This weekend Nanna is 85 & Grandad is 90!

Today's blog is rather simple but we couldn't let these next few days pass by without acknowledging the birthdays of two of our most favourite people in the whole entire universe, especially since they are rather special birthdays. As the title states today our Nanna is 85 and Monday will see our Grandad turn 90!! Quite something if you ask us! 
We've written numerous blog posts and are always tweeting and writing Facebook statuses on how much they mean to us, because well, they quite literally mean everything to us! 
We count our lucky stars for them every day, they are a constant source of love, happiness, inspiration and contentment in our lives. Childhood stories and pictures bring us so much joy that we could sit for hours chatting to them about the days we spent at their house as kids and look through album after album of photos with grins on ours faces. We adore learning more about their history and the Italian side of our family and could not be any prouder of who they are!
Despite, arthritis, angina, loss of eyesight, low blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, they both continue to cook as passionately as ever and are always looking out for their children and grandchildren. One of our Grandad's favourite sayings when we leave their house is "Remember, look after number 1, then you can look after everyone else." It's funny that he says this because they are always looking after everyone else before themselves. 
We could probably write page after page of wonderful things about them quite happily, but just because they make us smile so much, we are going to share some of our favourite photos with you instead! 
Buon Compleanno Nanna and Grandad!
Tanti Auguri!   

We couldn't believe it last year when we discovered these photos in Nanna and Grandads house. We have been asking for years about their restaurant and what it was like and low and behold they had these pictures tucked away in the cupboard. This is just one of the reasons we look up to, and are inspired by them so much, they had a very successful restaurant in Heaton Moor, Stockport (where we live) called "The Red Rose" for just over eighteen years and sold it just before we were born! We adore hearing stories from them about it, as well as hearing what guests of the restaurant have to say about it. (Their current next door neighbors used to visit a lot) We can happily inform you that the reviews are all positive, as if we would expect anything less! :) 

Aren't we cute? ;p We love this photo of us in bed with our Nanna, she looks so beautiful and happy! :) When we were kids we used to sleepover all the time and every morning before going down for breakfast Grandad would bring us a milky coffee in a glass and a kit kat! ;p Obviously we were older than we are in this picture when the coffee came in, but the memories are too good not to share! 

Doing the thing we do best when we are at Nanna and Grandads...eating!! 

I look soooo different in this photo and to be honest it really isn't my favourite of me, however, I absolutely adore it because of Nanna and Grandad, I remember we were making pancakes and I randomly got out my phone and said smile and they did!!! Usually they don't like having their pictures taken but on this day they didn't complain. I have one somewhere of just me and Nanna and she is smiling so big on that one too. My Mum absolutely loves them and they may just be two of my favourite photos ever! :)

Last but not least, we have two photos from Christmas just gone. We were extremely thankful for another Christmas with them both, especially since we were both at home for the first time in two years. We had a wonderful day and took so many pictures, naturally. We are loving that our camera has a selfie mode so we can see what we are snapping! 

One day we will find our old photo albums where we have tons of old baby photos and pictures of us in Italy...oh the throwbacks we could do then!!! :p But for now, we hope you've enjoyed this post and some of the pictures that hold a very special place in our hearts, along with the people in them!

Happy Friyay!!
Love Lucy and Kelly

Hot Topic: Jaclyn Hill

I've never understood critics or people that like to be mean to people for no reason. It is just something I can't quite get my head around. I do believe in constructive criticism, though I feel that that can still be a case of 'It's not what you say, its how you say it", but of course I would like someone to tell me if the cupcakes I just made are too crumbly, don't taste of anything or are lacking that something sweet. Yes, we need constructive criticism to progress, move forward and be the best we can possibly be. Recently however, I've read and heard many of the people I watch on YouTube talk about haters and negative comments they receive and I wanted to actually touch on it specifically today.

Jaclyn Hill is one of my favourite YouTubers. I love her tutorials and her personality and just think she is great. Through her YouTube and social media, I often hear how people complain, criticize and voice their opinion on the money she makes, how she shows off, how she's changed, how she is all about expensive things these days and it honestly truly irks me. I remember hearing some rap song a while ago with the lyrics "The rich get richer and the poor stay poor", or to something of that effect, and it got under my skin. It made me think of Jaclyn Hill and how people seem to have the mind set that she is, and always has been, rolling in money, As if somehow one day a magic fairy cast a spell and just made her rich.

