An interview with author Samantha Tonge!

We found Samantha Tonge's lovely novella 'How to get hitched in 10 days' through the fantastic people at Carina UK. The moment they mentioned 50's diner and loyal best friend, we knew we had to read it. You can find our review over on our book page! :) We wanted to learn a little more about Samantha, so we sent along 5 questions that she was very kind enough to answer! Please enjoy and make sure you follow her and check out her wonderful books.

Things that take you back!

Recently while at Nanna and Grandad's house one morning, Nanna told me to make a milky coffee while she was getting ready upstairs. As I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen to make my coffee, I had an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness. The sun was shining on a chilly day, it was just after 9 in the morning, Grandad was sat chatting to my Uncle and making a cold milky coffee in a glass took me straight back to my childhood. I am very fortunate to have had a wonderful upbringing full of love, lots of family and good food. Anytime I am reminded of those times I feel so content and happy. Here are a few smells, tastes and sounds that take me back, as well as a little more detail on that milky coffee! :)

An interview with: Camilla Isley.

Today we bring you another wonderful author interview. We absolutely love reaching out to our favourite authors and love it even more when they are able to answer our questions and are happy to take part in us picking their brains and asking a bunch of questions. We truly appreciate getting to speak with them and learn from them and are grateful that they take the time to do so. Camilla Isley crossed our book path just last year and we were so happy she did. Her books made us laugh, smile, giggle and feel all warm and squishy inside. It was tons of fun getting to know more about her and we can't wait to read more of her awesome work! :) Enjoy!

Must see/Must eat: Manchester/Stockport!

It has been beyond awesome being home for the past nine weeks. Not having to rush around to try and squeeze in family time as well as adventures has been the absolute best. It is the longest we have spent in Manchester/Stockport in about three years, so we were keen to do as much as we could and show our husbands more of our home sweet home. A lot has changed since we have been away, new places have popped up here and there and we have been fortunate enough to visit some delicious eatery's on our brother's recommendation and also stop by some places we have enjoyed before but wanted to introduce our husbands to. We made a few notes and thought we would share with you today some of our must see/must eat places in Manchester/Stockport! :)

The Crafty Pig. (Manchester)

My husband stumbled upon this place when he went exploring Manchester one day and he couldn't stop raving about the burger he had. He said and I quote that 'it was the best burger he has had while he has been in the UK.' So last week we had a stroll around Manchester on the hunt for breakfast, after a lovely Valentines Day night, and Chris suggested we go here. I fancied trying their full English breakfast, as when in Rome... and Chris opted for a chicken sandwich of some sort. Both were incredibly delicious. In addition, the place is rather cozy and I liked the casual vibe and the décor too. Their menu looked quite interesting too, very unique, and I'd definitely like to go back to try more. :)

Cain and Grain. (Manchester)

Our brother took us to this place for lunch one day and it was seriously good. We love going to places where the menus have so many unique choices that you wouldn't find at your local chain restaurant or fast food place. The vibe of this restaurant is really laid back with a casual feel, brick walls, wooden beams, very rustic looking which we liked a lot. I ordered a chicken sandwich minus the bread and it was gorgeous. It had some sort of spicy sauce on it which tasted amazing and even the chips were simple yet fresh and delicious. I very much want to head back here again soon to try everything they have to offer.

TNQ. (Manchester)

My husband surprised me on Valentines day by taking me to this place and it was amazing. We had the Valentines Day special menu and were greeted with the most delicious Champagne followed by a three course meal. I have never really done fine dining before, I was always a bit skeptical of the tiny portions but now I understand it. The food was perfect and just enough that allowed you to be able to eat all three courses. I usually always want dessert but then find myself too full to actually get any. Here I had all three scrumptious courses and was comfortably full by the end of the meal. I had the Sea Bass and Kind Prawn Ceviche to start which was out of this world, it was so fresh and tasty, I could have eaten 10 plates full. We both got the Lamb for main and again, oh my goodness, melt in your mouth tasty and delicious. For dessert I opted for the Rhubarb with crumble and vanilla ice cream. I'm a huge fan of Rhubarb and hadn't had it in forever, this was beautiful, sweet, tangy and amazing with the fresh Vanilla ice cream.

Sapporo Teppanyaki (Manchester)

Our little sister recommended this place for something different for our Dad's birthday, so it was a big family event and everyone had an absolute blast. The food that was cooked in front of us was awesome, everyone devoured it. I chose to have Sushi, which although it was nice and fresh, it wasn't the best Sushi I've ever had, but it was still good. The show itself was fantastic. We highly recommend it if you are looking for somewhere fun and entertaining with great food. The cocktails are rather yummy too.

Chill Factore (Manchester)

I think the first time we experienced the Chill Factore was when Kelly's Chris was over for a visit a few years back and we thought it would be a fun day out. We had a great time on the donuts and have always wanted to go back. My Chris was eager to experience it this time round and I have to say we had an absolute blast. They now have sledges and a luge as well as the donuts, so this made it much more exciting getting to try each different activity. Our favourite was the sleds as they went super fast and we all naturally tried to bump each time we hit the can't take wrestlers anywhere! :p We spent an hour on the slopes at a cost of 25GBP each and would definitely say it was worth it. :)

The Savoy (Heaton Moor)

We grew up attending the Savoy cinema. Prices were cheap, it was cozy and it was childhood to us. We went there on school trips and we even took our Nanna once. It was a staple place in our little hometown. In recent years it became pretty desolate, once the likes of Parrswood cinema opened, with more movie options, food choices and such, Parrswood became the more popular way to get your movie experience and The Savoy was left unattended. There were talks of knocking it down and turning it into little shops, but the people of Heaton Moor did not want to see such an iconic place come to that horrible fate. Just last year The Savoy was sold, renovated and resurrected and it is amazing! :) The décor is elegant yet cozy, you can get cakes and coffees, wine and beers and of course popcorn and pick a mix. It feels so warm and snuggly, the cinema seats themselves being rather plush and spacious. It's just awesome. Last week we went to see a showing of Dirty Dancing there, which they played for Valentines Day and it was fantastic, the best movie experience ever. Everyone had a blast and were literally dancing in the isles. The family that took it over are truly wonderful and welcoming, always friendly and want you to have a good time. It is perfect and most definitely beats the big chain cinemas. :) If you're looking for a fun night out, you want to sit back and chill, drink some wine and watch a movie, this is the place to be. :)

QDos Fitness. (Heald Green)

I am going to miss this place so much when we head back to the States. It is such an awesome gym and I have loved going while home. I don't know what it is but I love the whole vibe at QDos, from the colour to the layout to the people, it's a very motivating and happy place to be. The added plus for me is that I also get to see my brother when I go and that always inspires me and makes me smile. And if I ever need advice I love having him there to pick his brain. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a place to train and if you are looking for a personal trainer, check out Chris Knott, he is the best of the best.

Hope you are able to check out some of these places and that you have enjoyed some of our Must See/Must Eat places in our hometown. If you have been to these establishments before, let us know in the comments below! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

28 things to do at 28 - Kelly!

So today it's my turn to share with you the 28 things I wish to accomplish now that I am 28 years of age! Enjoy! :)

1 - Try out a new make up look. I rarely use a lot of make up unless we are filming our youtube videos, even then, it's not a whole lot. Lucy is way better at experimenting than me and loves her make up gurus on youtube, but I really want to learn a thing or too and actually change it up and do something different this year.

2 - Complete all five levels of Rosetta Stone. I mentioned this one in my new year goals and I really hope to achieve it by the end of the year. It's very doable as I was on a roll last year. Being home has halted my progress slightly on the program even though I do talk to my Nanna and Grandad everyday, practicing words and reading their Italian books.

3 - Take a trip to Italy. It has been way too long since we last visited and in the last year I have researched so many amazing restaurants, bakeries and cafe's that I really want to see. I also want my husband to meet our family and see where we spent holidays as kids.

4 - Make Grandad's pizza from scratch. We always use recipes from our grandparents when cooking in America but we have never made Grandad's famous pizza completely from scratch. The yeast part always throws us off because Grandad never fully explains exactly what he does, we just watch and then gobble up the results!

5 - Write more recipes for our cookbook and get it published. We have so many more recipes to add to our cookbook since spending the last two months at home and I really want to spend time writing them down properly, as well as the stories to go with them, and start to get a complete book sorted.

6 - Go to a boxing gym or get better at boxing in my spare time. When we were first getting into shape years and years ago, we would go with our brother to a very old school gym full of older men who were all super in to their fitness. Our Mum and Dad knew some of the guys there so we always felt happy and comfortable. We would try and keep up with them and they pushed us lots. One of the things I enjoyed doing was boxing and using the speed bag. Watching Rocky and boxing with my brother at his new gym has been lots of fun and I find its something I really enjoy, so I would love to keep it up.

7 - Finish writing my story and then keep writing. I have had so many amazing authors inspire me to write this last year that I really want to sit down and concentrate on getting the stories in my head down on paper. Even if it's just to show me I can do it. Then once I have written one, I want to keep going and write more!

8 - Wear more Jewellery. I have been given some gorgeous pieces of Jewellery from my Auntie for Christmas and my birthday that I love and I always tell myself I am going to wear it all the time. This is something I am terrible at but want to improve as I get older. I mean really, how hard is it to put a pretty necklace on in the morning?

9 - Finally get round to finishing my second run through of Chuck. I adore the show Chuck and feel as though I've seen it way more times than I actually have. This is probably due to the fact that once I'd finished all six seasons the first time, myself and my sisters would just watch random episodes whenever we could. Then I decided I would watch it from start to finish in the right order all over again but am still at the end of season four!

10 - Wear my Chucks more often. We bought a pair of converse while in L.A after completing Route 66 because every Chuck fan needs a pair, of course. I love mine but don't wear them a lot which I vow to change this year.

11 - Bake something from my Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. I love watching Rosanna Pansino on Nerdy Nummies and adore her cookbook, I don't want to just keep it to look at though, I actually want to pick something and then create it.

12 - Actually play a proper video game with my husband. My husband loves video games and I try to play every now and again but having only been used to the Nintendo 64, I never like anything complicated and give up easily. However, I'm sure he would love it if I paid more attention and got better at the ones he loves. Plus it would be nice quality time together.

13 - Try harder with my hair. This is possibly a lie as no matter how many times I say I am going to attempt more with my hair, I never do. But still the image of glowing, wavy locks is never too far from my thoughts. Any suggestions for really good shampoo and conditioner?

14 - Smile more, worry less. Easier said than done. But worth a try. I am a worrier by nature but have to admit that I should relax a little more, as when things work out OK in the end, all the time spent worrying seems such a waste.

15 - Listen to more music. It only takes one note of a song from The Overtones to make me relax and smile. But in America I rarely listen to music, I keep telling myself to invest in a little CD player (I still buy CD's of my favourite bands) so that I can pop a CD in and dance while cooking or cleaning my apartment to take the edge of a homesick or stressful day.

16 - Experiment in the kitchen. I love my go to recipes but find I use them quite a lot. I used to experiment with recipes from different cookbooks I had but stopped due to too many ingredients or lack of ingredients but I miss the excitement of making something new and surprising my husband with it.

17 - Save more. I am quite a good little saver but I still think the older I get I need to be a little more aware of what I'm spending my money on.

18 - Write more letters. Another thing I used to be great at but got out of.

19 - Use my kitchen aid when I bake. My Meme got me the cutest mint coloured kicthen aid that I love but I have to admit I don't use it that often, even if I do bake, I will use a bowl and whisk. It's pure laziness which I vow to stop NOW!

20 - Get my husband to read a book I love. This may sound like a strange one but every time I smile reading one of my lovely romances be it modern day or historical, I want to share them with my husband and see if he can understand just what I enjoy about them so much. He may even end up liking them! :)

21 - Go on a fancy date with my husband and dress appropriately. I always get nervous dressing up and even if we go to a posh restaurant I still get scared that I'm going to be overdressed but recently my Mum gave me a lovely red dress that is quite elegant and I would love to be confident enough to wear it out.

22 - Wake up early on a Sunday and stay in bed with a coffee and a movie. I'm an early bird and can't help getting up and then getting straight in to whatever it is I need to do. But I love having coffee in bed and relaxing with my husband, so this would be fun.

23 - Sit by the lake as the sun comes up. With moving to Florida this year and our apartment being near a lake (or a pond, not picky!) this would be nice, there is something magical about being up when the rest of the world is still asleep.

24 - Watch all of the Rocky movies in order with my husband. Since watching Rocky while at home, he has quickly become one of my favourite characters from a movie. My husband has seen some of the them but not all and he's the kind of person who if there is a series, he has to watch them in order. Example, Harry Potter! :)

25 - Have a picnic on the beach. I don't always like the idea of eating on the beach, I imagine sand everywhere and hair in my face from the wind. But last time we went to Clearwater beach, it was gorgeous and I would love to take a proper picnic and sit and chill.

26 - Go to one of those indoor trampolining places. Last time we went to Clearwater beach, our friends Rob and Sarah mentioned they had a really cool trampolining place, we didn't get to go but I really want to try it. We did Trampolining for 8 years when we were younger but it was a lot of competitions and practice. Now I just want to bounce for enjoyment!

27 - Go to Disney World dressed like a Disney Princess. Once when my husband and I were on the monorail leaving Magic Kingdom, there was another couple sat opposite us, the girl looked so pretty dressed in red, yellow and blue just like Snow White. I smiled at her and plucked up the courage to ask if that's the look she was going for and she seemed so happy that I could tell. I have seen so many Disney princess inspired outfits on pintrest and would love to have a go with an outfit inspired by Rapunzel.

28 - Have a morning where I do something other than look at my phone first. Like most people today, I am on my phone a lot more than I would like to admit, it's the first thing I pick up in the morning while having coffee. I have to "catch up" with everything before getting on with my day. I hate to say it but sometimes I wonder what I ever did before I had a phone with all the latest apps!! A morning without my phone would be a welcome change!

I had so much fun writing this list and can't wait to actually tick some of these things off. Like Lucy said, I am going to keep you updated with what I get done via Instagram, you can find me on there at keggy88. :)

Have a great weekend.
Love Kelly

28 things to do at 28 - Lucy!

We recently read a post over on 'Life in excess' where Kirsty wrote 28 things she would like to do in her 28th year, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't already paid a visit to Kirsty's blog, you must do so now, you will love her. She had some really great ideas that made us smile, some giggle and most inspiring us, so with our birthday just a day away we started thinking about 28 things that we would like to accomplish this year too.

1) Learn the dance from 'Dirty Dancing' with my husband.
Every time I watch people dance I say I'm going to go to a dance school and take a class but I never do. And every time I watch Dirty Dancing I say to my husband how fun it must be to be able to dance like that. So this year I really want to make it happen.

2) Finish my story and get it published.
I love writing. It has become a huge part of my life over the past two years. I have been working on many pieces and hope to complete them and fill the desire in my heart to get my stories out there.

3) Squat more than I've ever squatted before.
I love leg day, this year I'm staying consistent and my motivation is being able to squat more than I've ever squatted soon and then keep pushing.

4) Attend some sort of Makeup event like IMATS or a meet and greet.
I would love to attend a Jaclyn Hill or Amanda Ensing meet and greet this year or go to a place I can spend all day browsing the latest makeup products in the same place where there are tons of people who all share the same passion.

5) Try snowboarding.
I'm not sure why but I suddenly have this urge of wanting to be able to snowboard. I think I really just want to see if I can do it.

6) Find somewhere that teaches you Motocross.
For the longest time I have wanted to try Motorcross, seriously I've had this in my head since I was younger and wanted to be a part of the X Games, but I have just never come across a place to do it. Maybe there's an adrenaline junkie in me that needs to be fulfilled since I stopped wrestling but I am determined to get on a bike this year. If anyone knows of anywhere I can do this please let me know! :)

7) Perfect winged eyeliner.
I think I am just lazy when it comes to eyeliner, that and I give up too easily when it goes wrong. I love the way a wing can look, so I need to get practicing.

8) Take part in a charity event, such as Sports relief again.
I love these types of events and raising money for people in need, so to be a part of something like this again and do more good this year is definitely a goal.

9) Visit a place that has rescued bears and look after them for a day.
I've seen quite a few places through social media that have rescued bear cubs from poachers and I would love to be able to go and help. I've wanted a pet bear since I was little and of course as I got older realized that was, and probably never will, happen but to be able to take care of one and be up close to one would mean everything to me.

10) Make a proper Panettone from scratch.
Looking at these recipes it always seems rather complicated, so I think to actually accomplish this would make me feel rather satisfied and I would be super excited to show my Nanna and Grandad.

11) Have a big family party/get together.
It's been a while since I feel like I've been able to get all my friends together for a party and family too. I adored my wedding day as it was just so much fun having family and friends all together having a good time. To be able to have some kind of party like this again, in a beautiful setting would be a dream!

12) Go a day without technology.
I had to pinch this one from Kirsty as it is something I often tell myself I should do. To spend the day with my husband with no distraction as to worrying about tweeting or just scrolling through my phone because it's there, would be amazing. Getting him off his too would be fantastic. :p

13) Spend a full day on the beach.
I'd love to watch the sunrise and sunset, spend the day relaxing and enjoying the simplicity of the sea and sand. Switch off from the world and just live in the moment.

14) Go to Italy.
We have been saying this for the past few years now, but I really would love to go back and visit, to see my family and show my husband how amazing it is.

15) Visit a donut shop.
Donuts are the one thing that when I seem to crave one I never end up going to buy them. Don't know if that's just me? but I see them at the grocery store or I day dream of Krispy Kreme, then always end up eating something else like chocolate, my donut craving being left unsatisfied. This year I would love to find somewhere unique that makes awesome donuts and try all different flavours. I blame California Donuts on Instagram for my donut fascination. :)

16) Have my 4th Chuck marathon.
I can quote this show and remember every episode but nothing beats curling up and actually watching it. It seems to get better and better every time and I never fail to smile, laugh and cry throughout. It really is the best show ever.

17) Re-create more makeup looks that I watch on YouTube.
There are so many looks that I adore from the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Amanda Ensing, I'm determined this year to experiment more with my makeup and attempt more of my favourite looks, stepping out of my comfort zone.

18) Do 10 proper push ups in a row.
I love leg day but have to admit that working on my upper body isn't as much fun, I am a little weakling when it comes to upper body strength. This year I am determined to change that and succeed in doing 10 push ups without stopping.

19) Have more movie nights.
I love movies and getting lost in another world for 2 hours or so. My husband and I are big on curling up and watching our favourite TV shows but we don't often venture off to the cinema and get the whole movie experience. Having watched Creed and Dirty Grandpa at Parrswood Cinema while home, I found that it was actually rather nice to get out and see them on the big screen and would love to do it more often.

20) Write more letters.
I used to be really good at this. Owl post is my favourite. I love getting cute stationary and writing cards and letters to people as I think its so much nicer to receive handwritten notes than emails and that taking the time to do that can often brighten someone's day. With my full time job, working on the blog and our YouTube channel last year, I have to admit that my sending people letters slowed down. This year, I want to change that. Time to purchase some cute stationary...any excuse! :p

21) Do something that scares me.
I don't exactly know what yet but I feel I should do something that I wouldn't normally do. Something that would really push me out of my comfort zone and that I would usually say no to. I'll keep you posted.

22) Finish a tube of lipstick/liquid lipstick.
Again I had to pinch this one from Kirsty. I have quite a few lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and would love to get to the end of a tube. I need to have the confidence to use them for every day looks.

23) Blog/Write in a coffee shop.
My desk and my own little space is my favourite place to write but I love the idea of curling up in the corner of a coffee shop, doing a little people watching and seeing what I would be inspired to write about.

24) Learn a song from start to finish in Italian.
I know a lot of Italian songs but always start singing during the chorus or one little line. To learn an entire song and actually sing it with a good accent and know what it all means would be awesome.

25) Bake something creative.
Kelly and I challenged ourselves last year when she made Captain America's shield out of mini cupcakes and I made Thor's hammer out of Rice Krispy treats. I adored the way it turned out and literally could not stop smiling at my creation and the fact that I actually made it. I want to get creative in the kitchen again and use my imagination to create something extravagant.

26) Own a little black dress.
Sprucing up my wardrobe a little would be a dream and to own a staple like a little black dress would get me on the right track towards being a smidge of the fashionista I dream of being.

27) Have a girlie sleepover with my Mum and sisters.
Be it in Florida or Stockport, no phones, no distractions, no work, no stress just spending time with each other talking books, boys and everything in between! :p

28) Write a children's book.
So many ideas floating around in my head. I have done lots of story boards, so now it's just time to focus, finish it and then see what comes next. :)

I hope you enjoyed my 28 things to do in my 28th year. Thank you Kirsty for the inspiration. I plan on writing this list down in one of my notebooks and ticking it off as I go along. I also thought it would be fun to document this through my Instagram. When I accomplish something I will also take a picture so you can see. That's a little more motivation to strive to get things done! :) You can follow me over on Instagram at: 'LBlossom' :)

Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy xx

My Top 5 Rupert Grint Movies!

It's no secret that I am huge fan of Rupert Grint. Ever since I first saw him at 12 years old (same age as me) in Harry Potter, I knew there was something special about him. As I watched him grow up in the Harry Potter movies, I also kept an eye on other projects that he took part in. Currently this leaves me up to date with all his movies apart from his new one Moonwalkers, which I believe is out on Blu-ray in February. When I'm in America and miss home, all I have to do is hear his voice and I feel comforted and at home, maybe it's because he was a huge part of my childhood or maybe I'm really weird, who knows?! :p I'm sure we all have someone like that though don't we?? Let me know yours in the comments below! :) I recently saw Rupert do a little skit on the Tracey Ullman show and again I just couldn't help the smile on my face. I look forward to all his future projects as I just think he is an incredible actor who has such a unique and wonderful, laid back personality. Today I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Rupert Grint movies, you may have seen some of them, even all of them or you may never have heard of them, if the latter is the case...make notes!

Number 1!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2! 

I'm kind of cheating here as technically this is two movies and I also love all of the Harry Potter movies, however I chose the combined last installment of Harry Potter for the following reasons:
Part 1 because I love the scene where Ron gets mad at Harry and storms out of the tent, it's an emotion we hadn't seen up until that point between the two friends and they both did such a good job. I thought Rupert's acting was perfect and he sounded so cute all angry..I know, I know, weirdo! :p
Part 2, any guesses?? Well done if you said the kiss between Ron and Hermione! Lately I've been watching these movies in a different light, if you look at it as a growing love story between Ron and Hermione it is just the sweetest thing. I love how their relationship blossoms and finally culminates in the famous kiss in The Chamber of Secrets. After all the years of being best friends and the emotions of seeing each other with different guys and girls in the past, they finally acknowledge their feelings and it's so romantic and so lovely! :) Both Rupert and Emma were adorable!

Number 2!
Wild Target!

If you haven't seen this movie then add it to your movie list NOW! Not only does it star Rupert but also Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman and it is hilarious! I try to get my family to watch it all the time and I swear before we go back to America this time I will succeed. As usual Rupert's comic timing and ability to show more sides than just Ron Weasley is shown in abundance as he acts alongside some of Britain's best actors and actresses. In the movie Rupert finds himself a witness to an attempted hit on Emily Blunt thus ending up in a car with her and Bill Nighy, who has found himself protecting her rather than doing his job. They end up on the run where they all teach other a few lessons and learn a lot about each other. It really is a hilarious, easy going movie with some great laugh out loud moments and brilliant performances from Britain's finest! I love it!

Number 3!
Driving Lessons!

To me, this movie is kind of like a classic coming of age movie, I have to be in a certain mood to watch it but it is just a lovely, sweet and funny story that makes me smile. Plus it also stars Julie Walters and I just love her!! She is wonderful and absolutely hilarious! In this movie Rupert's Character and Julie's character make an unlikely pairing and become best friends. Rupert is a very awkward, shy, poetry writing teen and Julie is a old lady who used to preform on stage and loves classic literature and poetry. The pair of them end up driving to Edinburgh or rather Julie's character forces Ruperts', who is only a learner driver, to drive there for a speech she has been asked to give. There are laugh out loud but also sad moments too in this movie as Rupert deals with his parents relationship breaking down and girls at school not giving him the time of day. I really enjoyed the sentiment and sweet side of his character and definitely recommend giving it a watch.

Number 4!
Into the white!

I watched this movie on my own one night, which was quite unusual for me as I tend to watch random, cheesy romcoms when home alone. On this night however, I wanted to watch a Rupert movie for a little home comfort. I had also seen little clips of him from this movie singing in a Liverpudlian accent so I knew I had to see it. The movie is about two groups of men, one group being British, the other German. The British pilots shoot down the Germans but end up crash landing as well in the same snowy mountains. Both groups of men find shelter in the same place and at first can not get a long. As time goes on, they realize that in order to survive they are going to have to work together. I have to say that I didn't think this would be my type of movie but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I do find History very interesting, so I enjoyed that aspect of it, as well as Rupert's performance and Liverpudlian accent...oh and he had quite a nice singing voice! :)

Number 5!

I was really excited to see this movie as it seemed like a fun and different role for Rupert to play. The movie is obviously about the historical New York movie venue CBGB and Rupert plays Cheetah Chrome who is a member of the band The Dead Boys who were CBGB regulars. I really enjoyed seeing Rupert play this character as well as seeing him act alongside another of his Harry Potter co-stars, the brilliant Alan Rickman! It's a very edgy movie, full of history lessons for the likes of me who isn't familiar with this kind of music genre and scene. It was interesting to see who I did know though and who made a name for themselves at this iconic place before they hit the big time! I won't give anything away though for those who haven't seen and may want to watch this movie! :) 

That my friends is my Rupert Grint Top 5! Let me know if you have seen any of these movies and which one is your favourite! I am currently looking forward to seeing Moonwalkers! :)

Have a great day! 
Love Kelly x

The perfect Leading Man!

From the page to the big screen we all have our ideal leading man, or leading lady. From the way they look to the way they act, maybe even to the way they dress to what job they have, we can picture that person, fantasize about that person and want to read about and watch that person. For us, there's no denying that we are complete suckers for romance. We love chick lit and love anything from your nerdy, dorky, sweetheart ala Zachary Levi in Chuck, to your muscly, kick ass, heartthrob ala Chris Evans in Captain America. But recently, there has been one leading man that has bowled us over. He ticks every box on our checklist and so much more and he goes by the name of Rocky Balboa.

I remember first watching Rocky a few years back with my husband and being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I had to look away during some of the punches, because, well, you know, that's just me! :p But I fell head over heals for Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky. I remember turning to my husband and saying "Have women seen this movie?" "Why do I not hear people talking about it like they do 'Dirty Dancing'. He reminded me that the film was quite a few years old and that at the time it was first released girls probably did go crazy over The Italian Stallion. That answer didn't satisfy me. I wanted to see Rocky all over today's magazines, books and movies. I wanted the world to still be talking about Rocky Balboa and not just because he was/is extremely kick ass and awesome but because he was/is an absolute sweetheart and beautiful person.

Here you have a guy who doesn't come from much, who's doing what he can to survive, fighting and working for a loan shark, but he is happy and positive and more or less just going with the flow. He has his eyes set on the shy lady who works in the pet shop and he goes in to see her every morning and every evening to tell her a joke that he thought of the night before. Hello, how incredibly sweet is that? No being cocky and getting in her face, simply telling her a joke to make conversation and make her smile. He never overstays his welcome. He talks to her brother to try and see if she will give him a chance and to let her know that he is a good guy. Again, how lovely is that, being friends with her brother and trying to let her know that she will be safe with him? I adored how Rocky was the talker, always trying to make conversion flow, he gave a damn and wanted to talk to this girl, tell her everything and make her laugh. Furthermore, when Rocky two graced my TV screen, I don't think I could stop saying 'Awww' and sighing when Rocky and Adrian had their little baby. Oh my goodness, the way Rocky looked at Adrian, the words he said "You did good Adrian" and the way he stroked the newborns head melted my heart. An early 9 year anniversary present in Rocky 4, to which Rocky called it a prize for Adrian having been married to him for so long, in addition to the line "Remember a long time ago when I said you ain't never getting rid of me? Well, you're not, you ain't never getting rid of me." Uh be still my beating heart. Through Rocky three, four and five, I loved Rocky's unique charm and personality, I loved his jokes, his caring attitude and the fact that he was still this rough and ready beast of a man. And don't get me started on how cute he is when he goes to visit the Priest and shouts to him through the window. Also, it doesn't hurt that he's Italian! :p

Watching the movies 39 years later was truly intriguing for me, especially as I watched 'Creed' just the other day. Creed is set in such a different time, it was absolutely fantastic but I had to say to my husband that I think I am most definitely old fashioned and enjoyed the Rocky's that came before it. Though Rocky himself has grown to still be the biggest sweetheart and kind, caring, wonderful man that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. He made me cry twice during 'Creed' and though I'm quite an emotional person that doesn't happen too often. I think a big part of me liking the original movies is that I feel it's always hard to watch the world around us change and people get older and face losses, in Creed I just wanted Rocky to be happy and to be loved and for everything to be ok. I feel like you could really see how the world has changed in Creed compared to the simpler times of the Rocky movies but I adore how Rocky himself hadn't changed too much, always being kind to others, putting others first and being a tough guy. Furthermore, and this might just be me, but the way in which Rocky treated Adrian is such a far cry from some of the things we see in the media today, from the likes of Towie, The Only way is Essex, Big Brother, to all the dating advice and how men and women treat other in the magazines, it's sometimes all too complicated for my brain. Adrian and Rocky was just pure love, loving someone to the very core and always being there for them, sticking through it all.

Over the course of the past two weeks I have watched all 6 Rocky Movies and done my usual research, scouring the web for Rocky fans and adding a few new favourite Instagram accounts to my list and it's safe to say that my earlier statement of "Have women seen this movie?" is rather naive. I have come across many accounts of women and young girls who feel inspired by Rocky and who adore the love story of Rocky and Adrian, as well as men who love everything about it too, which made me a very happy girl. To know something that touched me so much, has touched others in the same way made me smile from ear to ear.

So all that's left to say is Thank you Sylvester Stallone for writing and creating this amazing character. I feel that Rocky Balboa is truly one of a kind and someone that we can all look up to and learn from. A beautiful, strong, caring man with an absolute heart of gold. :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Lucy xx

P.S. Kelly here, I couldn't let Lucy write such an awesome post about Rocky Balboa without sharing my thoughts too. As since Lucy and her Chris have introduced me to The Italian Stallion, I have been thinking of nothing but. While I had heard of Rocky before and have listened to his extremely motivational speech in Rocky Balboa on repeat thanks to my husband, I never knew just how sweet and adorable the character of Rocky was until I watched it properly, and oh my goodness. I was swooning! I absolutely adored him, and agree with Lucy, that he is just the perfect gentleman. I too have been watching a lot of Sylvester Stallone videos since watching the Rocky movies and am surprised at just how amazing of a person he is too. He seems very similar to Rocky in many ways and I am so so glad that I was introduced to these movies and him! They say "Things come into your life when you need them most." I can definitely say that there are plenty of moments lately where my brain needs Rocky's speeches playing over and over! :)

Valentines Day Gift Guide! Guest Post!

Today we bring to you a guest post from the awesome Peter Minkoff, a fashion stylist and writer from Brisbane, Australia. We really enjoy his blog High Style Life for all things beauty, travel, fashion and more. There's so much content that you'll be sure to find something to suit your reading needs. We were so excited when Peter got in touch with us and are happy to share his wonderful Valentine's Day gift guide with you and hope it gives you lots of ideas for this coming Valentine's Day! Enjoy! :)

Beauty Lovin’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means that you will have to go shopping for the perfect gift for your beloved one as soon as possible. If you are tired of traditional ones that include flowers and box of chocolates – you are at the right place. Here are some ideas for getting an amazing present for your beauty lovin’ significant other. Stay with us and check out the list.

 1.       Beauty Treatment

A wide range of beauty treatments and innovations in the beauty industry allow both men and women to look fabulous all the time. There are so many non-invasive beauty treatments that exclude going under the knife, but give the most fantastic results ever. These can enhance anyone’s look in a very short period of time, plus the fact that the process of recovery is very fast and pain-free. Some of these treatments include chemical peel and microdermabrasion, and they can be just the right thing for your beloved one.

 2.       Face Purifying & Cleansing Brush
Traditional methods of facial cleansing and removing makeup now belong to the past, thanks to the groundbreaking trends in the beauty industry. This latest gadget offers deep yet gentle cleansing, and its angled tip targets T-Zone and other areas of the face that are hard to reach. Removing the makeup, dirt and excess oil has never been easier, and this life-changing brush is here to prove it. It is waterproof, so it can be used even in the shower.

3.       A Day at Spa

Surprise your darling with a spa date on this very special day, and you will definitely make no mistake. You will spend magical hours together and get pampered by the most amazing massages and treatments that will make you feel fantastic. If you want to take it to the next level, make sure that a private steam room, hot tub and fireplace are included. Such an intimate atmosphere will help you relax to the maximum, plus the fact that your significant other will adore this one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day present.

4.       A Set of Makeup Brushes

A set of brand new makeup brushes is always a good idea for your beauty lovin’ girl. However, make sure that these are eco-friendly, since this means that no animals were harmed in the process of making them. The good news is that today most of the brands create cruelty-free makeup brushes that are made of high-tech synthetic fibres which are much easier to clean and are perfect for applying both powder and cream products. Besides that, these shed less and repel bacteria and dirt much better than animal hair does. Trust us, you will not go wrong if you choose such a gift for your beloved one.

 5.       Organic Beauty Products

Organic beauty products are always a good way to go, even though if you are not quite sure which are your girlfriend’s favourites. The reason is simple: organic beauty products are 100% natural, which makes them compatible for all skin types, without exceptions. The fact that their ingredients are produced with special methods that exclude toxic substances makes them much gentler to the skin. This is exactly why organic makeup, as well as masks, creams, and scrubs, make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift – both for women and men.

 Valentine’s Day is all about love, giving and receiving – so be original and think out of the box in order to make the best of it. Your beloved one will appreciate your effort, and the smile on their face will say it all. The most important thing is that you are happy together – this is what counts the most.


Love all these ideas! :) Thank you so much again Peter for being a part of our blog!
Have a beautiful day everyone!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Hot Topic: Fitting in!

Have you ever felt worried about what you're wearing when going to a certain place? Shuffled uncomfortably walking past a big group of people? Have you ever felt like if you didn't know all the words to every song at a concert that people would think you're not a true fan? Have you're cheeks ever flushed bright red being the only person in the room to not know what's going on? Have you ever avoided shopping/eating/visiting specific places because you didn't think you belonged?

I have to admit that I can answer a big fat YES to all of the above and so many more questions in regards to today's topic...

Fitting in!

I always felt that when I was younger I was quite happy in my own little bubble, running around playing Power Rangers with my brother and sisters, building houses for our Beanie Babies and creating dance routines whenever a new S Club 7 song hit the radio. When we liked something we were quite happy to announce it to the world and put every ounce of love into it. At the age of 12, wrestling became the biggest thing in mine and Kelly's life and if I think back through my teen years, it was the only thing I never second guessed, never felt intimidated by. I remember going to WWE Rebellion at the Manchester Arena in 2001, around the age of 13, our Mum and Dad literally left it till we reached the ticket counter when they magically produced tickets to surprise us that we would actually be going to watch the show. Wide eyes and hearts pounding, I couldn't care less that I was wearing grey baggy sweat pants and a very worn in 3 Xtreme t-shirt (we were never out of those Hardy Boyz tops, so lucky for us, it suited the occasion) my hair was most definitely poofy, no straighter in sight and not a lick of makeup was on my face, yet at that time all that mattered was screaming our hearts out for Matt Hardy to win and not letting the Booker T fans out chant us. :) It continued that way in wrestling for a long time. Then around 14/15 Good Charlotte entered our lives. Again, we went full force into loving these guys, we had the hoodies, the shirts, every single and every album and a little pinch of teenage 'insecurity'. I believe this was one of the first times I really wondered if I belonged. I would get nervous going to shows, wondering if I was dressed right, if I was 'proper punk' like their other fans. Naturally I wasn't an angry at the world type person, I wasn't a disgruntled teen and I didn't hate my parents, so there were certain songs or moments when I felt I may not belong in their world. However, Good Charlotte inspired me to no end in many other ways, I had a dream and with them I had confidence in myself, so I was going to love them no matter what slight hostility I may have felt from the original 'moshers' at school. Though, having those nerves and anxiety was never much fun.

I have read many articles, heard plenty of celebrities and even my own Mother talk about the fact that when you get older you tend to care less about what other people think of you, I would smile not really thinking too much into it. I feel like I was always quite happy being me. However, just recently at the age of 27, and I'd say a few years before actually, I feel like my brain actually clicked and I truly understood the weight of not caring what people think and I could again say 'Mother knows best'.

You see, even though I am someone who can have 'down days' about if I'm doing things right or if I'm good enough or if I belong, I feel like I've always had a strong sense of being happy with who I am. After all, if I wasn't me I wouldn't have the incredible family I have, and that would more often than not be enough to make me snap out of it and feel happy in my own skin. Though that's the case, it never helped my anxiety, overthinking and my rambling ways when out in public. I used to get really upset that I always looked so silly when meeting people, or that I couldn't hold my head high and be proud of my bubbly self when in the aforementioned situations. However, as I mentioned, as I have got older, I honestly feel that those fears of looking like an idiot have somewhat disappeared. Nowadays, I will talk till the cows come home, make fun of myself and be me without thinking about what the other person is going to think. Of course I want them to like me, but at the end of the day, that is me, being me and if they don't like me, I kind of get a gratification knowing that I was myself and if they don't like that then its fine, but at least they don't like a fake me that isn't honest and doesn't really exist.

Just a few months back I went to see Dead and Company with my husband and that little fear crept back in for a few moments. I had a flash of anxiety thinking there was no way I was going to 'fit in' at a Grateful Dead concert, people are going to look at me funny, I'm not a hippie, how am I supposed to dress? I haven't been a fan for years and years, I'm just a new fan, they'll hate me and so on. When we arrived at the concert I immediately relaxed. There was a sea of people all from different walks of life, all relaxed, happy and enjoying the music. In turn I calmed down and realized that how I dressed was not important, what I looked like was no big deal, we were all there to enjoy the music that we loved. I  might of had a million things in common with some of those people, I might have had nothing else but Grateful Dead in common with some of those people, but how was I to know just by looking at them. It really hit me that I should not be worrying about all this stuff that didn't matter. It was like I was putting all this worry in my head for no reason. As I think is the case with 'fitting in'. I feel it's our own thoughts that can make us feel like we don't fit in, not actually other peoples and in turn, its not them judging but me. Through the awkward teenage years and my early twenties, my brain would see a person, say for instance, Amanda Ensing, who I love, and see this gorgeous, put together, fashionable, cool, awesome person, and I'd automatically think, would she like me? I'm hopeless at fashion, would she think I'm not a cool person, etc. These days, I am inspired by the likes of her but not intimidated. I would love to meet her one day and I have a sense of confidence in being me. My makeup may be far from perfect but that isn't important. What would be important is the smile on my face and my attitude when saying hi.

The saying goes "Don't judge a book by it's cover" and I believe that is 110 % applicable to people too. We are all equal, no one is better than you because they are dressed a certain way, no one is cooler than you because they know all the words and no one is classier than you because you somehow always look 16 even when you try your hardest to dress and look 27.

We don't have to abide by the labels that society has created, stand up tall and be proud of who you are, you are you and no one else in the world can be you, that in itself makes you incredibly awesome! :)

Before I go, I thought we could do an exercise and practice our confidence, I'll go first, then I'd love for you to join in in the comments below.

Ahem, "I'm a 27 year old women who gets mistaken for being 16 all the time, I look young, but what can you do? I love wrestling, working out and feeling strong, though I'm not very tough at all, I'm rather squeamish, don't like scary movies, and can't stand watching people fight or get hurt. I can be extremely girlie and love romance, makeup and being in love. I can sing along to Hilary Duff and One Direction but some of my favourite artists include Ray Lamontagne and The Doors. I'm a bookworm through and through yet the odd night out can be fun. I would happily go to a Good Charlotte concert these days dressed in a bright pink, frilly polka dot dress and be proud. I don't believe I fit into a category, I'm just me and the world and all the things in it is my oyster."

Your turn! :)

Have a great day! Be you!
Love Lucy xx

Wrestling part one: Training!

A few weeks back we ran a Twitter poll asking what you would like to see more of here on the blog and Fitness and Wrestling won the poll by quite the high percentage. We love reminiscing about our wrestling days and we enjoy telling stories, so the fact that you would like to hear them made us smile.

An interview with author Katy Hogan!

You will have heard me talk about Katy Hogan a lot over the past few weeks, since myself and my Mum were absolutely blown away by her debut novel "Out of the Darkness." I was eager to find out more about Katy, so was delighted when she said she would be happy to answer some questions from us. I was looking forward to Katy's answers so much that when her email popped up, I had to read them all aloud to Mum. Needless to say, we both got super excited about the information she gives us about her next book, it sounds amazing and we can't wait! Hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did! :)

Monday Motivation: Gym clothes!

I've mentioned on here before that I'm not really your fashionista type, I do try but it doesn't come naturally to me. Therefore, my workout outfits always resembled that of what ever was comfy and extremely baggy, think grey sweat pants and an old wrestling shirt. For Wrestling training I think I wore said black pants and tank tops for a good 4 years, never feeling the need for new outfits, as if it's not broke, there's no need to fix it, right? Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with all of the above, you do you and wear whatever you feel comfortable, happy and confident in but the reason I mention it is because two years ago my husband bought me a gym outfit from Victoria Secret and it changed everything! :p

It wasn't just a case of loving the colours, patterns and prints of the outfit, but the fact that the fit boosted my confidence in a way I didn't originally believe I could get away with. I have insecurities and though I hate to admit it, I would look at other women in put together, bright, bold outfits and leggings that showed off their awesome figures and think 'Ooh one day I hope to look like that'. Depending on the day this could really motivate and inspire me or have me feeling a little down about my wobbly thighs. When Chris bought me my first pair of Victoria Secret gym pants, I was a little intimidated at first and thought that I would just wear them when I reached certain goals. That is until he encouraged me to put them on and not be silly! The fit of the pants felt awesome and immediately changed my outlook on gym clothes. They were tight, comfortable, sleek and I felt like I wasn't weighed down by hot, sticky sweat pants and more like I could take on the world and squat and move freely. Now this might sound crazy to you and trust me, I get it, you can workout in absolutely anything, but for me I honestly can't stress how making this change helped me. Instead of putting all those insecurities at the forefront and putting myself down about my figure and going to the gym feeling like I was always just wishing my butt would hurry up and be pert already, I was able to smile and bounce around being who I wanted to be now and not later. Not that my butt is all of a sudden pert now I have these magical pants, but they sure do give things a lift and have me squatting like nobodies business. :p The fabric is also so lightweight I feel like a ninja.

Furthermore, fashion more often than not makes me nervous, but now I have three sets of Victoria Secrets gym outfits, one my husband surprised me with this past Christmas and one I treated myself to when they had a sale, and they are my most favourite outfits. I know they match and I know when I put them on I feel content and fashionable. I'd happily wear them every day of the week and that is a huge deal for me personally, to not spend hours agonizing over what to wear...what an amazing feeling! :)

I just wanted to share my little journey with you today and encourage you to live in the moment and be who you want to be now and not wait for the future. Go and buy that outfit you have been dreaming of and wear it with your head held high! :) I feel more confident than ever lately in my workouts and I enjoy going to the gym. Over nine years of wrestling it always felt like I had to workout, and though sometimes I really enjoyed it, I felt that I had built up a very negative way of thinking, such as, I have to look like these girls, I can't eat chocolate, I don't want to go to the gym today, I don't look like that, etc and it wasn't healthy. Switching my outlook, taking a step back from the gym and giving myself chance to really miss it was great for me, I started going again because I wanted to go and for no other reason. These outfits gave me a healthy boost of confidence and the fact that I can't wait to wear them really helps me to get my butt to the gym! :)

I have to mention that I grew up going to gyms with my brother that weren't your fancy high tech gyms, where people were very serious and meant business, it wasn't a place to show off, it was a place to train. I think I have always kept that mentality and therefore never gave too much of a thought into caring about what I wore. I think I even felt guilty for wanting a cute outfit, but nowadays I think there's plenty of room for a well co ordinated, bold, happy, gym outfit. I guess it all just depends on my mood, of course I still have my days when I will happily throw on my sweatpants and go skip, jog or do some hill sprints and pretend I'm Rocky, because yes, I am that person! :p Whatever makes you feel good, gets you up and moving and feeling happy within yourself...DO IT!!! :)

What motivates you to go to the gym? Do you have gym goals? Do you have a favourite gym outfit? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx