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This year has been one of our absolute favourites for being creative, following our hearts and getting to work on some projects that we have been wanting to work on for a long time. With Kelly returning to Kentucky back in March, and us being beyond happy to be living close to each other again, we were more determined than ever to make things happen and really hustle. After all we tend to have similar dreams and goals and often feel like we are unstoppable as a team, in a way, once together again, we felt complete and like nothing was impossible! :)

That brings us to today's post. We honestly just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has clicked on our blog to have a little read and to everyone for visiting our YouTube channel and watching 'Life is Sweet', it truly means the world to us. We are grateful for every comment, tweet or message to say you have enjoyed a post or a certain video and are thankful to every Author who has reached out to us asking us to review their book, to know you are enjoying our recommendations makes us feel on top of the world. So THANK YOU!!!

It has been a while since we did a giveaway of our own, so we thought it was about time we did one to show how much we appreciate you all for being here. We have purchased a few of our favourite items from this year and a few new bits and pieces that we thought you might like. To enter all you have to do is have a look below. :)

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Good Luck everyone! :)

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Thank you again!
See you in 2016!! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

On the 12th blog of Christmas: Christmas Day 2015!

This Christmas was the first one in two years that myself and Lucy have actually spent together and it was wonderful! We had such a lovely day, it was simply awesome being all together again and we can never take for granted having another Christmas surrounded by all our family, everyone laughing, smiling, healthy and enjoying themselves. We had loads of food, delicious treats and got some sweet little gifts. Here are some of our favourite pictures from Christmas 2015!

One of our favourite sights at Christmas! No matter how many years we walk into this it never gets old. Seeing Italian cakes in shops just make us happy. Nanna and Grandad have been handing Pandoro and Panettone out to friends and visitors for as long as we can remember and then some. We think its such a lovely gesture and the cakes are out of this world! :)

Don't you just love twinkly lights? :) We usually have colourful lights around the porch that we have had since we were kids (like our main tree in the living room) but this year they finally packed it in which made us very sad. Dad likes having them up as much as us though so he put up some extra lights we had. We love sitting out there at night in our own little winter wonderland watching the lights twinkle! :) 

As we get older we definitely enjoy giving presents rather than receiving them, especially to our parents. Our Mum isn't one for gifts, so if we get her anything we try to be as practical as possible. In recent months she had been telling us all about a book she had read that she loved so much that when she finished it, she picked it up and read it again straight away. The book was "The Midnight Rose" by Lucinda Riley. In a flash of brilliance a few weeks ago, I thought it would be amazing to get the book signed for Mum as she would never expect it. So, after emailing Lucinda Riley whilst in America, and with our sisters help in England, we managed to do just that. As you can see from the picture Mum was very surprised, extremely happy and a tad teary eyed. We couldn't have asked for anything more! :) 

Goofy family photos! :) Our mum bought the boys these jumpers last year after Christmas and finally this year they were all together and could wear them. They all had fun taking random photos in them and I think they actually got a kick out of dressing the same for a brief moment, albeit just for the sake of silly photos. The three of them together are hilarious which makes us feel very blessed. We are lucky that our husbands get on so well with our family and I think it's fun for our brother to finally have some boys to hang out with. For those of you who don't know, the boys are all Chris's which is why we tend to say "My Chris" when talking about our husbands! 

Our family meals all around the table are the best! We have lots and lots of delicious food, we chat, we laugh and we just enjoy being together. Being Italian we definitely have to say that sat round the table with the ones you love is the best place to be. This year we played games that our brother got us and told cracker jokes in between three yummy courses. It was perfect!

It's always sad when Christmas day comes to an end but we always go to bed feeling extremely thankful for yet another year with our wonderful family especially our Nanna and Grandad who were both well and happy this Christmas day! We hope you all had a great day too, filled with love and happiness.

Lots of Love
Lucy and Kelly

On the 11th blog of Christmas: Author Rebecca Raisin!