This kind of mind frame makes me sad about our society. Granted, I am aware that in the wonderful world of celebrity there are most definitely people who have barely lifted a finger and who are as rich as can be, that whole celebrity cycle baffles me but what can you do? I don't see it changing anytime soon. On the other hand though their are people who work their asses off to make something of themselves. You just have to follow The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, to see his story of building, clawing and working his way to the top. And it's not just The Rock, so many amazing people from all walks of life, actors, musicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, business men and women, started out with nothing and made a name for themselves.

I understand that in today's world of social media it can be easy to feel a tad jealous of people who have that flashy car, high end handbag, or a makeup room to die for, but I feel like we need to always take a step back and pause before being judgmental and acting like they don't deserve it because you don't have it too. I feel that we really need to encourage the youth of today and ourselves to aspire to be like these hard working men and women, instead of simply labelling them rich because they are "famous". We need to highlight what they did and do to earn that money.

I believe that the likes of Jaclyn Hill can be an incredible role model for young people to have. I don't recall her meeting a magic fairy Godmother and suddenly being able to afford nice things. If I am correct I remember her starting a YouTube channel while working at Mac and busting her butt as a Makeup Artist, before her channel started to grow. With growth she worked even harder to make her channel the best it could be, new lighting, backdrops and content. Again, causing her channel to connect with more people, that meant more videos, editing, filming, reaching out to brands to create new ideas. Behind the scenes it's always a hustle to get your name out there, she had to reach out to others to build her business, make a living, pay her bills and in turn give her subscribers some really awesome coupon codes. In time she has been able to collaborate with some huge brands and get a product in Sephora. To me that is extremely inspiring and all credit goes to how hard she has worked for it. Currently Jaclyn is working on her own makeup line (which I absolutely cannot wait for) and she is doing it all on her own, using her own dime to ensure it is of high quality and to her standards. Again, to me, that is something to be respected.

Moreover, and I think one of the biggest reasons I feel drawn and inspired by people like Jaclyn Hill and why I want to stand up for her, is that I have had such an amazing upbringing. My family went on holidays, there was always food on the table and I don't remember Mum and Dad ever worrying about paying bills, and the reason why?... My Dad is freakin AWESOME!!!! Oh and guess what? Dad never mentioned rubbing a magic lamp and being granted three wishes to become comfortable in money. Nope, he went from pumping gas and working many little jobs to building his own business. He started with a few pounds in his pocket, made sacrifices, took risks, believed in himself and never gave up or made excuses. He works long days, deals with an awful amount of stress and absolutely busts his ass to support and look after his family. I admire him to no end.

So my words for those who like to judge and be negative in this such way, is please think before you type or speak, think about what goes on behind the scenes before you complain and bitch and moan. Switch your mind to positivity and think of what you can learn from these people and what you can take away from their success stories to create your own! :)

Dream big!
Love Lucy xx

50 Things that make me happy!

We loved reading this post over on Marvel Steph's blog. There is just something so fun and positive about reading things that make people happy. We feel it's such a wonderful way to spread love for the little things. In addition, by sharing what makes us smile it promotes the awesome things in life and focuses on encouraging positivity rather than negativity. :) Thank you Steph for the inspiration for this post! :) Go check out her blog if you haven't already, we love it!



My Family
Inside film/TV jokes with my sisters
Watching Chuck
All things Harry Potter

Books, lots of them
Making people happy
Food, all kinds
Being snuggled up on the couch/in bed
When my husband makes me laugh
When my husband gets excited about the same things as me
Italian Cakes
Pictures, taking them and looking back at them
Mum cuddles
Zachary Levi
Thoughtful gestures/gifts
My Nanna and Grandad
Lunch with my Nanna and Grandad
Learning Italian...finally
Hearing the Italian Language
New piles of books to read
Rupert Grint
The Overtones
Cooking with mum while dancing to The Overtones
Days out with my Dad, car shows, Harry Potter etc
Meals together round the table
Blogging with Lucy
Chris Evans
Being creative
Playing board games with my family
Being at home
Cooking Nanna and Grandads recipes
Fairy lights
Christmas time
Christmas decorations
My Disney adventures with my Husband
Seeing my husband happy
Being a Twin
Watching good wrestling namely old wrestling or Bayley
Sending and receiving post
Coffee shops
Learning about my family history
Seeing my mum happy while reading a book I recommended
Painted nails
Coffee mugs...I have way too many mugs!

Anything and everything to do with my Husband
My wonderful Family
My Nanna and Grandad's cooking, the best ever
Coffee mornings
Writing stories, blogging, lists  and notes
Books, especially romance
Going to gigs with my husband
Macho Man
Going to the gym
Listening to my husband sing and play guitar
Talking to my Mum
Preparing this blog/coming up with ideas
Being a twin
All things Chuck
Anything Italian
Grocery shopping
Buying gifts for people
Getting new makeup
When people smile at me
Christmas Trees
Watching Seinfeld, The Office, Chuck and It's always Sunny with my husband
Taking pictures/going through my scrapbooks
My teddy bear Nobby
Thinking about/looking at pictures of my wedding day
Cozy blankets
Big jumpers
Being snuggled up by a fire place
My daycare babies
Finding cute stationary
People who help each other
Watching and taking part in Wrestling
Reading at the beach
Staying in/cancelled plans
Reading my husbands poetry/writing
Connecting with people
Watching Jaclyn Hill/Amanda Ensing
Teaching kids
Buying new notepads/writing pads
Superhero movies, mainly Captain America, Thor and The Avengers
Doing the laundry and having fresh clothes
Having candles lit
When my husband cooks me a yummy dish
Getting into my pajamas
Finding new authors
The character Rocky Balboa, isn't he the sweetest, coolest guy?
All things Harry Potter
Baking for my friends with Kelly
Chocolate buttons
Reading to kids/children's books
Hope you enjoyed reading some of the 50 things that make us happy! We would absolutely love to hear some of the things that make you happy in the comments below! :)
Have a wonderful Monday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Potions and Props! Warner Bros Tour London: Part 2!

As promised here are some more Warner Bros tour pictures that we just had to share! We seriously get so giddy every time we visit this magical place and no matter how many times we say, "We have two scrapbooks filled already, we don't need anymore photos!" It's a lie because, well, of course we always need more photos! As we said in Wednesday's blog, there were lots of cool things happening this time, demonstrations, inside looks at certain props and techniques! It was awesome! :)

One of the demonstrations just happened to be The Goblet of Fire! The tour guide simply pressed a button and the whole thing moved revealing the Goblet itself! Amazing! The case was incredibly detailed with gems, rubies and engravings, it looked stunning! As the case moved we were just left in awe imagining what it would have been like on set, we got to see the flames turn from blue to red and an actual name shoot out too!

Christmas food in The Great Hall!! All the food looked so delicious and the Christmas decorations made it that extra special! We love The Great Hall especially during the Holidays in the movies, it truly looks magical! :) 

How cute do the Christmas cakes look?? They had these snowmen cakes, tangerines and Christmas puddings placed all the way a long this table...

... and even showed us how the flaming Christmas Puddings worked! They looked so cool. We're pretty sure the lady said these particular ones were made out of concrete though, so not so tasty! ;) 

We adore seeing the Gryffindor common room, it's an iconic set that you just wish you could have spent your childhood on...don't you?? Decorated for Christmas with the tree, the roaring fire and garlands, it just made us happy! It really sinks in when seeing these sets, and then coming home to watch the movies, just how much these films and books were apart of our childhood! 

They had moved Alan Rickman's Snape costume to a different part of the potions classroom with a little sign commemorating his passing this past week. RIP Alan Rickman. Such a wonderful actor and by the sounds of it, an even more wonderful man. Thank you for making Snape come to life so incredibly perfect, you were the vision we saw in our heads from the minute Snape appeared on the page.

This whole set was new to us and was very cool albeit a bit scary! They had the whole scene set up from Malfoy Mannor with a screen showing how it was filmed and then the finished product! 

Over the last few months we had seen so many of these pictures online, so we couldn't wait to get there to take our own. We liked how they had a few different ones set up so you didn't have to wait in a huge line. You could also get a professional picture done too! To Hogwarts we go!

Next to the train they had about four of these compartments set up, one was where they took the professional picture (we each got one with a different green screen in the window) then you moved onto another one for a short video! :)

We mentioned earlier that they had a new and improved Backlot cafe, so we had to take a food picture to show you. Now, the cafe is a lot bigger, indoors and has a few more food options like this delicious mac and cheese! You get quite a lot for your money and it was very very tasty! You can now also get Butterbeer ice cream and yes it's as good as it sounds! :) 

Have any of you guys ever been on the tour? What were your favourite parts? Would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments below! :)
Have a great day!
Lucy and Kelly

That's a Sirius amount of Selfies! Warner Bros tour London: Part 1!

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to visit the Warner Bros Studio tour in London for the third time! We were extra excited because this time we were going to see Hogwarts in the snow plus the Hogwarts Express.

'11 Things You Didn't Know' Tag!

We love reading tags and seeing what fun questions other bloggers come up with, we did one just last week from Underland to wonderland and then got tagged in this one from Simona from 'Skys book corner'! We thoroughly enjoyed answering the questions! Feel free to join in too! :)

Our guide to Travelling!

We were very fortunate growing up that we got to travel quite a bit with our family. We always remember Mum and Dad being very organized with our passports, snacks and activities and everything going very smoothly with getting the six of us to and from our destination.

What Chuck taught me about Life!

Never in all of my 27 years have I ever been so emotionally involved in a TV show than I am with the show "Chuck." From the moment I watched the very first episode it captured my heart and it remained there long after the final episode aired five seasons later. 
For those of you who are thinking "I've never heard of that show, what is it?" Well, it's a show about a computer Nerd, Chuck, who ends up with government secrets inside of his head, thanks to an old friend. This makes him an important asset to the CIA. which leads to a rather different career path than he had planned in his "5 year plan!" In the midst of all the fighting baddies, travelling the world, solving government cases and taking down the biggest crime organizations in the world, "Chuck" is also a show about friendship, being there for your family, love and relationships.
Whether I'm happy and want an extra reason to smile or I'm feeling down and need a pick me up, Chuck is the perfect show to watch. In my humble opinion, it is quite simply the best show to have hit our TV screens in recent years. With that being said, here are a few of the things "Chuck" taught me, over 5 seasons and 91 episodes! 

1)  Guys can be emotional and want to talk about their feelings too.
2)  Dressing up and belting out your favourite songs with your best friend is ALWAYS a good idea! (You rock Jeffster!)
3)  Never keep secrets from your family and friends, they are bound to find them out eventually.
4)  You can always trust a Nerd.
5)  Don't hold grudges. Especially with someone you used to be best friends with, there may have
     been a good reason for them doing "that thing they did." (We love you Bryce Larkin)
6)  Never assume that because a girl is sweet and gorgeous, that she can not kick your butt. (Thank          you Sarah Walker)
7)  Every now and again in your life, you have to "Unleash the Casey" inside of you and stand up for      yourself.
8)  Relationships have ups and downs but that doesn't mean you quit. You communicate and work
     through your issues and always have each others back.
9)  Never change! No matter what pressure you may be under from peers or colleagues, always stay
     true to who you are. Throughout the whole entire series Chuck grew up and learnt so much from        all his new experiences but he never changed who he was. His heart and his nerdy nature always        stayed the same and we loved him all the more for it.
10) Being a good person never goes out of style.
11) Finally, no matter what you are going through in life, how stressed, angry, frustrated or scared 
      you may be, breathe and always remember: DON'T FREAK OUT!

Among all of these things, "Chuck" also introduced my sisters and I to Zachary Levi....need I say more?? :)

You can see what all the fuss is about and buy the whole box set of "Chuck" here:
Have a great Wednesday! 
Love Kelly

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Makeup Monday: Makeup Geek/Jaclyn Hill Makeup Look!

I had been tempted by Makeup Geeks foiled eye shadows from the minute they came out. They looked absolutely stunning and the range of colours just so beautiful and eye catching that I was eager to try them. I watched many YouTubers rave about them and create the most gorgeous looks with these shadows but it wasn't until Jaclyn Hill did her Thanksgiving tutorial that I took the plunge and purchased two. They also happened to have a free shipping coupon around the holidays so I thought why not?! :) I do own four other Makeup Geek shadows that I purchased quite a few months ago, but they are all neutral, cream/beige tones and I really wanted to try some colourful shades.

To re-create Jaclyn Hill's look I purchased 'Enchanted Forest' (black and white packaging) and 'Jester' (top right). I don't know why but I was just drawn to this olive green, there is something about it that makes me smile. It looked absolutely amazing on Jaclyn that I couldn't wait to play with it. The other colour I picked up was 'Pegasus', it's an Aqua/Turquoise Blue that is even more beautiful in person. I love blue's and turquoise and fancied having it in my collection! :) 

Here I have swatched them, from left to right: 'Jester', 'Enchanted Forest' and 'Pegasus'. The picture doesn't quite do them justice as they are so incredibly pigmented and bright, it was a little hard to really show just how vibrant they are through the picture.

This past weekend I decided to have a little play with Jester and try Jaclyn Hill's look, I didn't have all the same transition shades she used so I improvised a little. I absolutely loved how it turned out and the Makeup Geek shadows were a dream to work with, smooth, blendable and very pigmented. I'm not the best when it comes to selfies, I really just tried my best to be able to show you how beautiful and sparkly and bright this foiled eye shadow is. I'm definitely going to keep practicing with it as it's been a hot minute since I did anything this bold. I don't think my blending is quite up to par with Jaclyn but with more practice I hope to be at least a 1/4 as good one day! :p

I'd have to say that Makeup Geek would have to be one of my favourite brand of shadows, they are so affordable and such good quality, I look forward to adding to my collection! :)

Have you tried any of the Makeup Geek eye shadows? Do you have any favourites?

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
Love Lucy xx

'If I could Tag' from Underland to Wonderland.

We always seem to find the coolest tags at Underland to Wonderland and have done a few in the past on this blog. So when we found the "If I could" tag, we thought it would be fun for the new year! We would love to read your answers in the comments below! :) Thank you Danielle!

If I could live anywhere:
Lucy: I would want to create some sort of island that has a house for every member of my family so we can all live close by! :) I love America and all the places we have lived while here but I love England and miss a lot of British traditions. I also wonder if I would be able to live in Italy and enjoy the simpler life. Its fun having family in so many places as I get to travel and visit lots of Countries and States but to have them all in one place would be my favourite thing in the world and it wouldn't matter where I lived if I could have that. :)
Kelly: As I've gotten older and especially since being away from home for the last 6 years, I've realized that if I could live anywhere without worrying about Visa's, jobs, people or whatever else needs thinking about, I would always pick living near family. Wherever they are is where I want to be.

If I could have any home:
Lucy: I would love a house that fits Chris and I and our family comfortably, nothing too extravagant but at the same time it would be awesome to have a big kitchen, a space for Chris to have a studio and if I'm really dreaming big I'd love a cozy room for writing and my makeup collection and a room for guests! :p
Kelly: I would say the most important room in my house would be the kitchen, I would love space for an island in the middle and maybe a coffee bar. I don't really need a big house, just one comfy enough to fit a family nicely with a pretty garden you can play in. You know which house I love? The Burrow! haha maybe a little bigger, but that screams comfort and homeliness to me! :) 

If I could have any garden:
Lucy: I'm not much of a gardener whereas our Mum loves it and always plants the prettiest flowers. We used to be in the garden all the time digging up potato's with Grandad but over the years I have become a little more squeamish in regards to bugs and creepy crawlies that like to make an appearance while picking figs. I would love to have vegetable patches and a little spot for dining outside in the summer. :)
Kelly: ooh I would love a garden big enough for a fig tree, a lemon tree and a cherry tree. Our Grandad planted a fig tree in his garden 40 something years ago and it has slowly taken over the garden but is filled with so many happy memories for us, same with the 4 cherry trees he has. A childhood filled with the excitement of picking fresh fruit and thinking about what to make with it. What could be better?

If I could be on holiday right now:
Lucy: I would be in Praiano Italy with all my family. Visting Pansa, drinking coffee and eating my favourite cakes in the world while writing, researching and taking everything in.
Kelly: Ditto. Italy all the way, its been way to long since our last visit and I daydream constantly about visiting our family, having coffee and cakes sat outside Pasticceria Pansa and practicing my Italian.

If I could have any job:
Lucy: Writing, writing, writing. Any job where I can be writing and being creative. I love working on our YouTube channel, I love writing for this blog and I dream of having books published one day. :)
Kelly: I would love to be able to blog for a living, I've really enjoyed writing more within the last year and would be so happy doing it full time! 

If I could have any talent:
Lucy: I've always wanted to be able to sing. I adore when my husband plays his guitar and sings and every now and again I like to sing along but I can in no way hold a tune! :p Ooh and drawing, I really wish I could draw.
Kelly: I wish I could play an instrument. We played Guitar in primary school but stopped before we went to high school. A few years back I got a drum kit with all intentions of learning. I did teach myself a few things but I wish i'd had lessons as I've always wanted to be able to play them.

If I could live any day again:
Lucy: I hope to have many more wonderful family days spent together where everyone is happy, healthy, laughing and having a good time, those are my favourite days that I'd happily live over and over again. Also, to live another day with my Nanna Knott and Grandad George would be the best thing ever as I miss them and think about them every day. My wedding day would be up there too! :)
Kelly: I agree with Luc, my wedding day was a lot of fun and I'd love to relive it but it's hard to think of a specific day. Any days where all the family have been happy and enjoying time together are great memories that I'd happy relive over and over. For example yesterday we had a wonderful day out with our brother, going to the gym, then out for lunch and to a coffee shop, after that myself and my husband went to see Nanna and Grandad who were both in good spirits and then we all had dinner round the table and played "Heads up" and "Taboo" for like 2 hours. Moments and days like that are priceless...especially when you don't live in the same country for most of the year.

Hope you enjoyed this tag, feel free to join in and pass it along!

We tag:
Meg from She puts her make up on.
Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick.
Simona from Sky's Book Corner.

Have a great day!
Lucy and Kelly

Must Visit: Foundation Coffee.

We were super excited to get home for the Christmas holidays as, primarily, we just couldn't wait to spend time with our family. In addition, the excitement also came from seeing the changes that have occurred in our hometown. We have been in America now for the past 6 years, so you can bet their are always new places for us to visit and find when we come back across the pond. One place that we had heard so much about, from our brother, was Foundation Coffee House, newly opened in Manchester's Northern Quarter. We LOVE our coffee and adore going to coffee shops and after stalking this place on Instagram and Twitter for the past few months we couldn't wait to pay a visit. :)

Our brother, Chris, came across this place as it is owned by the same awesome guy who owns the new gym he started working at back in August. Chris had nothing but great things to say about his new boss Adam and both QDos Gym and Foundation Coffee House. Upon meeting Adam at the gym a few weeks ago, I could see why. Adam is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. Through talking with him I could tell just how much he loved both his gym and his coffee shop, in addition to how much thought, energy, imagination and love went into both. I will be talking more about QDos fitness in a post to come but today is going to be all about Foundation Coffee House. :)

This past Saturday we had a killer workout at QDos thanks to our brother and then headed into Manchester and to Foundation Coffee House. Kelly and I squealed with glee just looking at it from the outside, it looked so cute, cool and rather vintage. Everything from the font, to the designs on the windows made us smile. The place itself is huge but still manages to give a really cozy, warm vibe and the smell of the coffee as soon as you walk through the door is phenomenal. Honest to goodness you can truly smell the richness and quality of the coffee.

The design of Foundation is somewhat simple but far from plain. I adored the white, fresh, crisp atmosphere and look. Furthermore, it has this sense of uniqueness to it. It feels like the perfect place to hang out with friends but also where you can go to curl up and read a book or do some work.

With our brother having been before he recommended the 'Bullet proof' coffee, but Kelly and I couldn't resist trying a Hot Chocolate too, as they sounded amazing. We decided to share a 'Bullet proof' and a 'White Ivory Coast'. Our brother ordered the 'Venezuela 58%' hot chocolate, Kelly's Chris went with the 'Bullet proof' also and my Chris decided on a 'Red eye' and a piece of 'cookies and cream' cake. (I know, it's hard not to get confused with all the Chris' :p)

Now I have to say the Hot Chocolate's were out of this world. Yes, we all had to try everything! :p The 'White ivory coast' was so smooth and delicious, sweet but really not too sweet, it kind of reminded Kelly and I of a milky bar and we LOVE milky bars! Chris' 'Venezuela 58%' hot chocolate was extremely rich and a tad bitter but it also tasted so good. You drank it knowing that it was pure and such great quality that it was hard not to enjoy it. As for the 'Bullet proof', it was excellent, mixed with coconut oil and vanilla to give it a unique and scrumptious flavor, it was yum. My Chris is one for strong coffee and therefore his 'Red eye' did not disappoint. He enjoyed his 'Cookies and cream' cake, though I wasn't blown away by the cake, it was still really good.

I can't wait to go back to Foundation to try all that they have to offer. Their menu covers everything from cakes, brownies, sandwiches, iced drinks, lattes, hot chocolates, to salads, protein shakes, protein pancakes, porridge and smoothies. Not only does it make a great hang out for catching up with friends over a delicious treat, but it makes for an awesome stop if you are looking for a healthy option too. I am eager to try one of their protein shakes as they sounded amazing... 'Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl', 'Molten chocolate'... yes please. Moreover, the price of these divine quality coffees is enough to make you think twice next time your thinking about going to one of the chain coffee shops. Coffees start from as little as 2 GBP and sandwiches from 3.50 GBP. This coffee house gets a thumbs up all round! :)

Check out their website: Foundation Coffee House.
Follow them on Twitter @FDNCoffee
Instagram: fdncoffee

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful day!
Love Lucy xx

Things we're looking forward to in 2016!

2015 was a great year, we got to be back together again, did way more with this here blog than we could have imagined and met so many wonderful people because of it. We read some awesome books by authors like Rebecca Raisin and Holly Martin, got to see some great films like Star Wars and Avengers Age of Ultron and we spent a wonderful two weeks with our family back in June. With that all firmly behind us now, we thought it would be fun to share some of the things we are most looking forward to in 2016! :)

Happy New Year! Our 2016 goals!

Happy New Year!!!
As we welcomed in 2016, we had a think about some of the things we would like to accomplish this year. 2015 was the year we told ourselves we were going to work harder than ever before and we honestly feel like we did just that. From starting our You Tube channel, to getting 3 posts up a week plus book reviews on our blog, on top of full time jobs and learning Italian and working out, we were proud of ourselves and felt like we could happily tick off lots of goals for that year. So heading into 2016 here are some of the goals we are determined to have accomplished by the end of the year! :)

Complete my little writing project.
I love, love, love to read but I've always wanted to write my own stories. I've had a lot of ideas over the past year and have made tons of progress writing and getting my thoughts on paper. I'm determined this year to really focus and believe in myself enough to finish my books! :)

Keep enjoying and working hard at the gym.
I have thoroughly been enjoying the gym over the past few months. I love going with my husband as I feel like it's a fun way to spend time together and connect. It's also a lot easier staying on track when you have a gym buddy. Since I stopped wrestling I feel the gym has become a lot more relaxed for me and I don't stress myself out over it so much, in turn I always look forward to going and find myself a lot happier! :) In 2016 I am determined to continue this positive outlook and routine but also push myself a lot more and really see a difference in certain parts of my body that id like to change! :)

Be more confident!
I feel like this is something I say I am going to be every single day but it doesn't always come easy to me. Whether it be with fashion, makeup, nipping out and about and holding my head high or when it comes to having confidence about the way I do things, such as this blog or our youtube channel or the way we take pictures, sometimes it's all too easy to get caught up in what others look like or how pretty their Instagram page is or if they have so many followers, it's not something I dwell on all the time, as I love what Kelly and I do and am incredibly proud, as with my own fashion sense, :p but every now and again I can feel down about certain things. I started making progress in changing my mindset in 2015 and I am even more focused on being confident and happy with oneself going into 2016. :)

Complete Level 5 of Rosetta Stone Italian. 
I am currently on Level 4 but have actually had a bit of a break due to moving, packing and spending time with family. I really want to get back into my 3-4 times a week schedule and see myself complete it all by the end of the year! :)

Connect with more bloggers.
I would love to meet more people and create a bigger circle of blogger friends. I love finding new and interesting blogs to read. It's always fun to meet like minded people who share the same interests as me and who love to spread positivity and happiness too!

Try harder to not feeling guilty about everything!!
I am always justifying my actions and feelings to my husband and sister and sometimes it gets too much. I am the kind of person that can feel guilty about absolutely everything and it can really get exhausting. This year I want to try and make decisions and be happy with them. You can't please everyone and as much as I always feel like I have to think about how everyone else feels, as long as I know I have acted with honesty and good intentions, I have to let things go and be happy with my decisions! 

A goal for us together, though some of the ones above we will be practicing together too, is through this blog, through our YouTube channel and just in life in general, we always want to strive each day to be kind people, to inspire those around us, to lift them up and be a source of encouragement and positivity in life. The world needs a lot more love right now and we feel if everyone chose to spread smiles and to love their neighbor we will be one step closer to making a change! :)

We wish all of you the absolute best for a happy and healthy 2016 and if you have any goals we would love to read them below! :)

Be happy, be you and remember to Dream Big!! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly