An Interview with author Fiona Collins!

Today we are joined by the wonderful Fiona Collins, whose book "A Year of Being Single" is out NOW! We absolutely fell in love with this book but aren't going to give too much away today as we can't wait to share our review with you tomorrow over on Books are always in style! :) For now we have an interview with Fiona, which is equally as funny and lovely as her awesome book. We can definitely see her quickly becoming one of our favourite authors! :) Enjoy!

Top 5 favourite snacks!

With me stepping up my gym game as of late I have been needing to eat a lot more, having to make sure I am getting enough protein, carbs and fats each day as well as all the right amounts of vitamins and nutrients, in order to build muscle and keep my joints and bones healthy. I aim to eat 5 meals a day which can include eggs, salmon, chicken, avocado, broccoli, turkey bacon, tomato's, brown rice, oatmeal, more chicken, the occasional steak and ground turkey. I use a lot of these ingredients during the week and like to mix them up to make a variety of dishes so I don't get bored. Today I thought I would share some of my favourite go to snacks though for when I need a little pick me up or a few extra calories. :)

Lenny and Larry's cookies.
I tried these cookies a few weeks back and oh my goodness they are delicious. I'm not always a huge fan of Protein bars as I always feel like they have that funny protein taste that seems very processed, but these don't have that at all. It's literally like you are eating a cookie! They have so many flavors to choose from, such as birthday cake, coconut chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, pumpkin and lemon just to name a few. I'm loving the double chocolate one at the moment. I'm also really eager to try their Muscle Brownies and Muffins. You can check out all the delicious options here: Right now they are also doing a mystery box of 12 cookies for just $19.95 which is definitely a fun way to try some of their flavours! :)

Protein shake.
Often after I workout I don't always feel like eating right away. Lately I have been whipping up this yummy concoction of 1 banana, a scoop of whey protein, ice, water and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter. It helps me get the Protein my muscles need straight after a workout. I will also use this as a breakfast option too if I don't feel really hungry so early in the morning.

Power crunch bars.
These I adore! Like I mentioned above Protein bars aren't always my thing but when I'm craving something sweet and chocolaty I love that I can now turn to something like this that is far better for me than a bar of chocolate. Along with the cookies, these would have to be my absolute favourite Protein bar ever, I love that it is a wafer as it totally satisfies my biscuit cravings and just tastes so good. I like to keep these handy when I'm spending the day out and about so I don't get hangry and tempted to eat everything in sight. I find these at Walmart and Publix.

Peppers/ cherry tomato's.
I saw these tomato's and peppers in Walmart the other day and thought they would be perfect for snacking, I have been munching on them when I feel like I need some extra veggies and added vitamins. Usually I will have a portion with a few slices of deli chicken in order to bring the Protein up.

Ground Turkey/Broccoli.
This is super easy to whip up and I like preparing it so I have enough to last a few days. I keep a few containers in the fridge and will often have something like this as a lunch or dinner but with some whole grain brown rice, but I like to keep the lighter version, just the turkey and broccoli or green beans, available as a snack to make sure I'm getting plenty of protein in during the day and not reaching out for "bad" foods to nibble on.
What snacks do you enjoy? Do you have a favourite Protein shake mix or Protein bar? Or what do you like to whip up when you're hungry?
Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

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Must see/ Must eat! Mini Doughnut Factory! Tampa.

Having only been living in Clearwater for just over a month, we thought it would be fun to do a little research and find out more about the area and what it has to offer. Being huge foodies we naturally looked up the must visit places for yummy treats and delicious food. The Mini Doughnut Factory popped up on our Instagram and we immediately knew we had to pay a visit.

Happy St George's Day!

Happy St George's Day to all our fellow Englishmen and women!
Technically it's tomorrow, so we're a little early, but we wanted to do a post non the less. The whole world seems to go crazy celebrating the likes of St Patrick's day and we feel for some reason even back home us English folk are a little reserved in our celebrations for St George's day. For us though, our hearts have always been excited and proud of St George's Day. We like to throw little parties at home, bake English treats and decorate the house with a banner or two. Our Dad instilled in us that this was an important day and one that deserved to be recognized as much as all the main stream media that other holidays get. In addition to St George being England's patron Saint, it's special to us as George was also the name of our Grandad, our Dad's Dad. Being half Italian we often celebrate Saint's days, for example, St Christopher and St Lucia with them being family names, so we know when we talk about St George's Day or wish our Dad a happy St George's Day, it makes him smile, almost as though we are using that day as another way to celebrate our Grandad George and remember him. With that being said, we feel like we don't know as much as we should about my country's patron Saint, so we thought it would be fun to do a little research and share some history with you.

About St George!
St George is England's patron saint. St George's Day is celebrated on April 23rd which is the anniversary of his death, he was actually executed for being a Christian. St George was a solider in the Roman army and legend has it that he once slayed a dragon to save a princess from being sacrificed.

St George's day used to be a national holiday in England but isn't anymore, which is a shame. Growing up we felt there wasn't as much recognition for this special day, though these days some towns will hold parades or parties and a lot of pubs back home will hang up the St George's cross which is usually found as a flag, white with a red cross. We love seeing this and hope it will continue to grow and be a day that people come together and celebrate once again. It is used as England's national flag and it, combined with the cross of St Andrew (Scotland) and St Patrick (Ireland) make up the British flag. Some people will also put red roses on their lapels in celebration.

Grandad George!
Our Grandad George was awesome and we miss him everyday. He passed away when we were 10 but we still have so many fond memories of the time we spent with him. We won't divulge too many stories here though as we have a special post coming up in a few weeks just for him! :)

Why not make some yummy English treats tomorrow in order to celebrate. Here are two of our favourites. Scrumptious Bakewell Tarts and traditional Jam Tarts.   We made these a few weeks back when we were missing home and oh my goodness...heaven! :)

Cherry Bakewell Tart!

Jam tarts!

So there you go, a little more of an insight into a day that's close to our hearts! Hope everyone back home has a great day tomorrow!

Lucy and Kelly xx

Take us back to the 90's! Sweet edition!

We loved writing about our favourite childhood movies in our 'Take me back to the 90's' post and it was so much fun to sit back and reminisce about childhood and all the things that we got up to in the 90's Tag. I don't know whether it happens to us all as we get older, where we think about and miss the good old days of being care free, no real responsibilities or worries, more often? But personally I have found myself doing that a lot lately. I feel as though looking back somewhat brings me comfort in this ever changing and often scary world. I find myself saying thank you on a daily basis for the wonderful childhood I had and the happy memories I have. So today I thought I would share a list of some of our favourite sweets growing up, that again prove just how awesome the 90's truly were. :) 

Rainbow Drops

I remember walking to the corner shop and these being the sweets we always chose with our little bag of coins. They really don't taste of much but when you're a kid and you see all the colours and something called 'Rainbow drops' you want them in your life. They taste like little puffs of cereal and we loved them. Uh we need to hunt for them in the States now! Get in ma belly! :p

Choc Dips.

Hands up everyone who was addicted to these 'Choc dips' and who still squeals with delight when you see them in the shops!!!! Yes, we still do that. :p I remember these being something that our Mum would let us have. She knew we loved them and they weren't too messy and I guess being Italian you can't really say no to having little breadsticks for a snack! :) 

Milky Bar Chow

I'm pretty sure these came a little later in the 90's when Milky Bar were branching out and chocolate companies were mixing and experimenting will all sorts of yummy flavours and textures. But oh my gosh how scrumptious!! These were most definitely a favourite. The best white chocolate to us will always be the Milky bar, so this is just an even more delicious concoction, that melt in your mouth white chocolate with a chewy center. Yes please!. Mum was much more of a fan of us eating chocolate rather than sweets, so I remember being able to have these as a snack every now and again. 


There was a time, back in the day, that when we heard the ice cream van we didn't jump for joy at the thought of a yummy 99 with raspberry sauce and a Cadbury flake, like we do now, if you can believe that? Alas, we would hear the sweet song of a 'Teddy bears picnic' informing us the ice cream van would soon grace us, and we would race to beg Mum and Dad for a few pounds so we could purchase 'Zappers'. Yes Zappers. They were the sour bubblegum that we would happily chew for hours, our tongues turning all sorts of colours as we blew bubbles and played outside on our bikes or roller blades with our friends. I'd take the 99 these days, I'm not so much a huge fan of bubblegum anymore, but these sure do bring back awesome memories. I can almost taste them. 

As I mentioned above, our Mum wasn't a huge fan of us having sweets, she much preferred chocolate and I think to this day I am much more a chocolate person like her too, but every now and again I can't resist some Haribo cola bottles. Refreshers were my couldn't resist way back when. They were the sweet that I used to always want if we were having a school party or disco or when we got to buy a pick a mix at the Cavendish center on a Friday night. I loved the sherbet inside and they just tasted so good. I have to admit though that they could sometimes hurt your teeth. 

Jelly Tots.

Aaahhh Jelly Tots, the family favourite! We used to decorate our rich tea biscuits or cakes with these such treats. I think they were one of Mum's favourites too as I always remember them being in the house. They were soft and chewy that made them great for our little baby teeth and there was always enough in the packet that meant the four of us could share them.

Do you remember these sweets? What were/are your favourites? We would love to know in the comments below. Ooh and please share if you think of a good one we have missed. :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy 

Husband Appreciation.

"Are these clothes dirty, or are they right next to the washing basket for a reason?"

"Please can you turn your socks the right way round before they go in the wash basket?"

"Your towel hangs up over there...on the towel rail. It doesn't go on the floor or over the shower!"

"Thank you for leaving all the dishes for me to do in the morning, so sweet!"

"It's OK i'll make dinner for the 7th night in a row, then fold laundry, you just rest, you've had a long day."

"Yes your coffee is ready and your lunch is packed. What do you think I've been doing since half 6 this morning??"

OK OK I'll stop now, the title of this post after all is Husband appreciation. This thought came to mind just the other day as I was driving. You see sometimes we as women can find living with men very difficult, sure we love them but sometimes it's just plain hard work. This may not go for all women but I'm sure there are a few of you who can relate to the above dialogue and may have even uttered similar words to your husband, boyfriend or partner recently too.
Sometimes it can be so frustrating and you feel like you've had enough. They think we nag but in reality they don't get that if they did that thing you asked the first time or maybe even the second, you wouldn't have to ask them fifty times. It's not rocket science guys, it's actually rather simple. I for one think men made up the word nagging to make us women seem annoying, when in actual fact, they would find us lovely human beings if they just said yes or did whatever was asked of them a month ago, but that's another story and I'm going way off topic.

Today I wanted to take a minute to actually thank my husband for all the things he does for me rather than criticize him for all the things he may not, because like I said before, whilst I was driving the other day, I thought for a few moments about all the things he has to put up with from me. Yes I'll admit it, as much as I may like to think I am the wonderful, doting, wife, I can be a pretty big pain in the ass too. Here are the things I thought about that I do and why I'm thankful for my husband.

I don't like driving, I do it when necessary but I don't enjoy it.  
My husband will drive me anywhere at any time when asked. Sometimes he will push me because he knows I need to be a grown up but most of the time he just hops in the car and takes me wherever I need/want to go.

I don't like ringing people up. 
Yes at 28 I do not like having to ring important places up, especially if it's to do with a bill issue or some kind of question that may involve slight confrontation. Nine times out of ten, I will tell my husband the details or just ask him to ring up and he will do it.

I am incredibly sentimental and emotional.
I can be happy one minute then "down" the next. I talk a lot about being positive but don't always show it. Throughout all my little mood swings and emotional moments, my husband will hug me, make me listen to motivational stories or just sit and tell me things will be OK. Sometimes he likes to give me advice and sometimes he will just listen. Either way I should appreciate more that he's always there.

I am annoyingly OCD about our apartment and things being in their place.
I'll be honest, I don't think he's quite got the helping me with this part down yet so I'm just going to leave it here as one of my annoying things that he has to live with.

I'm not the best with technology. 
I love writing this blog as well as doing our YouTube videos but while filming the videos is fun, the editing part isn't my favourite. If it's a simple video I can do it no problem but the ones you see with green screen or graphics, they're all him. He will stay up late making a video awesome for us and I'm so grateful that when we have crazy ideas, he helps us bring them to life. If it wasn't for him, our more exciting videos would still just be ideas in our heads.

I talk in circles, change topic of conversation as fast as a new thought pops into my head and talk like I'm auditioning for a theater production based on my life.
This one I'm pretty sure he struggles with but will usually make a joke, pick on me a little then let me proceed with my monologue. He allows me to ramble and get things out of my head even if his brain is probably ready to explode.

There are probably plenty more of my imperfections that I could share, as well as many more things that my husband does that drives me mad, but just for today and what the heck maybe tomorrow, here's to us being two imperfect people, who drive each other crazy but love each other just the same!

Thank you Chris for the 99 things you do right, I'll forget about that 1 thing just for minute!! ;)

Have a great day everyone. How do you cope living with your boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives/partners? What do you do to live in harmony?

Love Kelly

Festa Italiana!

This past weekend we headed to Ybor, Florida for Festa Italiana. We were there to promote a magazine subscription called The Highlife Magazine, which you can check out here. On Saturday we joined Team THL Magazine in the game of Bocce Ball, an Italian game similar to that of bowling on the greens in England. It was the first time we ever played it, but after a pep talk from our Nanna and tips on how to play it, well, kind of tips, she just sounded so cute and in reply to our "How do you play it?"question, she simply said "Yes, you play Bocce." Thanks Nanna, that's all the advice we needed, no overthinking, no worries, we just played and it turns out we were pretty good. Our team came 6th out of 40 plus teams!! It was awesome to be surrounded by so many Italians and authentic Italian vendors and I think Kelly and I may have found our calling in life and next job venture...Professional Bocce Ball players! :p

Sunday was the bigger event, with over 40 different food vendors set up, a stage for musicians, raffles and a procession. Again, it was the most wonderful thing for Kelly and I to be surrounded by all things Italian and to soak in Italian culture. When the band started playing 'Volare' you can bet we jumped up as giddy as can be and sent a video to our little sister immediately. :)

Here are some of the pictures we captured from a sunshine filled weekend, enjoying the best food in the world and spending every second thinking of our family and how blessed we are. 

Up and down the streets all you could see were these bold signs advertising the most scrumptious food. From meatball subs, aubergine fries, cannoli and zeppole, to Italian cookies, Italian ice and la ceperia's, the smell in the air was pure heaven. 

Playing Bocce ball. This was such a fun game. We were in teams of four, with two members of each team on opposite sides. You start by throwing the small white ball, the Pallini, down the green, it has to go over half way, and then you have four shots at getting the bigger balls as close to that one as possible, with each team taking turns. It's definitely harder than it looks but we had a blast and did really well. 

They had a tent set up for grape squashing. This made us smile as we used to do this with our Grandad all the time when we were kids, that was until we were old enough to start using the machine he had to make wine. His garage was always full of bottles of wine fermenting. :)

Me being super excited that they had fresh Zeppole. Zeppole are like little donuts dusted in powdered sugar. These ones were really good but not quite as yummy as Grandads! :) 

Kelly fancied trying some Italian ice, as they had quite a few vendors there and every time we saw someone with it, it looked awesome. Our must try flavours...Cherry and Lemon of course. We grew up eating gallons of Italian Lemon sorbet and it's still one of our favourites to this day, we adore anything and everything lemon. This lemon Italian ice did not disappoint, my goodness was it delicious. It was smooth, rich, fresh and so full of flavor, same goes for the cherry one too, definitely glad we picked those two.

These aprons had us laughing out loud, they are perfect. We were so tempted to get the "Mangia E Statti Zitto" one for our little sister. In Italian that means "Eat and shut up." It would be welcome in our house for when we are trying to get our Nanna to eat, sit down and stop worrying about everyone else! We sure do love her! :) 

These flowers and the Virgin Mary made us think of Nanna, so naturally we had to take a picture to show her. She loves flowers and she would have thought this statue was beautiful! :)

We hope you enjoyed seeing our weekend in pictures. I know we talk about all things Italian a whole lot but we simply can't help it! Let us know what family traditions you have or what food you grew up making with your Grandparents in the comments below! :)

Have a lovely day.
Love Lucy xx

Hot topic: Balance.

I felt like today's post was going to be an angry one, that when I came to sit down to write I was going to get on my high horse and shout from the tree tops about how awful the world has become and how everyone needs to start agreeing with my opinions and realizing i'm right. :p Well, then I actually sat down to write and all of a sudden I started realizing that I seemed to have contradictory thoughts to my original opinion. I came to the conclusion that I would have to take all these thoughts into consideration. Today's hot topic is about balance, just how do we find a happy medium? And is there such a thing as right and wrong anymore?

Recently, British YouTube sensation Zoella hit the headlines for posting a picture of her in bed where you could see her knickers. It kicked off a media frenzy of both people standing up for her and people bashing her for being scandalous. Zoella responded with "I hope one day we will live in a world where promoting self love & body confidence won't be sexualised or shamed" Upon coming across this news, these were my thoughts.

Thought 1: Ok really? People have to make such a big deal over nothing.

Thought 2: Why as a society are people acting like posting pictures in your underwear is ok?

Thought 3: She's right, let's all be confident in our bodies and in our underwear.

Thought 4: Why is it that people seem to think to be "Body Confident" means showing as much skin as you can.

Thought 5: Well actually, I look up to all these fitness people and they are often in short shorts and crop tops to show off their muscle.

Thought 6: Bikini's are a thing so why is it such a big deal.

Thought 7: But I don't want my daughter thinking that Body Confidence means taking pictures in your underwear and sharing it with the world.

As you can see, there was a lot of back and forth in my brain and it got me thinking. How do we find the right balance of right and wrong? Is there a right and wrong when it comes to posting pictures, nudity, fashion, art, music, life? I honestly don't know anymore.

I have to admit that if I had a daughter I feel I would be in two minds, if she takes pictures on holiday in a bikini then I don't think I'd find a problem with it, but if she took a picture in bed with her knickers on, I'd probably take away her phone. Of course, I'm talking my, hypothetical, daughter being a teenager not in her twenties. So is it ok that Zoella posted said picture? She's an adult. Really she can do whatever she wants, right? No matter how young her audience is, she's got older girls watching her too. Is it down to the parents of the younger kids to be aware as to what their kids are looking at and dealing with it with their own discretion?

As I touched on above, there's the other side of the coin where you have athletes and artists, such as Pink and Rhonda Rousey, who have bared skin and done so in a tasteful manner, so really does it just come down to each to their own? Does it come down to parents teaching their children the boundaries, ages limits, deciphering art and then trusting them? I think the main difference I feel ok with fitness people showing off their muscles compared to young girls showing off their underwear, is that underwear is supposed to be a private thing. Forget the lingerie ads for a minute and really think about the things in life that are supposed to be special, sacred and kept to ourselves. Is the problem really that the line has completely blurred with people oversharing? For me personally I will post gym photos, but the idea of the world seeing my Marks and Spencer's finest makes me cringe. When it comes to us adults and our actions, am I the only one who gets excited that there are parts of me that only my husband gets to see? Does that whole mindset of sentimental, private, special, love and such even exist anymore? Or is it encouraging for us grown women to post somewhat revealing photos for likes and approval? Does it help boost our self image and confidence? Does it inspire us to empower each other and connect with each other as a way of showing we love our bodies? Or is it too much? Does it take away our respect and make us vulnerable when you are allowing men/women to see you in your barest form?

I think I examine these thoughts of mine more as I get older due to wanting kids in the near future. I don't wish to be a prude when it comes to expressing yourself and I don't consider myself one. I want my kids to be as creative and imaginative as possible. In addition, I am aware that celebrity and social media does not have to be a part of everyday life, as there's a whole world of adventure and nature to explore, which I hope to show my kids and not have them glued to a phone or the TV. However, the joy of TV crushes and first favourite bands and TV shows, I want them to experience and that is when my mind will go into overdrive with the state of the music videos and shows these days, and what the world considers expression.

In my overall opinion, I know the world is changing and when comparing it to my childhood, if I'm being honest, it totally freaks me out. While I may not think what Zoella did was that bad, I do think what our younger generation is becoming accustomed to seeing is terrifying. I feel we do have to stand up to it more and yes, teach children body confidence and self love, but also remind them that being young and innocent is one of the most awesome things that you can't get back. There's no rush to grow up and become a women/man, enjoy being a kid. When you're 16, I feel the only time underwear should cross your mind is when it's giving you a giant wedgy while your busy trying to body slam your brother in the back garden! ;p

I'd love to see the world come together to protect and allow kids to be kids. That doesn't mean they aren't going to hear bad words or sexy songs, have you gone back and listened to the Spice Girls?... It's quite the shocker! :p It just means that we don't rush in trying to teach them everything under the sun about sex and make a big deal about it. Furthermore, we don't allow them to have free reign on social media at 12. When we live in a world where celebrities are getting accused of dating underage teenagers, men being called the most horrible names and being blamed because girls are dressed to the nines and do not look their age, when are we going to stop and say hello parents, be parents? When are we going to take some of the blame ourselves and teach what is right? No man would have got confused when I was a kid, I was too busy deciding what wrestling school I was going to go to than caring about they way I looked and wanting to post pictures of myself in my knickers. :p

And in regards to us adults, like the gorgeous Emma Watson states in the quote above, do you think we could maybe start empowering body confidence with our clothes on?

In all, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

Interview with author Jennifer Joyce!

I am so beyond happy that Jennifer Joyce got in touch with us about her new book "The Wedding Date" because I loved it, A LOT!! You can read my review here today so I won't ramble, but seriously you need to check it out! I already have her others books on my book list and couldn't wait to interview her to find out more about the person behind this fabulous and hilarious book I just read. She is awesome and also lives in Manchester! Yay for our home sweet home! Enjoy this interview and keep an eye out for Jennifer on lots of other blogs this week on her blog tour! :)

Take us back to the 90's: Tag!

We have loved chatting about all things 90's lately. Our favourite movies, shows, people and how much growing up in that era was incredibly fun! So when Danielle from Underland to Wonderland did a 90's tag and tagged us in it, we were super excited! Thank you Danielle! :) Click on the link above to read her tag! Without further a do, let's take a trip down memory lane....

1. Favourite Disney Film?
Lucy: Hmm before Tangled came into my life, I'd have to say my favourite Disney film was Aladdin, I used to love that one growing up. Ooh and Beauty and the Beast.
Kelly: I would say Beauty and the Beast although I think that's more as I got older. Ahh no actually it was 'Man of the House" starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Chevy Chase. We LOVED that movie and would search for it in every video rental place, even when we went to New York for the first time, we looked everywhere! It was funny and of course we had massive crushes on JTT!! :)

2. Favourite Music Artist?
Lucy: S Club 7, Spice Girls, Gareth Gates.
Kelly: Spice Girls, S Club 7, Gareth Gates!!

3. Favourite Sweets?
Lucy: Drumstick lollies, Jelly Tots, Fruit Pastilles, red licorice with the sherbet inside.
Kelly: Refreshers, Jelly Tots. Ice Cream man pick a mixes!!

4. Favourite Game? (Board game / school game)
Lucy: Tamagotchi and basically making everything from 'Art Attack' or playing 'Power Rangers' or witches in the garden.
Kelly: Tamagotchi board game. Anyone else remember that? We used to play it in our loft. Honestly though we didn't play a whole lot of board games, we just played with everything. We loved playing teachers and being outside.

5. Favourite McDonalds 'Happy Meal' Toy?
Lucy: Ooh the little Beanie Babies.
Kelly: Can't really remember many so I'm going to say the tiny little beanie babies.

6. Favourite Book?
Lucy: I loved any book that had bears in it when I was growing up and even into my teens I loved childrens books. I had a Noddy annual that I still have and adore, I had a big Paddington Bear book my Dad got me, ooh and one book called 'The Bear father Christmas forgot' which was the cutest, I also still have that. Ooh and we loved the 'Lucy and Tom' stories and anything from Shirley Hughes. 
Kelly: Harry Potter, my Twinkle annuals and The Magic Faraway Tree books.
7. Favourite Clothing Store?
Lucy: Tammy Girl. Oh my goodness, those were the days. We loved all the cute tees and platform shoes. I swear I had this exact same cat top as shown above! :p And don't get me started on the puffy waistcoats, I'm certain I had one in light blue that I adored.
Kelly: I'm going to have to agree with Danielle and say Tammy! I mean really what else would it be? Our Mum had to rush us into Stockport to go there once before a school trip away. Needless to say we left very happy with our puppy shirts and little baby pink and baby blue bubble waistcoats!

8. Favourite TV Show?
Lucy: TV was THE BEST back in the 90's. There were so many great kids shows. Superman with Dean Cane was always on in our house, as well as Thunderbirds and Stingray and of course the Power Rangers. Home Improvement was a family event and we adore Two of a Kind, Sister Sister, Sabrina and Lizzie McGuire.
Kelly: Oh my goodness, there are so many. We watched quite a bit of TV. We loved Brum (the little car) Noddy, Power Rangers, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Beetleborgs, Sister Sister, Two of a Kind, Miami 7, LA 7, SM:TV Live, Lizzie Mguire, Art Attack! I'd have to say my favourite was probably Sabrina, ooh and Home Improvement!

9. What Show Would You Watch After School?
Lucy: I remember we went through phases with TV. We first loved Cartoon Network, then the Disney Chanel when they had Nigel and a bunch of other presenters, then as we got a little older we switched to Nickelodeon. I guess it would have been anything that was on. Ooh but I do remember days of racing home to watch Sabrina.
Kelly: Most likely we would be at Nanna and Grandad's after school and they didn't have all the channels we had, so that's when we would watch Zzzzap and Art Attack. If at home then Sabrina!

10. What Was Your Favourite 90s Game Show?
Lucy: Fun House and SMTV:Live if that kind of counts as a game show? They had it all, so i'm going to say it counts! :p SMTV: Live was seriously the best kids shows ever!
Kelly: Not sure if this really counts but I remember we used to watch Blind Date together as a family when that was on and Wheel of Fortune. I can't believe I would have forgotten Fun House if Luc hadn't of said it. We watched that over Christmas while at home this year! :p

11. Did You Own A Virtual Pet? (Cyberpet, Tamagotchi etc)
Lucy: Oh yes! I still have my yellow and orange Tamagotchi and I adored that thing. Just thinking about it makes me want to bring it back to life and look after it! :p
Kelly: Yes I had a Tamgotchi. I always liked the cute ones, come to think of it, I think I still have it somewhere at home!

12. Favourite Video Game and System To Play On?
Lucy: When Kelly and Chris got their Game Boy colours, I took to Chris's original Game Boy and loved that thing. I would play Tetris for hours. Our Nintendo 64 was also awesome, we loved playing against each other on Mario Kart.
Kelly: We grew up with a Nintendo 64 and my favourite game was either Mario Kart or Tony Hawks skateboarding. We definitely went through a skateboarding phase both virtually and in real life. I did get a game boy colour one Christmas and I loved it. My favourite game was a Wrestlemania one!

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend?
Lucy: Aww I can't call it weird because at the time it was perfect. I feel like 90's fashion especially for kids was awesome and so kid friendly. All the puffy jackets, denim skirts, flared jeans and little tshirts with cats on them, uh, bring it all back! :p I do remember owning platform shoes once, a la Baby Spice, I think they should make a comeback, they were amazing! :p
Kelly: I can't really think of anything "weird" although if you show me pictures I would probably go OK, that is a bit out there. I do remember having to buy platform shoes for a school dance once because of the Spice Girls, they were cool though, right? 

14. Favourite Toy?
Lucy: We loved everything as kids. We got into every phase and were passionate about each one! :p Beanie Babies were huge for us and we loved collecting them, along with the Beanie Baby cards. But my favourite toy forever and always will be Nobby. He's my ride or die! :p
Kelly: We went through a lot of phases as kids, Beanie Babies, pogs, stickers, Polly Pocket, Pokemon toys etc but I will also say that you could give us paint and a cardboard box and we would be happy. My most treasured possession though is my teddy bear, even though she's a dog to me, Mandy. I have had her since my Christening and even to this day I have her on my bed. If we are going away for a night she has to come. I love her to pieces, she's my comfort and my "safety blanket" and I would be lost without her.
15. Favourite Nickelodeon Show?
Lucy: Ooh Two of a Kind! We were huge on anything and everything with Mary Kate and Ashley. We LOVE them!
Kelly: That's a tricky one. My TV channels get jumbled up and I forget what show was on which channel. We loved watching The Amanda Show and Clarissa Explains It All is up there. Was Two of a Kind on Nickelodeon? If so I'm going to say that one. I love Mary Kate and Ashley!! :) 

We really hope you enjoyed reading the answers to our tag! We encourage you all to take part and do it yourselves, or feel free to answer one or two questions in the comments below! :)

Have an awesome Friday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Cast your characters!

A few weeks back I was reading Lindsey Kelk's 'A Girl's Best Friend' and I started thinking about how much I would love her books to be turned into movies. It just so happened the very next day Lindsey tweeted asking who us, dear reader folk, thought should play certain characters from her books if they were to hit the big screen. Great minds think a like! ;p This got me thinking about some of my favourite books and that if I had creative control over turning them into movies, who I would cast as my leading Men and Women. Hollywood...if you ever need some ideas and want to turn these delightful reads into box office hits, you know where to find us!!! :)

Look Human Wish List!

Upon looking at my wardrobe the other day I thought to myself that I really needed a revamp and to possibly add a few more pieces to my closet that would maybe make me look a little more like a grown up. Then I went on Look Human and spotted these AWESOME shirts and immediately added them to my basket...whatcha gonna do? Surely every 28 year old sophisticated, mature, responsible, stylish woman has to have a 3 Ninja's tank top in her collection?! :) I mean, seriously how incredibly cool are the tops above!??

Kelly and I can spend hours on this website, it's like they know us oh so well. Today we complied a list of some of the clothing items that have made their way on to our wish list for the next time (soon) our wardrobes need a touch of awesomeness! If you are like us, we guarantee you will get addicted to this Site for all your fashion needs. We would love to know which ones are your favourites or what you would choose?
This jumper is life and pretty much how we feel on a daily basis! :p When you don't quite understand what's going on in the world or are having a moment of just not fitting in, we like to think that disappearing back into the magical world once home, makes everything alright! :)
This is simply Kelly and I to a T!!! :p That was one of our favourite things about The Gilmore Girls, we loved that they talked fast, it definitely made us feel that we are not alone! Plus we adore Rory and Lorelai, they have to be two of the most perfect characters ever.

Like we mentioned in our Take us back to the 90's, Movie Edition post, Sabrina was one of our absolute favourite things growing up. This tank top just made us laugh and we get a kick out of proudly showing off what our childhood was all about! :) 

We love our morning coffee and find this tank top too cute. Again have we mentioned how totally cool The Gilmore Girls are? :) We love nothing more than sitting down to catch up or read or write with our Harry Potter mugs filled with coffee, so this tank top is ideal for days where another cup is a must!

Click on the banner below to have a look at the Look Human site. You even get 10% of your first order for being a new customer! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day and let us know what your favourite item of clothing would be?

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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Thank you for your friendship.

We all have goals to reach and dreams to go after and sometimes we can get so caught up in obtaining those goals and dreams that we forget to enjoy the ride.
I'm the kind of person however, who has always enjoyed the ride. Some may say you can't always stop to look back but I say that's the best part. Seeing how far you've come, thinking about the amazing places your goals and dreams have taken you, and above all thinking about the people you have met along the way, its those people who I am most thankful for when I think about 'the ride.'

I have been so incredibly fortunate to meet many wonderful people who have made my journey so much more fun. A lot of the things I have accomplished, actually all of the things I have accomplished, couldn't have been done without them and I want them all to know that I haven't and won't ever forget that.

I'm guilty though, guilty of moving on, as i'm sure most of us are. We move away, we make new friends, we get married, life just changes direction and the people we were once close to become the people that make you smile when thinking about them, but you simply don't talk to them anymore or stay in connect. A lot of the time, that suits both parties fine, it's just life after all and the best thing about those friends is that 9 times out of 10, you could have spent a year away from them and yet when you see them again it's like you never left their side. You have a bond through sharing tough times, fun times and going after your dreams together, a bond that never really breaks. That's the positive.

I've learnt a very valuable lesson this week though and that is, even if you think you have moved on and you are happy with that, don't not say things when you want to say them, don't leave things left unsaid ever and don't ever underestimate how much a person means to you. Even if you feel like they won't want to hear it or too much time has passed to get in touch or say hello, do it anyway, I promise you, you will feel much better. This week I learnt that the hard way and it's something I'm not quite sure how to deal with. I lost touch with someone who meant a lot to me and I hate that I wasn't there for him when I feel I should have been. I know he had so many awesome friends around him, not to mention an amazing family, but it is hard to know that after he was such a big part of my life, that I wasn't there for him at the end. Our friend Kris Travis, passed away on Thursday after loosing his battle to cancer. Truth be told when I first found out about his cancer, I did speak to him and sent best wishes, in my mind I knew he would beat it, I really didn't want to think otherwise. It was when it came back that I didn't keep as up to date and I honestly can't tell you why. I hate so so much that he suffered and it hurts that I didn't know, in our social media crazed world I have no excuse. Apart from the odd tweet here and there and seeing Trav at a show once or twice over the last few years, we didn't speak like we used to, so upon hearing the news this week, I felt like I had no right to cry or be so sad. But slowly over the last few days it made me realize that even after 6 years and only the odd friendly message, true friendships never really leave your heart. In writing this I think in the back of my mind I always thought there would be a day when we would get to have a proper conversation or see each other again which is what makes this so hard. Treasure your friends and keep in touch no matter what!!!

After talking with Lucy and sharing our thoughts, I realized it's OK to be sad. It's OK to think about what he meant to us and it's certainly OK to share the memories because so many memories came flooding back, such as, the countless good times at GNP shows, wrestling Trav and Martin Kirby the first time they teamed up as Project Ego, where Trav was so careful not to hurt us, we can still hear his voice now... "CURLY", watching him wrestle Kevin Thorn at 1pw and the lead up to that match...thanks for making us worry Trav, spending the day at the mall drinking milkshakes, watching him wrestle dressed as Spiderman, sitting in the garden chatting away, staying up playing scrabble on our birthday, Trav visiting Nanna and Grandad and actually having a full conversation with Grandad about formula 1... hey not everyone could do it! :p making fun friendship bracelets, the way he used to say "You'll be fine." with a cheeky smile on his face if we were nervous about a match, or on show days when we hadn't wrestled in a while and felt too shy and like we couldn't face a crowd anymore, he would make his eyes wide and laugh a little and say "You guys shy? Whatever." And of course, watching our beloved 'Angus, thongs and perfect snogging' I think it's safe to say the three of us spotted Aaron Johnson way before he was really famous! ;)

After all these years and even after our journeys took us on different paths, it's his smile and laugh during all these times that we can still see and hear. It's nothing but happiness and joy that hits our hearts when we think of Trav.

Trav if you're up there reading this, we just want to say thank you for so many awesome memories, we won't ever forget our friendship and all the crazy, goofy, happy times we shared. Please know that we are going to miss you and we love you very much.

"Alright Georgie..."

All our love
Lucy and Kelly

Interview with author Janice Preston!

While we were back home over Christmas, we were lucky enough to be invited (Thank you Holly Martin) to an author/blogger event. Having never been to one before, we were very excited about meeting so many inspiring, awesome people. We had such a wonderful time and happily chatted away all afternoon about one of the things we love most, books!! :)