "fun" in general, so for her to have seen The Overtones not once but, wait for it, five times...yes she's seen them more than me, is nothing short of a miracle. She even asks me when they are playing again and gets excited at the mere mention of going to see them.

5) We all know the classic Christmas songs are the best. No modern day attempt at a Christmas song has ever come close to becoming a new classic that will be played year after year.....that is guessed it...The Overtones bought out (finally) their own Christmas album last year, with not one but two original tracks that are the best Christmas songs we have heard in years!! They nailed it! Just listen to "Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas" and "This Christmas" for proof!

Make sure you check them out now! Seriously, you will not be disappointed. No matter how I am feeling, the sound of Timmy's voice never fails to make me smile. They are all extremely talented men, who are great fun to watch. I can't wait for what's next from them as they just keep getting better and better!! Role on Christmas! :) 

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Are you already a fan? Let me know and tell me what song or album you love the most! :)

Have a great day!
Love Kelly