It's no secret that we LOVE Rebecca Raisin, so when wanting to do some fun Christmas interviews we knew exactly who to ask, we simply adore talking to her! Rebecca is absolutely wonderful and we couldn't wait to chat all things Christmas with her! So without further a do, on the 11th blog of Christmas we give to you some holiday fun with author Rebecca Raisin! What better Christmas gift could you possibly wish for? :)

1)      Best Christmas cracker joke?

I picked this one because I thought it might be relevant to the Blossoms!

What do Santa's little helpers learn at school?
The elf-abet!

2) Favourite Christmas song?

Amazing Grace just like Lil! I can blubber to that song on repeat all day every day!

3) Egg nog. Yay or Nay?

A shocking confession…I have never tried it! We don’t really have that here in Australia, though I really should try and make it!

4) Real tree or fake tree?

Fake! Less work!

5) Star or Angel at the top of your tree?

We are star people…

6) Advent calendars. A childhood tradition that must never be broken or just for kids?

Anytime is a good time for chocolate!!

7) Brussel sprouts. Yes please or no thank you?

Yes please! Par boiled, then fried in butter, topped with crispy pancetta and toasted almond flakes!

8) Favourite Christmas movie?

Hmmm, it’s between Love Actually and The Holiday…and Home Alone!

9) If Lil and Damon were catering your Christmas, what would be your perfect Christmas feast?

Roasted turkey stuffed with Lil’s special stuffing, roasted potatoes with rosemary and full bulbs of garlic, root vegetable tarte tatin ( Have added the link for this recipe because everyone lost their mind over it last Christmas!) green beans with ruby red pomegranate seeds and raspberry vinaigrette, brussel sprout gratin baked in ricotta, baby carrots wrapped in prosciutto and fried in butter and then drizzled with honey, white bread sauce, and a red wine jus. For dessert fresh berries mixed with broken shards of meringue, dolloped with double cream, and passionfruit pulp, and cherry Christmas pudding! OMG I AM HUNGRY! 

10) Sarah from "The Bookshop on the corner" and "The Little Bookshop on the Seine" spent her first Christmas away from home in the magical city of Paris. If you were to spend Christmas away from home, which city would you choose to spend it in?

I’d choose Paris too! It’s like a winter wonderland of joy and snow and so many foodie treats. The city of love comes alive with street markets, and outdoor ice skating rinks, and carousels on every corner! A walk along the Seine, to the bookshop, is where I’d go…

Thanks for having me here, Blossoms! And have a lovely Christmas everyone!
Love Bec xxx

Thank you so much to Rebecca for taking the time to be a part of our Christmas blogs, we LOVED reading your answers! :)
Hope you all enjoyed and are having a wonderful Christmas day!

Don't forget to pick up a copy of any of Rebecca's books if you haven't already! :) Click on the covers for more info!

 Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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On the 10th blog of Christmas: Holiday Drinks!

During this time of year we get extra, extra giddy towards food and drinks. We know you're probably thinking how could we possibly squeal, jump up and down and cheer even more than we already do every other day of the year when we see food and drinks, but trust us it's possible. :p There's just something super exciting about festive treats that have us bouncing up and down with glee and enthusiasm more than usual. We just have to hear the words 'Hot Cocoa' or 'Eggnog' and we feel in the Christmas spirit. This year however we wanted to experiment. We love our British traditions and during the holidays usually stick to a simple hot chocolate or our Baileys, in addition to our Italian favourites such as Limoncello, Amaretti and Advocat. (We're sure that is actually Dutch but we grew up having it at Nanna and Grandads so always assumed it was Italian. :p) But this year upon celebrating Christmas first with our families in Virginia, we learnt of a Puerto Rican specialty called Coquito. My Mother in law described it as being the Spanish version of Eggnog and explained that her family make it and have it every year. I was eager to try it and learn about my extended families traditions. Of course, Kelly and I couldn't resist whipping up something Italian too and though we occasionally enjoy a little sachet of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate, we've always wondered how the Italians make their hot chocolate so rich, thick and creamy. A little search on Pinterest and we set about making our own version of Italian Hot Chocolate. We really hope you enjoy these recipes. We have to say that Coquito is rather delicious and my Father in Law just so happened to say that it was one of the best he's ever tasted. As for the Hot Chocolate, oh my goodness!! We were so happy with ourselves with this one. It was especially thick and creamy, not too sweet but such a treat. Please share and take pictures if you decide to try one of these recipes out yourself! :)

1 12oz can Evaporated Milk
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 15oz can sweetened cream of coconut
1 14oz can coconut milk
3 cups rum
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
cinnamon sticks.

Combine milks and cream of coconut in a blender and mix until combined. Add rum, vanilla, cinnamon and blend till smooth. Refrigerate until nice and chilled. We found that the Coquito tastes best when it had plenty of time to chill. We even thought it might be even more delicious blended with ice to make more of a frozen creamy drink. :) You can add your cinnamon sticks for decoration.

Hot Chocolate!

Bittersweet chocolate. Lindt 70% cocoa 4oz
2tbsp corn starch
1 1/2 cup milk
1/2 can condensed milk
1 tbsp. Vanilla
Lady fingers.
We couldn't resist tweaking this recipe a little bit as we are always using our instincts and following our hearts when it comes to anything Italian. Last year we loved making our crockpot hot chocolate with sweetened condensed milk, to add a touch of sweetness and creaminess, so we decided to add a little bit to this recipe too. This way we skipped adding sugar as the condensed milk gave it all the sweetness we needed to balance out the dark chocolate. Simply pour your milk and condensed milk into a medium sized sauce pan over medium heat. Break up your dark chocolate and add that, a long with the vanilla and cornstarch, to the pan. Keep stirring with a whisk until it gets nice and thick. Once thick remove from heat and pour into mugs. Now this recipe really does come out extra thick but it was ridiculously delicious and so tasty. You can only have a little bit at a time but having it right from the stove top, still scrumptiously warm, (careful not to burn yourself) was amazing. We added whipped cream and Italian Lady fingers to decorate. The lady fingers were also perfect for dipping and munching on. This is an absolute must for the holiday season and cold, snowy nights! :)

We hope you enjoyed these recipes. Please let us know if you try making one of these, or both of them, yourselves, we would love to see how you liked them or if you change them up to suit you! :)
For a little behind the scenes of us making these scrumptious treats, check out Vlogmas Week 2 over on our YouTube Channel. :)
Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

On the 9th blog of Christmas: Must See/Must Eat: Lapland!

We were 7/8 years old when we visited Lapland. It was extremely exciting and both Kelly and I and our brother and little sister were all as giddy as can be at the thought of meeting Santa. I'm pretty sure we all still have the toys that he gave us. I received 'Tina Teddy', does anyone remember her? She was a gorgeous teddy that came in a tin, I love cuddly toys and bears and it's still one of my favourite things. Kelly received a Barbie, well a Shelly doll, Barbie's little sister, actually I'm not sure if she still has that one and I can't remember what Chris and Jen got, but I loved my Tina Teddy! :p Santa was awesome and lived in this cozy cabin, I remember giving him cards and gifts too to say thank you for our presents. I love my Mother, she truly is the kindest, sweetest person ever and taught us so much about being grateful and not expecting things. :) We had an absolute blast while in Lapland, we stayed in a cabin with huge bunk beds, we wore snowsuits whenever we left the cabin, we got around on sleds and got to experience riding skidoos, which are basically jet skis for snow. I loved those things. Overall I remember it being a very snuggly, extremely cold, but incredibly fun filled holiday and such a Christmassy and festive place for us kids to experience. I'm pretty sure Mum and Dad enjoyed themselves too. It is definitely an awesome place to take children on a magical Santa adventure and I imagine it would be gorgeous for a romantic getaway for couples too. I would love to go back with my husband one day, so I have been doing my research in order to find some of the Must see/Must eat places in Lapland. :)

Santa Claus Village
Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi
Picture from Google!
This place looks absolutely magical and perfect if you love all things Christmas. It looks like the North Pole in the Santa Claus movies to me and therefore I have it on the top of my list of places to visit. Cute shops, activities, food, elves, Santa, twinkling lights, log cabins, it is a complete winter wonderland and even has an igloo hotel.

Learn more here:

Arctic animal Wildlife Park
RanuaZoo – Lapland
When researching I came across Santa Claus Holiday Village, which gives you a ton of ideas as of what to do in Lapland, as well as easy access to booking activities. Upon seeing a picture of a Polar Bear and reading 'If encountering a bear roaming free in nature...' I immediately nodded my head, clicked on the title and said yes please to the Arctic animal Wildlife Park. Yes I want to encounter a bear, yes, please lead the way now!! :) Bears are my absolute favourite animal so the idea of seeing them in such a beautiful setting would be incredible. Furthermore, 'RanuaZoo is home to around 50 species of wild arctic animals and 200 animal specimens.' This place seems amazing. :)

Santa's Salmon Place
Rovaniemi - Finland
The simplicity of this cozy place is very intriguing and just how adorable and perfect does it look? :) There are two menu items. For your savory you have 'Salmon with potato's and bread' and for sweet you have 'Traditional Lappish cheese with cloudberry jam' It's the tradition that makes us want to eat here. The Salmon looks to die for and we feel we must try this Lappish cheese. Their website is enough to warm you up, take a peek: Santa's Salmon Place.

  Northern Lights
The Northern Lights look absolutely out of this world every time I see pictures of them. They are definitely in my Top 5 list of things I would love to experience one day. I learnt that the "Northern Lights are visible on 200 nights out of the year or every other clear night in Finnish Lapland" and this resort in Kakslauttannen that houses glass igloos, glass tepees and snow igloos looks stunning and so incredibly cozy, romantic and just perfect. If you are making a trip to Lapland I would highly recommend looking up resorts like this or booking cross country ski-ing, snowmobile or sled dog tours to see if you can catch a glimpse of this beautiful light show. :) 
Have you ever been to Lapland? What be your favourite activity out of those mentioned above?

Wishing you all a lovely day!

Love Lucy xx

On the 8th blog of Christmas: Lindsey Kelk!

We can't think of anything better right now, than curling up by the tree, box of Quality Streets and Celebrations on our knee, Christmas songs playing in the kitchen, Christmas movie on TV,  surrounded by family and reading Lindsey Kelk's answers to our Christmas questions! We simply adore Lindsey Kelk and each time we interview her she somehow seems to get even more awesome. How that's possible we don't know, but take our word for it and have a read, Lindsey is as funny as can be, charming and totally amazing! :) Thank you Lindsey for taking the time to answer our festive questions. We hope you all enjoy it just as must as we did! :)

    1)   Best Christmas cracker joke?
    Did you hear what happened to the man who stole an advent calendar? He got 25 days!

2)   Favourite Christmas song?
I’ve got an epic Christmas playlist on my iPod which will be going into rotation from about… now, but my favourite is probably Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses, closely followed by All I Want for Christmas and Last Christmas. God I love Christmas.

3)   Egg nog. Yay or Nay?
This is appalling but I’ve never actually tried it. I’m so worried I won’t like it that I stay away, I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I tried it and hated it and so it remains a wonderful Christmas mystery. I’m all for peppermint schnapps spiked hot chocolate though…

 4) Real tree or fake tree?

5)   Star or Angel at the top of the tree?
I actually have a little TY Beanie Baby squirrel called Nuts who has a special santa hat especially for the holidays and lives on the top of the tree. I know it’s weird but it’s been going on for about fourteen years now so I’m stuck with it.

6)    Brussel sprouts. Yes please or no thank you? Boiled into submission, absolutely not. Cooked in the oven then tossed with thinly sliced apples and covered in a honey balsamic reduction and crème fraiche, absolutely. I’ve turned into such a wanker. Since it’s Christmas, I’ll force them down however they come.

 7)    Favourite Christmas movie?
This is SO hard. Scrooged? Or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or The Apartment. Or Die Hard. OH GOD, I DON’T KNOW.

8)    One of our questions was about whether you are a fan of Advent calendars or think they are just for kids, well upon contacting you about this interview, we learnt that you had already bought 5 Advent November! ;) Question answered! However, now we must know what advent calendars you bought? Chocolate filled? Makeup filled? WWE? Classic Christmas scenes?  I’m a complete and utter disgrace. Let me state, in my defense, it’s quite hard to get decent chocolate filled advent calendars in the US and when I was little, we weren’t allowed chocolate advent calendars. Instead, me and my brother had those little card ones with the traditional Christmas scene on them and stuck them on the back of the living room door to open every morning. I don’t think it even occurred to us to be pissed off about it at the time, I was just so excited. Which might explain why I came back from my UK trip last week with five different chocolate advent calendars (only one was for me – Cadbury’s obvs) as well as the Charlotte Tilbury and Body Shop calendars. Since then, I’ve also added the Benefit and Starbucks calendars but I swear I’m done! And I might end up giving the Starbucks and Benefit as gifts. Or then again, I might not. I will literally buy anything that has 25 doors on it.

9)     There are tons of new and beautiful makeup sets and collections hitting the shelves in time for the holidays, have any found their way onto your Christmas list? Other than the advent calendars that Santa delivered early (oops) I’m a sucker for a gift set. I’ll happily take anything Charlotte Tilbury (keen on the Eyes to Mesmerize sets) or Elemis, probably my two favourite brands that bring out really nice chrissy presents. I really, really, really want a Christian Louboutin lipstick too but I cannot bring myself to pay $100 for a lippy. It’s madness. I quit the shoes, I can’t start on the make up.

10)  In 'I Heart Christmas' Angela wants to host the most magical, grand, perfect Christmas. If you were hosting Christmas, what could we expect from your ideal Fairy Tale day?  My Christmas has always been pretty standard but this is the first year I’m spending it in LA so I have no idea what will happen! If we were in England or New York, we’d wake up early-ish and everyone would gather around the tree while the kettle is on. Once we’ve all got a brew, it’s present opening time, sometimes we go one per person and sometimes everyone opens all of theirs at once. The only thing that would be a given would be me, eating a chocolate orange before anything else and possibly throwing up. The dream. Once we’re all up and dressed and any relatives that need to be visited have been visited, it’s back home to a Christmas feast. Loosen. Your. Belts. I’m thinking pate for starters or maybe a pear and gorgonzola salad (probably pate) before moving on to turkey with all the trimmings – stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast and mashed potatoes as well as buckets of gravy. For pudding, it’s traditional Christmas pud with brandy butter or custard and between you and me, you don’t have to eat it if you’re already in Mr. Creosote-levels of pain. The main reason to stop eating is so we can get away from the table, watch a movie, have a nap or take a walk and then get back on it. Christmas tea at my house was always as important as Christmas dinner and I would watch my mum, nana and aunt bring in plates after plate of bread rolls, sliced turkey, ham, salmon, pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, mini tomatoes (See? Healthy!), cheese, mince pies, coconut tarts, jam tarts, Christmas cake and pretty much anything else you can think of. So if the chocolate orange and the Roses and the Quality Streets and the dry roasted peanuts and the Christmas dinner wasn’t enough to finish you off, Christmas tea will do it.

 If we’re in New York, the rules change slightly because we’ll likely go out for Christmas dinner and have tea at home but we might go out for drinks in the evening or even see a movie. Back in the UK, it’s all about staying home and eating. They’re both brilliant and they both make me happy and I can’t even imagine what Christmas in LA is going to be like. Although I know there will be a spectacular amount of food. Basically, my fairy tale Christmas means eating. Eating, eating, eating.

Isn't she awesome? :) Thank you again Lindsey for taking the time to be a part of our blog and everyone be sure to check out Lindsey's latest release A Girl's Best Friend How cute is this cover? :)

You can also follow Lindsey on Twitter @LindseyKelk
And subscribe to her YouTube channel too! :)  Lindsey Kelk YouTube!

Happy Friday! Be happy and be blessed!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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On the 7th blog of Christmas: Our Christmas traditions.

Have we said how much we love Christmas already?? ;) It's the best time of year and, no matter how many years go by or how old we get, we look forward to our family traditions. Whether it be things that we do and have done since we were kids or new traditions that we only started maybe 13 years ago when we moved house, we get incredibly giddy for it all. As the big day gets closer, we thought we would share with you some of those traditions...

Harry Potter!
Christmas morning usually consists of me, Lucy and Jen being the first downstairs waiting on everyone else. We switch on the tree lights and turn on the TV, we love watching the music channels and listening to all the Christmas songs to get us geared up for the day, but our favourite thing to switch on is Harry Potter. It doesn't matter which one or where it's up to, there is something so homely and comforting about these movies that we can't help but feel happy and content while watching them, even when mum comes downstairs and it's playing in the background while we chat!

Christmas lunch.
We have never really had Christmas dinner, as our Nanna and Grandad have always done Christmas lunch. So we tend to begin our Christmas feast around 11am. When we were younger we went to their house, but for the last 13 years we have done it at our house. Our Christmas lunch consists of 3 courses, a beautiful starter that is always the same, a salad with prawns, lettuce, potatoes, prosciutto, tomatoes, olives and cheese. Sometimes there will be plates of Grandads homemade pizza or Auberjine or whatever he has been making that morning too. It is delicious! Then we have our main course of a fish pie (one of Grandad's favourites that mum makes) lamb, roast potatoes and yummy vegetables. I don't think I can actually remember us ever having a Turkey! :p Last but most definitely not least we have dessert but more on that later. :)


Christmas would not be complete without a table full of delicious desserts to enjoy and munch on all afternoon. Usually we are too full from lunch to eat dessert straight away so we will sit, chat and prepare the table with all the yummy treats we have then devour them when we are ready. Our Christmas would not be the same without plenty of Italian goodies. Pandoro and Baci being our absolute must haves. We mentioned in our Christmas episode of Life is sweet that we will open up the box of Pandoro and stick our heads in just to inhale the heavenly smell...well, we weren't kidding! These are the moments where we feel the most thankful, being around the table with our family and good food is the best place to be!

Mum buys Christmas crackers every year. No matter how goofy the prizes or silly the jokes, we enjoy them and of course we have to wear the hats too. Our most precious memories are of Grandad reading the jokes out in his broken English and laughing to himself while his hat is falling off his head. One year it fell down and he decided to wear it around his neck and keep it like that, he looked so silly and so cute. He is the best!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
We all have our favourite Christmas movies, that until you have watched them, you don't feel properly like it's Christmas don't we? Well besides our classics: The Santa Clause, Elf, The Holiday and Love Actually, our family have always sat down together to watch "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation." It doesn't matter how many times we see it, we all sit laughing and cringing at the same time. The best part is seeing our Dad laugh and enjoying himself! Clark daydreaming about the pool anyone?

What could be more perfect than sitting in your pajamas by the Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies after a delicious Christmas lunch, munching on a box of Celebrations? This is one of our favourite things to do with our little sister. When we were younger we would use the Celebrations to play our own game of Fort really, we would hide them in the Christmas tree and all around the living room and play games to find them. One year we all swear one just disappeared, it was supposed to be in the tree but we couldn't find it, to this day we don't know where it went. What is your favourite Celebration? I don't think we could actually pick, we'll take one of each please! :)


One of the best things about having Christmas lunch is that there are plenty of leftovers for dinner. Usually we eat so much at lunch that we are stuffed. Even so it never takes long till we are back in the kitchen nibbling and looking for more food. We sit at the breakfast bar sharing the leftovers and our Auntie is normally on the couch watching TV shouting for us to make her a sandwich or something too! :p
Boxing day = Pajama day.

We know Boxing day isn't a thing here in America but we tell our husbands about it all the time. We almost think Boxing day is like Black Friday, it's the day after Christmas and all the sales start in the shops. To us though, it's a day where we stay in our pajamas and watch more Christmas movies with our celebrations! :) It's also the day we sit around the table and write all our thank you cards. When we were younger mum used to have to sit with us and make sure we wrote them, usually at some point the week after Christmas, but nowadays we like surprising her and getting them done on Boxing Day! Yes at 27 we still like to surprise our mum by being good little girls!! ;) 

What are some of your Christmas/Holiday traditions? We'd love to read about them in the comments below!
Have a great day!
Love Kelly

On the 6th blog of Christmas: Meeting Santa and Christmas town!

After having a few days in Virginia chilling, sorting out Christmas gifts and watching nothing but the Hallmark channel 24/7, this past Friday, Chris's parents and Meme had a day off work so we could have a very Christmassy day together. We started off with a yummy breakfast at home, then headed to Yankee Candle's flagship store in Williamsburg to look around and to see Santa. From there we had lunch at Olive Garden then went to Busch Gardens for their annual Christmas town festivities. It was a lovely day just spending time with family while being surrounded with twinkling lights, happy faces and the smells of delicious food from around the world! Here are some of my highlights...

This is the second time I've been to the Yankee Candle store and while I don't tend to buy their candles very often, their store is quite something. This gorgeous fountain was in the middle of the building surrounded by various types of little stores, from home goods to candy. The twinkling lights at this time of year make it look magical which I love. 

I LOVE candy apples.They remind me of childhood, of Bonfire night and Halloween and of course Disney!! My husband and I used to love seeing all the creative apples they would come up with there (when we lived in Florida) and I could watch them decorate them for hours through the windows. They make me smile, so I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

This room is for all the ornaments and is kept dark because they have a twinkly light ceiling and a Christmas tree, it feels so cozy when you walk in and with the bridge too, it creates a very romantic atmosphere! :)

As you may know, I love all things 50's and diner related and this was just too cute. It was with all the little Christmas village houses and is so detailed. It even had a little classic car outside in the snow! Perfect! :) 

Christmas with the ones you love, what could be better?? :) I feel incredibly lucky that I get to celebrate the holidays with three wonderful families! 

Finally got to Busch Gardens, Christmas town and here I am enjoying walking round with a peppermint fudge hot chocolate. There's something about walking with a hot cup of something in your hands! Am I right?

I love this photo because it proves just how well my husband knows and loves me. He wandered off with the camera and found Panettone then came back with this very cool picture! :) 

This tree was so pretty, it stands tall in the Germany section of Busch Garden and every few minutes it plays music that goes with the lights. It's a very cool little show and I stood mesmerized as watching them sparkle in time with some of my favourite Christmas tunes! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week and are feeling festive and ready for the holidays!

On the 5th Blog of Christmas: Text Santa!

This week has been all about gifts! Ideas for things we can buy our loved ones, that they may like, want or "need." While that is lots of fun and one of the things we enjoy most this time of year, we also think that it is important to think about those less fortunate than ourselves, who may not have the luxury of  gift giving or buying the latest "must have" items. 
One of the things we love most about our home (England) is how much we do things as a Nation to raise money for various charities. We love taking part in events like Comic Relief, Sports Relief and Children in Need, so you can bet a few years ago when they came up with Text Santa, we were thrilled. We love so much the feeling of a Nation coming together to do good and with our country being quite small, it really does feel like everyone comes together for these events.

Image taken from Google.

What is Text Santa?

It is a fundraising appeal founded in 2011 by ITV in the UK. The aim is to raise money for various charities and give hope to those who need it most. From children with life threatening illnesses to families affected by crisis. It's all about what we can do to help.

2015 Charities.

This year Text Santa is raising money for:

What can you do?
You can donate on the ITV Text Santa Donate page here!

You can bid for exclusive items on the Text Santa eBay page.

You can join in on December 18th with Christmas Jumper Day! 

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Personally, we can not wait to get our Christmas jumpers to support all these amazing charities and we will be watching ITV for the three hour Text Santa special on 18th December. We love watching these shows and as we are sat in the comfort of our own homes among the people we love this year, we will be feeling extra thankful and blessed for all we have in our lives. They are all the more reason to help others and bring hope and happiness to those who need it most. We encourage you to do what you can this Christmas. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Lucy and Kelly

On the 4th blog of Christmas: Gift Ideas for Him!

We think besides each other and our little sister, that our husbands might just be our favourite people to buy gifts for. We always see things throughout the year, when we are out and about shopping that make us think of them and often find it hard to resist always coming home with little gifts every now and again. But Christmas time is all the more fun when we can think about what to surprise them with or what little goodies we can put in their stockings! :) So here is our gift guide for the men in your life! :) Click on the pictures to head to the websites!

If he loves Cars:
Chevy Bel Air Wall Clock 

There are so many awesome things out there for Car lovers. We are spoilt for choice when looking for things for our Dad. From the many t-shirts you can find in Kohls to the models you can put together from Michaels, the list is endless! We absolutely love all the Retro Gifts from Retro Planet as it's right up our Dads alley. From tin signs, garage signs, wall clocks, kitchen décor and shelving, it has pretty much everything for any car enthusiast!

If he is a Booklover:

If you know what type of books he's into why not treat him to a few new reads. My husband goes through phases with books, he is currently into reading books he can learn from, such as music, film, art, wrestling. I love searching for books about his favourite artists or directors or the history of wrestling and adding them to his must read pile.

If he loves Star Wars:

Everywhere you look lately there is Star Wars this and Star Wars that, if the man/men in your life are huge fans, why not get them a classic shirt or a travel mug (if he's a traveler or likes having his coffee to go) or you could even just take them to see the movie this Christmas and get them some Star Wars snacks to enjoy before or after!

If he has a Man Cave:
Man Cave Decor Small Tin Sign

Man Cave Outdoor Thermometer 

Again we are going to direct you to Retro Gifts from Retro Planet because then you can help him deck out his Man Cave with the coolest things and we guarantee he will love you for it.

If you want to get practical. Why not get him:

*If he's in to keeping fit and going to the gym. A new gym bag filled with Protein and Protein bars could make the perfect practical gift.
* If he plays an instrument, what about finding out if he needs anything for it? A guitar stool, an amp, new drumsticks etc..
* What about a small collection of gift cards to his favourite stores?
* If he is a Kindle owner, a Kindle gift card would be ideal so he can stock up on all those books he's been eyeing up.

If you want to get crafty. Why not make him:

* A bucket with some ribbon and a Christmas tag, filled with some of his favourite beer/drinks and snacks.
* A calendar with some of his favourite pictures for his office or Man Cave. These are super easy to do from Walgreens, Boots, Shutterfly etc, they have step by step instructions and they make really cute and thoughtful gifts.

It doesn't have to be something material. Why not gift him:

* Concert tickets, so you can enjoy your favourite band together and have memories to last a lifetime.
* A date night to the movies to see a movie he has been wanting to see, that may not be your favourite...go on treat him it's Christmas after all.
* Tickets to a sports game or event.

Hope these little ideas inspire your gift giving this Holiday Season!
Happy Shopping!
Lucy and Kelly

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