Outfit of the day: Gymshark

I was super excited that our trip home a week ago would coincide with BodyPower 2016, in Birmingham. I was beyond giddy that I would get the chance to meet Nikki Blackketter, hang out with my brother and see Eddie Hall. And of course, I already had my wish list ready to do a little Gymshark shopping! :) You can see my trip and my meeting Nikki in my BodyPower Vlog

Foodie Friday: The Green Bollington Cafe!

When at home in the UK, we usually leave it up to our brother Chris to take us to cool and delicious foodie spots. This past trip home he didn't disappoint. A client of his, he's a personal trainer, told him about The Green Bollington Cafe, in Bollington, that had only been open a week. It was about 25 minutes away from our house, so we thought it would make for a nice little family outing to go and check it out. 

28 things UPDATE! :)

Just the other day we were talking about how sometimes we can get worked up and always think about things we have to do, get mad at ourselves for not having achieved certain things yet or sometimes get overwhelmed that we are not doing enough. Back in February we each came up with a list of "28 Things to do at 28", as a way of visualizing goals and feeling accomplished when being able to tick them off. Our lists were mixture of big dreams and little dreams. Four months later we thought it would be fun to do a little update. You see, when we went over our lists we realized that not only have we already ticked off many goals, but we have also accomplished a bunch of things that we hadn't written down. It made us think about how important it is to remember what you have done and allow yourself to be proud of yourself.
I had a bunch of fitness goals on my list, all of which I ticked off in the last month, completing 10 proper press ups in a row and squatting more than I have ever squatted before. Then it occurred to me that each day at the gym I was achieving more personal bests and pushing myself like never before and it made me smile that having set those specific goals in turn inspired me to accomplish many others I hadn't even considered, almost like a domino effect.

I may not have attended a makeup event or been practicing makeup looks that I watch on YouTube, but I have attended a fitness event, BodyPower in Birmingham, and every day I try a new gym exercise that I learn from my favourite fitness YouTubers. :)

On my list I had written about doing something that scares me, though I wasn't sure what that something would be. When looking at my list each morning I realized the other day that I had done many scary things recently, I'm not talking bungee jumping or swimming with sharks, but for me it was sending off my first draft, putting myself out there for new jobs, doing promotional work and having to walk up to thousands of people to talk to them, and allowing myself to set new goals and dreams. All scary things for me but I have done them. :)

When consulting my "28 Things to do at 28" I laughed at how many things I wrote that now seem like little things, like wear my converse more or wear more jewellery. Whilst I can happily tell you that I can tick both of those things off my list, I'm even happier that there hasn't been one day that has gone by that I haven't focused on the one or two bigger things on my list, like my writing or smiling more and trying not to worry. I found that the listening to music more, another goal on my list, really helps with that one. The smaller things, like trying a new make up look, I haven't focused on as much but these bigger things I am constantly working on. Writing these things down definitely helps. I feel as though having them on paper means that any obstacles I may face just become things I have to get around or jump over because I'll be damned if I can't tick something off my "To do list." :p  I definitely feel like a more motivated and driven person this year, one that enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone even if it's just with baby steps. I find myself saying yes a lot more to things I feel I wouldn't usually do and just wanting to experience more everyday. It's a lovely feeling to know that just by a simple act of writing something down, I am striving each day to become a better version of myself. :)

We love setting goals and writing our 'To Do' lists, as we touched on above, it really helps us to visualize what we want to achieve and get the plans in motion to make them happen. In turn we feel that those positive thoughts and actions lead to accomplishing so many other things to be proud of a long the way! :)

How do you go about achieving your goals?

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

MOMA foods! Review!

MOMA Foods!
Breakfast is probably our most favourite meal of the day. We love waking up early, preparing our coffee and having a few peaceful moments to write our 'To Do' lists and get ready for the day, this includes deciding what to tuck into for breakfast. Porridge has always been a favourite, taking it back to our childhood days and enjoying a delicious warm bowl of Ready Brek, but these days we like to opt for porridge that packs more healthy ingredients, a balance of nutrients and a protein punch to start the day. We were rather intrigued when we came across MOMA foods on Instagram, the colourful packets, the scrumptious bowls of oats topped with yummy fruits, the idea of oat and fruit smoothies designed to fill you up and give you a healthy boost in the morning, sounded incredibly appealing. MOMA foods were kind enough to send us some of their goodies to try, we couldn't wait to get up in the morning and dig in.

Cranberry and Raisin Porridge.
This cranberry and raisin porridge has to be our favourite, it is so tasty. We love that the ingredients are so simple and that there is no extra sugar or additives either. The cranberries and raisins give it that touch of sweet and the oats themselves are creamy, fresh and satisfying! The same can be said for the Golden Syrup packet, it was perfectly sweet without being sugary sweet, it contained the simplest ingredients and warmed us up in the morning a treat!

Porridge pots.
Super scrumptious and super convenient when you are in a rush or on the go. These pots contain an awesome amount of protein and enough slow releasing carbs to keep you nice and full. The coconut and chia seed taste really good, we love our coconut and have been loving chia seeds at the moment, so we devoured this within minutes. 

Yog Oat Smoothies.
Usually I am a little hesitant when it comes to trying "healthier" options to treats or snacks that I love, because they always taste different and it ruins my enjoyment of what I'm consuming. However, these smoothies were delicious, I had mine as a snack before heading out the door in the morning and I loved it. It taste like a regular smoothie so there was no forcing it down because it was "healthy." Though these really are healthier with no added sugar and a higher protein content., they are amazingly yummy, with the creamy yoghurt and lovely fresh fruit and delightful flavours! 

Thank you to MOMA Foods for your wonderful parcel, we thoroughly enjoyed every one of your products and will definitely be purchasing more. :)

Be sure to follow them on Instagram @momafoods and Twitter: @Moma

Have an awesome day!
Lucy and Kelly xx

Picture Perfect!

The past two weeks have been absolutely wonderful. We had a last minute trip home due to our Nanna not feeling too well, thankfully once we arrived and after she'd spent a week in hospital, she seemed a lot better. We've spent all our time, chatting, cooking, practicing Italian, sharing our projects and cuddling with her and Grandad, as well as making the most of our time at home. We are so grateful and thankful for these moments and this time together, so today we wanted to share a few of our favourite pictures from the last two weeks! :)

Confidence Boosters!

As we are getting older we are learning more and more each day about confidence and what make us hold are heads up high. Today we thought we would share these things with you and encourage you to share with us what boosts your confidence too! :)

My husband!
My husband is incredible and just looking at him makes me smile and burst with pride. He is wonderful with knowing the right things to say that make my day and complimenting me, but it's not just his words that make me feel content in my own skin, it's the fact that around him I feel I can be myself 150% and he never makes me feel silly, embarrassed or like I can't be me. He empowers me on a daily basis and I love him for it!

Working out.
After a good gym session I always feel happy and stress free and confident and strong within myself, both body and mind.
New gym outfits!
I tend to wear a lot of gym pants and tank tops lately, the casual look fits me perfectly. They are cozy and comfortable and when it comes to being confident in clothes I definitely need comfort. It helps that there are so many awesome brands out there that do the cutest outfits. My favourite at the moment is definitely Gymshark, I could live in their clothes.

My Role Models.
My celebrity role models play a big part in giving me confidence boosts throughout the day, because when I'm happy I feel at my most unstoppable. Don't we all? There's nothing like a Zachary Levi facial expressions Voxer conversation with our little sister in the morning to help kick start my day, or watching Chris Evans laugh in interviews, to put me in a positive frame of mind. I get attached to people quite quickly, but I love that with all the bad things in the world we as people can do or say to each other, I have my role models to turn to, who are doing things daily to entertain and spread a bit of happiness around. That in itself makes me want to be confident in doing that too.

Skater Dresses.
I am most comfortable in sweat pants and my pjamas. No matter how much I will myself to wear my jeans more often or try to be more fashionable it doesn't seem to work. However, I do own a few floaty dresses that always make me feel that tad bit more confident when going out. I like that they are just simple and feel that they fit my shape best, so I don't spend the whole time I'm out worrying about how I look.
Do you ever put music on and then proceed to dance around the house whilst singing your heart out? If you answered yes, do you ever think in those moments that if someone was to see you then, they would see you at your best? Maybe I think too much, but when I'm playing music that I love eg, The Overtones and dancing around my apartment, I am confident, secure and completely happy with who I am in the moment. There is something so freeing about belting out your favourite tunes and not caring that you can't sing and have no rhythm! :p

Let us know what makes you confident in the comments below! :)
Have a beautiful, happy day!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Crosta and Mollica: ITALIAN GIVEAWAY!

By now you know how much we adore all things Italian and how incredibly giddy we get over Italian food. So today we couldn't be more excited to be working with Crosta & Mollica to bring you an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

Foodie Friday: Plateroti's Italian Gourmet!

Like we mentioned in our post about the wonderful Mini Doughnut Factory, having just moved to Florida we are keen to look up fun places to visit and eat at. Our friend Sarah mentioned a few weeks ago that Florida has quite a lot of Italian shops and markets, which we couldn't have been more thrilled about. We were eager to find one straight away to see if we could find all the goodies Mum sends us when we are feeling homesick. Upon doing a quick google search we came across Plateroti's Italian Gourmet shop and let us tell you, we are beyond ecstatic we did!

Our favourite Bloggers! :)

Not only does this blog mean we get to do what we love and share our thoughts and stories with so many awesome people, it has also introduced us to some wonderful corners of the internet, where we can relax for a few minutes, read stories, thoughts and opinions and be inspired by others who are on the same wave length as us. :) We have found the blogging world to be a lovely place, full of all kinds of people who are passionate about what they do and who love to spread kindness and encouraging words. In a world where a lot of people like to be negative and put others down, this is a breath of fresh air and we couldn't be happier to be a small part of that with "Sweet is Always in Style." With that being said, today isn't about us, it's about YOU! Those bloggers who put a smile on our face and make us excited to sit back relax and enter their worlds! :) Here are some of our favourite blogs!

Carly is a health and fitness blogger and she also has a youtube channel which you can find here!
We love reading her posts because she has such a wonderful way with words. If you are into fitness but also love your food, she has such great advice on how to balance your food and fitness goals. Her recent posts about confidence and imperfection had us feeling incredibly inspired and empowered us to be happy with who we are, you should definitely check them out. We love Carly because we know no matter how we are feeling, when we read her posts she will give us a big confidence boost and make us smile!

Steph is a blogger that we automatically connected with. All her posts and topics are things we love, thoughts we are feeling or about food....and we loooove food! :) She covers an array of different subjects so there is always something new to read and get excited about. Like her happiness journal, we love writing things down and making lists and thought this was such a good idea. or her Spiced Gingerbread Smoothie recipe, we only had to read Gingerbread and smoothie to know we would like that post. Then there's her gym posts, we enjoy keeping active and staying fit so it always motivates us when Steph posts about her progressas well as what she loves about keeping fit with tips and advice she has learnt. She also takes great pictures that we adore looking at. :)

We first came across the Alberti Twins on Instagram, it's always fun finding other Twins out there, but when we found out more about them we couldn't help but laugh and smile. Not only are they twins but they live in Manchester England, have Italian parents, blog and do youtube videos!!!! Sound familiar?? We knew they would be two people we were definitely going to connect with. We like reading about and watching them make delicious authentic Italian food and we love that, like us, they are incredibly proud of their heritage and family history! You can find awesome recipes like this one for Torta di Nocciole on their blog and watch them make delicious Spaghetti Carbonara on their youtube channel.

Jemma's blog is awesome for so many reasons. It's colourful, fun, funny, unique and informative. She always has really useful tips on blogging, Instagram and social media, that we've found really helpful. She also provides awesome chats on twitter via her group #thegirlgang which allows bloggers from all over the world to connect, communicate and promote their blogs. It's a really cool group for meeting new people and spreading positivity and we think it's so great that Jemma created it. The internet definitely needs more people being nice and kind to each other! :) 

What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading? Who are your favourites?
If you're a blogger too, please leave us your links in the comments below so we can connect! :)

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly

*Photos of bloggers are their own pictures from their blogging profiles!

Things I like to see when people watching!

Recently, while at Busch Gardens a few weekends ago, I noticed how much I watch other people and how I instinctively smile at certain sights I see. Obviously this isn't really a new revelation, we all people watch and are curious about others, but on this particular day it inspired me to write a post and take note about the things I love witnessing. It made me smile that sometimes if we really do pause to stop and smell the roses, we can witness a little bit of love and positivity each day. I'll start with the moment that inspired me.

*My husband and I were waiting in line for a ride and two parents in front were taking pictures of their son, both of them had cameras, then the Mum told the Dad to get in the shot and for the little boy to stand next to him. As the boy did this, he wrapped his arms around his Dad's neck and smiled so big, which in turn made my heart melt.

*I love seeing parents interact with their kids and properly playing with them in public. Whether it be while waiting in a line or at a restaurant. Anything, that means the kids aren't sat on an Ipad or phone.

*Kids colouring in at restaurants.

*Kids running through water fountains. (You can tell I've been to a lot of theme parks.) This one reminds me of being in Florida when we were little as we did this then. They always look so carefree and happy, as well as shocked every time they get wet!

*People giving food to a homeless person. My husband always does this, especially when he's in England and it's cold. He will buy an extra pasty from Greggs and give it to someone in need.

*Helpful people. When someone picks up an item that someone has dropped or helps them if they are struggling carrying something or opening a door. In these moments we are all the same, no judging, it's just being there for someone when they need us regardless of who we are or where we come from.

*Polite, well behaved kids. I'll admit there are times when a child/teenager will say thank you, or let me go first or hold a door open for me and at first I feel slightly taken aback. Then it makes me smile that there are still kids out there who are being brought up with respect and manners and that they use them!!

*Elderly couples out shopping together or at the cinemas.

*Seeing people enjoying the sunshine, whether it be on the beach here in Florida or outside the pub having a drink in England on a welcome "hot day."

*My last one is something I actually witnessed at work the other day. I was checking someone out at the register and an elderly lady asked me if she could use the phone. I got it out for her and noticed that after she put it down she looked rather sad. I asked her if she was OK, as I continued with my customers, and she told me the phone was busy and she didn't have a ride home. She looked so disheartened that it made me sad and I didn't know what to do. The mother and daughter that I had just served started to walk away. I asked the lady a few more questions and she told me she didn't know what to do because she couldn't get hold of who she needed. Just then the aforementioned daughter walked back over and said "M'am, where do you live?" the lady replied and the mother seemed to know where the place was, so the daughter said "we can give you a lift home." Well, you should have seen the elderly ladies face. She was so happy and grateful and completely over the moon. I thanked the Mother and Daughter for their help and they all walked off, as they did so I heard the elderly lady say "Oh I hope i'm not taking you out of your way." She was so sweet and it filled my heart with happiness that those ladies were so kind to help her.

In a world where we are often always listening to bad news on the radio or watching terrible stories on the news, it's lovely to look around us and witness the good that's happening right in front of our eyes! :)

What makes you smile when people watching? What have you witnessed that warmed your hearts lately?

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Love Kelly x

10 reasons why Colin Shea is the perfect guy!

It's no secret that we love Chris Evans, he just seems wonderful in every way, and while we could probably write a long list of what makes him so perfect, we thought we would have a bit of fun today with one of the characters he plays in our 'Go To Girly Night In' movie. Hands up if you've seen "What's your number?" Hands up if you've seen it more than ten times *Raises both hands* If you haven't seen it, why? Make sure you watch it like now!!! NOW!! You don't know what you're missing! Below are ten reasons, along with pictures and gifs, you're very welcome, why Colin Shea is the perfect guy! :)
He’s honest.

OK so he may sleep with half the women in Boston but at least he’s honest about it! We know what we’re signing up for with him and if we’re lucky enough to break down the walls we know it’s because he really cares.

He doesn’t take life too seriously.

He’ll jump in the harbor and play strip horse with us and teach us to laugh at our silly mistakes. Life’s supposed to be fun and he’ll make sure we know that.

 His smile.

Need we really say more.

He’s ripped but not too ripped.

While it’s obvious that he works out and is definitely confident in his own skin, he’s not too big, he’s pretty much perfect. *Insert heart eyed emoji*

He buys you Chinese food and pizza.

What could be better than coming home from a day at work to Chinese food or pizza while sitting on the couch having a laugh, dancing around to music and being happy and comfortable in our own skin?

He plays guitar AND sings.

So he may be a “struggling musician” but at least he’s a good one and if it means we get to sit and watch him play guitar in just his underwear, the way he likes to play best then who are we to complain?

 He accepts you for you.

He’s been there through all our mistakes but he’s never judged or made us feel bad. He lets us do what we have to do, even if we make some really bad decisions and he likes us anyway. We can eat what we want, say what we want and act anyway we want. We also don’t have to wake up and brush our hair or put a little make up on in the morning because he likes us just the way we are.

If you give him a project, he’ll do it right.

If we ask him to do something, he’ll do it properly even if it is something stupid. He’ll listen to what we would like him to do and will get the job done.

He’s thoughtful.

He knows how much our little hobbies or side projects mean to us and he’ll support us with them 100%. They may not make us money but if it makes us happy, he’s all for it.

His morning plans include making breakfast and watching wrestling.

What could be more perfect than a guy that cooks AND wants to watch wrestling in the morning?? This means we know he wants to spend the day cuddled up and spending time together. No rush, just the two of us and there’s no place he would rather be.

Hope you enjoyed this list and that it made you want to see the movie, if you're one of the few people who haven't seen it yet. It really is hilarious, both Chris Evans and Anna Faris are awesome in it and it honestly never fails to make us smile. Here's one more gif just because, well, Chris Evans...

Happy Friday!! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Fitness Collaboration with Hello Steph!

Over the past seven weeks I have felt more motivated than ever to push myself in the area of fitness. I have a vision and a goal and am determined to stay focused. I have been hitting the gym 5-6 times a week and I honestly feel like I have turned over a new leaf. With the help of my brother, my husband and some of my YouTube favourites, like Nikki Blackketter and Ashley Nocera, going to he gym has become my release and one of my happy places. I love talking with other people who share the same mindset and have been loving Steph, from Hello Steph, posts on her own workout journey. I got in touch with Steph and thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite gym exercises with each other and also with you guys, so be sure to head over to Steph's Top Exercises at the Gym, to read all about Steph's favourite workouts too! :)

As for me I'm a leg day girl through and through, so I had to think hard about some of my upper body exercise favourites, I kind of sort of threw one in! :p

Weighted Squats!
I love to squat and my favourite is simply just hitting the squat rack. Over the years my brother has really helped me with the correct form and I've slowly been adding more weight and challenging myself. It's my favourite thing overall to do at the gym. It truly tests my mind and I think that's what I love about it, believing in yourself really will take you far. Be sure to reach out to someone and ask for advice if you haven't done these kind of exercises before. I recently had to double check with my brother that I was doing it right, as far as adding weights, drops sets and such, and he set me on the right track. Some days I lift heavy, other days I feel the tension and push for those reps.

Lunges to knee lift!
These are an absolute killer. I do these on the smith machine, at the moment I'm doing 3 sets of 12 reps on each leg, with 25lbs each side. This is a new one for me and I love it and hate it. You really feel your Glutes working and the last few reps get me every time, but I love them because they really make you sweat and I can feel my muscles shaking and working their hardest.

Box Jump Squats!
These are so much fun and boy do they burn, but again I love them because they push me and make me feel incredibly powerful and springy afterwards...like a ninja. :p I enjoy testing myself getting higher each time too!

Squat to shoulder press!
I've been having a lot of fun with Plyo's recently as it really gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat buckets. I chop and change the exercises but these sessions can include burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings, jumping lunges, jumping squats, anything that gets the blood pumping and works your whole body. I like these squats into a shoulder press, I can concentrate on my form with each movement and it's a challenge to push that little more once you come up from your squat. My shoulders most definitely feel that burn.

Ab Crunch TRX!
These really test my core and hit my lower abdominals, they make me sweat and shake, but I actually enjoy them and love the feeling of strength I get the more I do them. 

Having recently worked with a personal trainer and tweaking my routines, a little tip I can give you is to make sure you are switching your workouts up and constantly pushing your body with new exercises, in addition to changing your reps and sets, it's so important in order to stop your body simply going through the motions. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite exercises, I'd love to read about yours below. And if you're on a fitness journey too, keep pushing, keep challenging yourself and know that you can do anything you set your mind to! :)

Thank you Steph for collaborating with me on this post, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Wishing everyone an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

Let's play ball: Star Wars Night at Brighthouse field!

Last weekend my husband surprised Lucy and I with tickets to a baseball game. We have the Clearwater Threshers about 10 minutes up the road from where we live and last Saturday happened to be Star Wars night.